This Daughter Hit Every Imaginable Roadblock And Still Managed to Sell Her Mother’s House

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Back in 2015, Melissa P. was struggling to sell her mother’s single family home in Las Vegas Nevada, just like thousands of other people across the Nation are doing today.

The sale quickly went from manageable to a process similar to fighting off a dragon with three heads. Without an amazing real estate agent to lead them, Melissa and Co. would have faced a tanked sale and a slew of problems they couldn’t solve. Their real estate agent came in handy. Big time.

Melissa P. had a lot going on when it came time to sell. Her mother had lived in this lakeside Las Vegas home for over 20 years but Melissa worked 80 hour weeks in California. Admittedly, she “didn’t know anything about selling a house” and her sister (who had planned to help with the sale) lived all the way out in Arizona.

The two sisters needed to sell this place so that their mother could transition to an assisted senior living facility.

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In Melissa’s own words:

“We were dealing with an aging mother who was reluctant to sell her house in the first place, but who couldn’t live alone any longer. My mom had broken her back–just a spontaneous break–and she lived alone.”

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Jeff Galindo, Top Real Estate Agent in Las Vegas, Nevada

Enter Jeff Galindo, the #1 seller’s agent in Las Vegas out of over 9,000 real estate agents. He’s also sold over 1K more houses than the average real estate agent in the area. Melissa and her sister found Jeff through HomeLight–we’re a matchmaking service for top real estate agents and homeowners looking to sell.

Even with the best real estate agent in the area supporting them, Melissa, her sister, and her mom started to run into roadblocks. According to Galindo, there was “a lot of anxiety and difficulty in getting mom to [list the house]” in the first place.

Bad timing added stress to the sale. The stifling desert heat of Vegas makes selling in the summer even more challenging than selling at other points in the year, and Melissa and Jeff Galindo were smack in the middle of it.

According to Galindo, “The marketing [was] going well, [they were] getting good showings, but not as many as we’d like. So, we shift[ed] the focus and everybody’s getting worried. ‘Should we not sell?’

Then, exactly what they hoped would not happen, did.

Melissa and her family got an offer on the house. The finish line was in sight, they could move their mother into an assisted living facility to add to her happiness and overall safety. But according to Melissa, a neighbor down the street owned a house with the exact same floorplan as her mother’s home.

The neighbor watched Melissa’s mother’s house go up for sale, transition into pending, and then, knowing the challenging nature of the summer Nevada real estate market, swept in and put her home on the market for $25,000 lower than Melissa’s asking price.

“We lost the buyer to that other seller,” Melissa told us.

Melissa’s mother’s house went back on the market. Meanwhile, the entire time the house was listed, Melissa flew back and forth every weekend to help get the place ready for her mother’s move. “My sister and I basically took everything off of every shelf and out of every drawer and every cupboard and every closet and held it up in front of my mother and said, ‘do you want this?’”

It was hard work. Items that had sentimental value had to go to other family members or friends instead of to Goodwill. While the family worked inside the house, Jeff Galindo put his full energy into marketing the home.

That additional effort, especially on the online listings, thankfully lead to a new offer just in the nick of time.

A real estate agent in California saw photos of the beautiful lakeside retreat, called Jeff, visited the property, and made an offer. Everything was smooth sailing: Mom was moved into the assisted living facility, the deal was wrapping up, pens at the ready for closing…

Until the title report came back.

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According to Galindo, “we realize[d] we’ve got a huge title problem. Apparently Dad, who is now deceased, had done some things with financing with some personal family members and some other people, that created a bit of a challenge with the title, so we couldn’t clear [it].”

If they couldn’t clear the title, the sale would fall through, so Galindo thought out of the box. “We put that buyer into a lease–she leased the house that she was going to buy.”

It took 4 months of work to clear the title and finally the deal closed.

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“Looking back I have no idea how I did it…I was exhausted. It was for my Mom, and…I felt like it was my turn to help her,“ Melissa told us.

That’s why it’s so important to have a top real estate agent on your team when you sell your house. Without Jeff Galindo, the #1 agent in his corner of Nevada, that sale would have fallen through.

As Melissa put it, “Jeff was so patient and so kind. It was kind of like he jumped through hoops that were on fire.”

Melissa’s mother happily resides in a senior living facility in Nevada. She still keeps in contact with Jeff Galindo from time to time.

Need someone who’ll jump through hoops of fire to sell your house? Find your top real estate agent.