What to Expect the Next Time You Open Up the HomeLight Agent App

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Ever since our launch in 2012, HomeLight’s mission has always been to connect sellers and buyers with the best real estate agents in their area.

In 2017, we released the first HomeLight Agent App and gave agents the power to manage their clients and referrals on the go. Through the app, real estate agents have helped thousands of home buyers and sellers achieve their goals during one of life’s most significant transactions.

Over the past two years, we’ve heard from agents about how they want to make the most out of the HomeLight Agent App and about how they’re using it day-to-day in their business.

Now, we’re excited to unveil the new and improved HomeLight Agent App!

Your concerns and your suggestions were top of mind as we developed these new features. You told us what worked, what didn’t, and what you’d like to see more of in your mobile experience.

We listened and took action.

We improved features, such as the referral and pipeline overviews, to make it easier for you to connect with clients and close more deals. Overall, the updated HomeLight app performs better for you so that your business can continue to grow with a little extra help from our side.

Here’s what you can expect from new changes to the app:

1. Keep tabs on your pipeline

The first thing you’ll see when you log onto the app is your pipeline in the “Dashboard” tab, which tells you the number of referrals you’ve received in the past 7 days and how many clients you’ve connected with.

It gives you a brief glance at what you’ve achieved and what you still need to do with all of your referrals, and with a tap of your finger, links to those specific referrals.

You also have shortcuts to notifications that alert you when you have referrals you still need to connect with or that need updates in their timelines.

2. Organize, find, and maintain your referrals faster

Need to find a referral but forgot their name? No sweat! With our expanded filtering functionality, you can filter for referrals by their stage (listed, escrow, closed) or type (buyer or seller) in the “Referrals” tab. You can search for their name or address and even revisit inactive leads. This new system allows you to view all of your referrals without endlessly scrolling and second-guessing.

Once you find the client you’re looking for, you can view their entire HomeLight history, past activity, and specific details such as property price, location, and contact information.

Let’s say you need to call a client, but you never saved their contact in your phone book and don’t have the time to pull up their property on your computer. Just tap on their number in their profile to call and tap on their address to view their location on a map.

Not sure if you texted a client or if you left them a voicemail? Take a look at the Referral Activity section, where all of your past communication with the client is recorded. So, you can view your entire history with this client and keep tabs on them, giving you a game plan for your next steps.

We’ve made it easy for you to keep organized no matter where you are. You know what’s happening with each of your clients in a single view and you’re able to update their status in just seconds.

3. Keep your profile information all in one place

Going on vacation? Need to know how well you’re transacting or swapping out the old photo with a new headshot? Tap on the “Account” tab and get it all done there. We added an account tab that houses your quick stats, vacation and notification settings, and HomeLight contact information.

Do more with HomeLight’s Agent App

Plus, the updated HomeLight Agent App still has the added benefits of what worked before.

The app still automatically dials the PIN number for you every time you contact a client for the first time, so you don’t have to drop everything to write it down on paper.

Additionally, whenever you receive a referral, our account managers provide detailed notes about this client so you know exactly how to tackle the call and handle their needs.

Our warm transfer feature through the mobile app helps you connect to a customer while they’re already on the phone. You get a real-time notification through the app when there’s an opportunity for a warm transfer, which is the best and most efficient way to catch the referral on the call and talk with them immediately.

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At HomeLight, we want to help agents connect with more clients and close deals faster, which is why your feedback and concerns are front-and-center when we work on the latest apps and features.

We listened to what you needed for your mobile and overall HomeLight experience. Thanks to your advice, we added updates that we believe will make working with us more efficient all around.

Want to see how the app can help you?

Download the latest version of the HomeLight Agent App, available for both iOS and Android.


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