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    Leslie W
    Naples, FL
    When we decided to sell our home it was bitter sweet and we did not know where to start. The realtor that had helped us many years earlier was no longer in the business so I looked into HomeLight hoping it would make it easier, it definitely did. We looked through the realtors and could see reviews and results which helped us to decide on a great guy. After he came to our home and sat down with us, we felt at ease and realized how forward thinking he is. He shared with us the new tools he would use, which excited us. Our home had four offers within the first week two at full asking price. He was with us the whole way during the process and took great care of us. Thank you HomeLight for connecting us with one of the best in the business in our area!
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    Jeffrey J
    North Las Vegas, NV
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank homelight for helping us find a great real estate agent. We used Leslie Carver from Birkshire Hathaway and were able to sell our house in three days. We had no idea of who to contact and by using homelight we were given some names of agents that we could call and decide for ourselves who we wanted to use.
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    Katie G
    Carrollton, TX
    Homelight sent me the names of 3 realtors. We decided to go with the Rekert team of Remax. Mike sat down with us & explained the process. He gave us a video & popcorn to watch, that furthered our understanding. He gave us a to do list with deadlines that helped the most. Mike, Kelly & Tiffany always stayed in touch & helped us in every aspect of the sale. They put out the For Sale sign & had 2 offers in 2 days. We accepted one offer & with the help of the Rekert team we closed in 25 days. It helped that we had all our necessary documents & that the Rekerts helped us organize our duties & deadlines.
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    Steve B
    Beltsville, MD
    Thanks very much for the opportunity to review the Homelight website and the agent I chose. Jeff's performance on my home sale was great. I chose Jeff because of his track record for selling homes in my area. This information was available on the Homelight web site. Upon our first meeting it was clear that Jeff was an experienced professional, knowledgeable about both the process for selling a house and about the local area and neighborhood. Jeff was able to assign a fair price to the house and get that asking price. It was challenging for me as the executor of the estate to complete the sale. Jeff helped to set a schedule for clearing the house and settlement. The house also needed some minor repairs which Jeff was able to help with. He had workmen make the repairs at a fair price. He was also able to get a small company to help load and haul away the items remaining in the house. There were no surprises at settlement. It took less than half an hour. Hiring a Homelight agent to sell the house simplified the process of managing the estate and reduced my worries and concerns. In the same situation I would easily check Homelight for someone to sell my house. The reviews on the site were on target - the agent I chose did a great job. It if wasn't for Homelight I never would have known about him. I've already recommended Homelight to many of my friends.
  • B
    Bill M
    Fresno, CA
    I was very pleased and impressed with the real estate agent you at HomeLight recommended to me. Jennifer Martin and her team at Keller Williams Realty, did an outstanding job from beginning to end resulting in a very quick and pleasant sale of my house. There were times when I had questions and some apprehension about what I had gotten myself into by deciding to sell my house, but Jennifer provided the appropriate answers to my questions and helped me through a couple of self-imposed stressful situations. I thank you and HomeLight for directing me toward what proved to be a very good home selling experience.
  • C
    Cris M
    O'Fallon, IL
    I have and will in the future recommend the Tammy Hines realty firm. The young lady, Rebecca, who handled the sale of the home was energetic, positive and attentive to detail and keeping us updated. She sold in 1 month, that may not be the result for others, but the professional attitude of this firm is surely a recipe for any others looking to sell their home. This firm made it easy, stress free and a pleasure. Thanks for the recommendation. homelight was fast and easy to use. led me to a successful sale
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    Debbie M
    Centereach, NY
    In all the chaos of moving into a new home I never had a chance to reach out to you and thank you for your services. Your recommendation of agent Christine Hodulick proved to be spot on. We listed our house and in 2 weeks it was sold. We were always informed as to what was next in the process from contract to closing. Christine Hodulick always made herself available to us either by phone, text, or email. Thank you again for your services. I would definitely recommend you if I know anyone selling their house.
  • V
    Vincent P.
    Wantagh, NY
    I contacted Homelight after seeing the ad on Television. It sounded like a good idea, as I did not want to involve family or friends. I preferred an arms length approach. The process was relatively painless, and within a few days I had my first real-estate agent contact me. The fact that it did not cost me anything out of pocket was great. They met my requirements as having experience in my local area and relatively low costs. Quite frankly they were all qualified. I met and interviewed with 3 agents, only hard part was telling the two I did not choose. Once this was set up I did not hear from anyone at Homelight, which was fine with me. Thanks for your timely and efficient service.
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    Donna D
    Tuckasegee, NC
    I used homelight.com to help me find a real estate agent. After speaking with a representative, I was assured that one of their best agents would be contacting me. Within a very short time, I received a call from Rhett Wolf. Rhett listened to everything I wanted regarding the selling of my lakefront property in Jackson County, North Carolina. He then shared what he would be doing and the steps he'd take. Rhett was very thorough and made me feel like the RIGHT agent was working for me. One of the things that impressed me the most about Rhett was his communication throughout the listing process, selling and every step of the final transaction to complete the sale. Thank you, Homelight for sending Rhett to help me. I highly recommend Mr. Wolf as an agent in Western North Carolina.
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    Matt W
    Harrison, MI
    I was very pleased with the service provided by HomeLight. The process was easy and the results were terrific. Our realtor, Dan Bollman from Century 21 White House Realty, was great. He kept us informed every step in the process, successfully marketed our property, and handled the closing process with us having already moved out of state. I would recommend HomeLight and Dan Bollman to anyone.
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    Dustin P
    Cary, NC
    I am so happy I decided to use HomeLight. They paired up with the perfect agent! I couldn’t be more pleased with the expertise and professionalism from the real estate agent. Their vast knowledge of the area was extremely helpful. The agent also started working immediately after talking to me and getting an idea of the home we were looking for. The home we purchased was actually a suggestion from the real estate agent and if not for her we would not have found our dream home!
  • L
    Lauren V
    Kansas City, MO
    It was a pleasure working with real estate agency, Edie Waters in North Kansas City. We worked directly with Jesse Burwell to find our perfect home. From the beginning of the house hunting process to closing day, Jesse was always available to answer our questions. As a new transplant to the Kansas City area, I was extremely grateful that HomeLight was able to put us in contact with such a trustworthy and reliable realtor. We had such an amazing experience buying our first home!
  • G
    Gwen P
    Grand Rapids, MI
    As a first time home buyer, I had no idea where to start. How does someone just pick a real estate agent? HomeLight helped me narrow down this search. By answering a few quick questions regarding location, property type, budget, and timeline—HomeLight was able to connect me with 4 real estate agents. I was given their names and affiliated businesses, short bios, and statistics. I was more than pleased with the results and was able to find an agent that very same day.
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    Philip D
    Leesburg, VA
    I am so glad I called Homelight to find a real estate agent. I was trying to sell my home as is and needed to find an agent with experience selling homes as is. JP sold my home in 4 days and over asking price.All three agents you gave me I'm sure would do a great job but I chose JP of Yahner group and he was fantastic. I couldn't be happier.
  • W
    William S
    Las Vegas, NV
    The sale of this property was the easiest and fastest escrow that we have experienced. We have had the sale of 6 homes during our life, and I don't know if this closing was due to the advent of electronic document signing, or that Homelight is very efficient. Personally, it doesn't matter to us, this was definitely the best closing.
  • R
    Rick E
    Westminster, MD
    I had to sell my fathers house after he moved to an assisted living facility. I'm full time employed and have very little free time to interview multiple agents. I found the HomeLight site and they quickly sent me a list of recommended agents in my area. I contacted a few of the agents and decided to go with Stephanie Myers. Stephanie helped me through the process of selling dads house. This went from having an appraisal, deciding on what repairs were needed, and selecting contractors. Stephanie was on top of all aspects of the repairs and kept me informed at all times. Once repairs were complete Stephanie and I agreed on a listing price and she took it from there. I was trying to maxamize profit for dad to pay for his care. Not only did the house sell in 6 days but we got over asking price! Stephanie made the whole process as easy as possible. Thanks HomeLight for recommending Stephanie Myers. She was thoroughly professional and efficient throught the whole process!
  • F
    Francine T
    Seattle, WA
    We were very pleased with your referral. The agent and her team were excellent. Ms.Deborah Arends did not help us directly; however her colleague MS.Ann Babb's did. Ms.Babb's worked tirelessly to sell our home; experiencing a personal crisis at the outset , and she did not miss a beat in showing and ultimately selling our home. Her staff was very kind to me. This home was personally difficult for me to sell and Ann and her team-staff were patient, understanding. I would not hesitate to recommend Ann Baab of Re-Max agency.HomeLight was the key! Without them there would have been no Ann. I provided HomeLight the required information and, in return they provided me with the top three agents in my area. As I was reading his email; Ann phoned me.. It was a perfect fit. With all parties working in tandem. This does not happen often in life and I am pleased with how this transaction proceeded and concluded.
  • G
    Graham E
    Plymouth, NC
    We are so pleased with the real estate agent Homelight suggested. We switched to Jackson Lancaster your recommendation and are so glad we did. He was much more responsive to our calls and questions than our previous agent and quickly had several offers. He was very thorough and worked hard to get the best offer. We were impressed with his negotiation skills and his recommended counter offer got us a better price than we have hoped. He quickly sold the house and was even able to expedite the closing so we had our money sooner. We highly recommend Jackson for anyone looking for a real estate agent.
  • B
    Billie D
    Lithonia, GA
    Working with Homelight.com and Mickey Stieber for the sale of my home was delightful. At first meeting, Mickey came across as knowledgeable, personable and confident. She explained her role as a listing agent and her marketing strategy in such detail that there was no question that she could deliver a buyer in a short, but reasonable, timeframe. From beginning to end, my experience with Homelight.com and Mickey Stieber was a complete success. Thank you.
  • S
    Steve G
    Indianapolis, IN
    After having poor results for 6 months with another realtor, I used one of the realtors from HomeLight and within one month had an offer on the home and closed within 2 months. This realtor was outstanding and really took the initiative to price my home correctly and was involved very closely with contractors to ensure that all the inspection issues were completed in a timely manner. I would highly recommend this realtor for anyone and owe my thanks to HomeLight for connecting us.
  • J
    Justen P
    Greenfield, WI
    Using HomeLight to find a real estate agent was the best and most important decision I made during my home-buying journey. Not only did they provide me with a small, tailored list of the top agents in my area, those agents ended up competing with each other to win my business. It couldn't have been an easier process, and the burden of finding a good agent was no longer mine. I kicked back and let truly elite real estate agents contact me. The agent HomeLight provided was the perfect combination of cautious, aggressive, reasonable, and optimistic. Choosing HomeLight to begin your real estate agent search will undoubtedly be one of the best financial decisions you make.
  • E
    Edison R
    Hayward, CA
    HomeLight showed respectable expertise during my purchase. It is resourceful and referred several agents highly relevant. My communications with them are efficient and effective. And the agents worked with me are super helpful. Overall, I am very satisfied with my new property and pleased to work with HomeLight. I would definitely work with it again in the future when the time comes.
  • N
    Neil O
    Copley, OH
    I am the proud owner of my first home in Ohio thanks to HomeLight. When I arrived in a new city I didn’t know where to turn to enlist the help of an agent to find me a house and after looking online for a buyer’s agent I came across HomeLight. I was put in touch with a couple of agents, one of whom ended up walking me through the process - start to finish - and today I’m happily settled in my new house. I love it. Thanks HomeLight.
  • A
    Abi J
    Flagstaff, AZ
    I'd like to say that I was pleased with how quickly HomeLight was able to match me with real estate agents in the area. I ended up working primarily with Heidi Monday and she was the best realtor I could have asked for! If it weren't for HomeLight, I probably would have never found her. My husband and I are extremely pleased with our home-buying experience. Thanks to HomeLight, my husband and I found a beautiful, new home.
  • M
    Maureen C
    Matawan, NJ
    I could not be happier with your recommendation of Susan Marcrie. She responded to me almost immediately. Within weeks, after readying my home for sale per her recommendations, my house went up for sale. I received an offer and within 3 days a sale was pending. Her office staff was most helpful, as well. I would use her again in a heartbeat and will highly recommend her to friends and family, who are in need for a realtor. Thanks so much for your recommendation!