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  • Brokered the most expensive home 8.2M
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  • Rank in the top 100 Realtors in Orlando del
  • Ranked #16 REMAX Agent In Floridadel
  • Brokered the most expensive home 8.2Mdel
  • Ranked the #1 Realtor in REMAX Centraldel
  • Chairmans Club REMAX 2015-2018del
  • Platinum Club REMAX 2007-2014del

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About Karen Arbutine

Central Florida’s leading real estate authority, Karen Arbutine, will help you cut through the confusion and find the perfect home that fits your needs. She will show you how to come out a winner in your real estate transaction, whether you are looking to purchase or sell– residential or commercial real estate.

Hard work. Persistence. Determination. Karen Arbutine knows what it takes to attain success. As a leading real estate professional in Central Florida, she has built a solid reputation based on quality service. She takes time to get to know each of her clients and forms lifelong relationships. For more than 15 years she has constantly strives to deliver her personal best to each and every client, and she’s become known for exceeding the greatest of expectations.

Karen is a member of the Greater Orlando Association of Realtors, she is also an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist and a Certified Relocation Specialist. Plus, Karen works heavily with Investors to ensure that they

Central Florida’s leading real estate authority, Karen Arbutine, will help you cut through the confusion and find the perfect home that fits your needs. She will show you how to come out a winner in your real estate transaction, whether you are looking to purchase or sell– residential or commercial real estate.

Hard work. Persistence. Determination. Karen Arbutine knows what it takes to attain success. As a leading real estate professional in Central Florida, she has built a solid reputation based on quality service. She takes time to get to know each of her clients and forms lifelong relationships. For more than 15 years she has constantly strives to deliver her personal best to each and every client, and she’s become known for exceeding the greatest of expectations.

Karen is a member of the Greater Orlando Association of Realtors, she is also an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist and a Certified Relocation Specialist. Plus, Karen works heavily with Investors to ensure that they

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"5 Stars. Karen is exceptional at her job. Highly recommended!"

Karen helped me buy a home
May 07, 2018

Testimonials added by Karen Arbutine

My experience with Karen in both the sale of my home and the purchase of my new townhome was great. Karen's expertise and experience saved me money that I would have lost had I listened to the so ca lled "neighborhood professional" that wanted to list my home for $30,000 less than what it sold for. Karen's marketing was amazing. Her attention to detailed and her availability to answer my questions made me very comfortable in what should have been a stressful experience. I actually enjoyed the process and had some laughs with Karen who I now consider a friend. I can recommend Karen without reservation

Dawn Ellis

We couldn't be happier with the experience we had with Karen. She took what should have been a stressful experience and made it one of the easiest. From the initial visit and review of our home, to the professional photography and marketing materials all the way through the offer and negotiating process, she kept us engaged and up to date on the progress. She is without a doubt the best Realtor in the Central Florida area and we would highly recommend her to anyone

Dr. Katz

We hired Karen Arbutine to help us find our very first home after we previously worked with two other real estate agents who could not seem to get the job done. The other agents made multiple attempts at submitting offers for us with no success. A friend of ours recommended Karen and told us she knows how to write contracts for first time home buyers which will get accepted over the competition. Our friend had used her as well to purchase her very first home and she understood our plight. My wife and I met with Karen at RE/MAX and the first item we talked about was my lending qualification to purchase a home, then she gave me her strategy to get the offers accepted in a highly competitive market. The very first time out with Karen we found a home which fit our needs and we wrote an offer. There were 3 other competing offers on the same home. Our offer was accepted and we closed on our very first home in less than 40 days! We were elated we found Karen who has the experience and knowledge on how to write offers and get them accepted

Samantha Dakota

We had Interviewed many Real estate agents, and could not find any that felt right. But when we interviewed Karen We knew in the first few minutes She was the right person for us. She came early an d stay late to discuss selling our home. She was genuinely interested in our family and getting The best possible price for our home. Needless to say we signed then and there, When She left after our first meeting it was like she had become a member of our Family. After our first meeting she delivered on her word. From pre-marketing to final offer. We had 3 offers the first week. She was never to busy for the countless Calls and Texts Karen is the Is very professional, personable and aggressive, I would highly recommend her for your needs


- As an astute seller would do, prior to listing my home I researched the internet to find what Realtor had sold the highest priced home in Seminole County Florida. My research led me to Karen Arbuti ne with RE/MAX. I saw online she brokered the most expensive home at 8.2 Million. I interviewed Karen to list and sell my home in Alaqua in Longwood, FL. The points and ideas which Karen had were much more unique than the other three agents I interviewed. Karen sets herself apart from her competition by the specific techniques she implements to handle the sale of homes. I was intrigued with her skill set and marketing plan and she exceeded my expectations on the sales price of my home

Mary Ann Rheems

We were referred to Karen Arbutine from a family member, which used Karen to purchase a home. What we liked best about Karen was, she showed us homes which were not even listed yet on the Multiple Listing Service. Karen was so connected to the community that she had relationships with sellers who told her that if she had a buyer to please show their home even though it was not on the mainstream real estate market. In this competitive market, Karen was crafty in showing us homes that were not listed and we found the perfect one in Longwood, FL. Karen took us through the entire process and we closed! In the end, we were so excited to find this home which we would never have found if we did not use Karen. Her connections in the real estate market are powerful

Samantha Jarvis

I found Karen with RE/MAX by searching the sales records on line to see who sells homes at the highest price per square foot. Karen's name appeared under the highest sales prices in the Crossings o f Lake Mary in the past 16 months. I interviewed Karen, hired her and asked her to duplicate her past success with the highest priced sales and sell my home for the same. She gave me her strategy and plan to do this for me. It was no surprise to me that Karen fulfilled her promise and in fact she BEAT the highest recorded sale in our area which she sold previously and sold my home even higher! Amazing talent and plan of action. I was truly impressed!

Dr. Mortinson

This is the ultimate professional in her field, calm, experienced and perceptive. Karen Arbutine is lady, direct and honest. She didn't waste our time with salesmanship, she offered nume rous resources and produced results. We are very pro-active people, we knew what we wanted to accomplish, but weren't sure how. Karen knew exactly what to do. We didn't feel rushed yet the outcome was immediate and beyond our expectations. She was always accessible and her staff is a seamless extension of her process. We're absolutely convinced that, given the same circumstances, any other broker would not have produced the same amazing outcome…not even close

Jayson Matheson

Karen Arbutine was a godsend in helping us find our home. She is also one of the most knowledgeable and connected people in Orlando, FL. She took interest in getting to know us as individuals and understanding our taste. We went to see Karen on a Wednesday and the home we ended up buying was the second home she sent us to; we made an offer against three other offers that was accepted by Sunday of the same week. The way she and guided us through the entire process made the experience easy and enjoyable. We are so happy in our new home and we couldn't be more grateful to Karen and her team for everything they did to make the experience as wonderful as it was

Sue Reichel

Someone told me once, "If you want to have the job done, right and fast, ask the busiest man." In the case of Karen Arbutine and her team, this adage can't be more correct. Yes, she's busy, but woul dn't you rather work with someone who is in demand than not? Most critically, she and her team ALWAYS returned phone calls, text message and emails…..even when we weren't bringing to her what would be considered "an expensive house" for her to sell! I've worked with real estate professionals throughout the world and unfortunately, I've been disappointed by most real estate professionals in the greater Orlando area, even as recently as only four years ago, when we purchased our home in Keens Pointe, where the broker came with a long list of accolades, but with his nose stuck high up and acting as though he was doing us a favor, by him doing absolutely nothing (where even after closing, we suffered the consequence of his mistakes),….but….Karen and her Team truly have been a breath of fresh air and won the respect and the trust of both my wife and I. I'm a busy professional and with my wife expecting with our third child, we didn't need another layer of stress in our lives. We truly couldn't have been happier with her professionalism and her always being available, when we were available. She doesn't sugar-coat the facts or try to buy your affections, but you can also talk to her, point blank. She knows her market and values. Karen has tremendous connections and she doesn't play games with other agents or with your listing to try to drag out the sales and/or to maximize her commissions or waste clients time….AND….she will advise you to try to get you the best price you might be able to get. THAT is what we got from Karen!

Dwayne Kacy

This is not the first time we have bought or sold property through you. Every time you delivered and you did it on time and within our terms. Once you sold a parcel of our in Windermere with one p hone call. This time was particularly emotional for us because our Winter Park house was our nest for almost 19 years. The only home our children had known and we wanted top dollar to make our move to New Jersey. With your impeccable track record we trusted you with the endeavor and you did it again! You set a new record price! We are elated. I would not go anywhere else to seek advice on high-end luxury residential property in Winter Park, FL. Should we get tired of the grueling winters up north, you better believe you will be the first one to hear from us

Jon and Liz Emiliny

- "It was a pleasure working with you. I know you made every effort to sell my home quickly and you succeeded

Sue Ann Carlson

I hired Karen Arbutine to list my home as a short sale in Orlando, FL after she sold my brother and his wife their dream home. Karen successfully closed my home as a short sale in 7 months. She neg otiated with my bank Wells Fargo to relieve me of any funds due at close or in the future. I was elated that Karen also negotiated on my behalf and at closing I was presented a check from Wells Fargo for $4,000 in moving expenses! I was totally impressed with her tenacity and perseverance in putting my best interests first and closing my home successfully as well as awarding me extra money so my family and I could relocate

Adel Martinuessen

Karen Arbutine assisted us with professionalism and has an excellent eye for detail. As we live out of state, her specialist knowledge of Heathrow, FL was much appreciated and made our trip very ea sy as she had done our homework for us; this became especially apparent when the homes started to look alike. Karen has developed excellent relationships with local builders and tradesmen's and has overseen the refurbishment of our custom home for us, which was above and beyond the call of duty. Karen is a GREAT Realtor and we are very grateful for his ongoing help - even after the sale

Dwayne Kowers

have known Karen through my requirements of buying a property in Orlando, Florida. Since then she has kept in touch with me. Further, Karen has never ever missed me for saying hi & hello thr ough her emails with the lovely photograph of her dog. I live in London/UK and I have reciprocated accordingly via emails. She has always asked me if she could be of any help to me in anyway and at any time. Her approach has been always polite and to the purpose but in a civilized way and that is a big plus point in her favor. In real life people always forget once their purpose is served and achieved but my experience with Karen has been always positive and courteous and I salute her for that. I wish Karen my best wishes and good luck in her courier wherever she is trying to go and achieve whatever she wants out of real life. My best wishes and good luck for the future. Karen keep smiling and the world will shine & smile with you. All the success in future

Lawrence and Betty Smith

I was fortunate to entertain a position in New York which required me to move, I had to sell my home in Longwood, FL. I found Ms. Arbutine by getting the home sale records which she mailed to my ho me each quarter. I reviewed the realtors who had the best per square foot sales. Karen's name stood out and we interviewed her. I wasn't all that certain because sometimes, as you well know, luck plays a part. I soon got to understand that with Ms. Arbutine, luck plays a very small role. She is bright, witty and has a passion for her job. The feedback I received from my Relocation Department was that she was very professional an kept everyone informed each step of the way. In a nutshell, Karen did a fabulous job. She was a consummate professional, consistent in her strategy and persistent with every possible client, to attain a sale. Even in the face of adversity, which we had our fair share, she was triumphant. Karen is an asset to your team and if she is representative of your cadre, you will enjoy a long and prosperous career. My thanks to RE/MAX Central Realty for having her represent us.

Steven J. Richardson

I finally find a real estate agent that didn't just want to "list" my house and then hope someone else would sell it. I had listed my house with another agent and only had a few showings a month for 7 months. Karen listed our house and sold it in 30 days. A proactive marketing plan that brought viewers to the listing on-line was key. My previous agent was getting us 15 views or less a day on Zillow and Karen's strategy had us at 130 a day consistently. She showed up at every showing, even doing double duty for the buyer's agent at times. A great experience from start to finish!

Maureen & Jay Snyder - Winter Springs FL

Karen is very conscientious and details are her specialty. She always kept us up date on our property and gave us suggestions to help sell the property. We enjoyed working with her.

Dr. Martinussen - Apopka FL

Karen is a thoughtful, very smart, and professional realtor. She was very efficient and successful at showcasing our home and ensuring a smooth sale. She helped us navigate negotiation with buyers fairly without pushing or pulling us too much, but also being honest about her opinion. I would recommend Karen to any friend or family.

Dr. Katie Good - Maitland FL

Absolutely the best realtor we've ever worked with. We were so impressed with time, effort and care she put in to the sale of our home. From professional photography to full color glossy mailer/handout marketing flyers along with advice from a highly experience and knowledgeable real estate professional, we could not have asked for more. The effort she put forth on our behalf was all the more impressive as our home was just a little 60 year old 2 bedroom in Sanford. She treated it like it was a million dollar mansion. If We ever had to sell a home in the Orlando area again Karen is the only realtor we would use.

Wesly and Marie Hillcrest

We introduced Karen to my dad 4 years ago when we first thought his Florida home might need to be sold because of his age. My dad told me after the meeting that Karen was the realtor he wanted to use because of her confidence in what she does. I know how important that confidence and track record is, (I'm a realtor in Louisville Kentucky). Sadly my dad passed away last year and my sister brother and I honored his wishes by listing his home with Karen. We had a full price offer within a week and Karen handled several problems (including a hurricane) masterfully. She has her act together and we could not be happier with everything she did! If you need to sell or buy, Karen Arbutine is the person to use!!!

Corey Sokolor New York

Karen has listed and sold a property for me in the past and just recently helped me find the house I own today. In both situations she exceeded my expectations. We got more on the sale of our original home than we thought we could get and she negotiated a much lower price when we bought our current home. She really knows the market and walked us through everything we needed to know to make the process smooth. She was always available to answer our calls and make arrangements to get stuff done

Jim Pataki

We've known Karen for almost 6 years and she's truly been very helpful and excellent in listing as well as buying our home along with Laura. She's very personable and accessible. She's not only very professional but also a great person to talk to. She's sincere and truly cares for her clients as she has been to our family. She's provided us resource for services in the area and many other info & assistance when we need it without delay. We highly recommend Karen if your looking or listing. Her marketing team is top notch!

Mr. and Mrs. Wu - Lake Mary FL

Having just moved from Australia we knew nothing about the process of buying a house in the States- Karen has helped us every step of the way! She has been readily available to show us all our options and in the end found us a great house and negotiated a fantastic price for us. Not only has Karen helped us with buying a house but given many recommendations to help us adjust living in a new city. I would recommend Karen to anyone- we feel so lucky to have had her by our side through this and not only is she the best realtor around I now consider her a great friend!!

Noelle and Karim Muri

Very dedicated and extremely organized. Did a great job selling my upscale home in lake Mary. Would recommend her without hesitation. Brought several prospects to my home and did a fabulous job of explaining features of the home and benefits to buying.

Mark & Sherry Vargison Lake Mary

Karen sold my house for 13% more than the highest sale in Heathrow, Florida. I was elated at the outcome. She has a strategy and an excellent market plan to get your home sold for the highest possible price. I have recommended Karen to all of my friends. She is a pleasure to work with and very responsive to all of my concerns

Mark Richards - Heathrow FL

cannot say enough positive things about my experience selling my home with Karen as my realtor. It was my first time selling and she explained everything patiently and clearly. She kept me up to date on every part of the selling process and to boot sold my home in just 2 days! Better yet it sold for over the asking price!!! Thank you, Karen, for your professionalism, expertise and care. You're just amazing!

Lindsay Ross - Longwood FL

Karen was amazing with helping us find the perfect house. She is extremely knowledgeable of the area and is very honest and straight forward. She is truly interested in doing what is best for her client. I would use Karen again for buying or selling property.

Samantha Aldeen- Heathrow FL

Karen recently listed my home in the Alaqua subdivision. The sale is now imminent As I was out of town when the house was up for sale, Karen was constantly available to help me keep my home in sale ready condition. From the time of our first meeting through the last minute details of the sale, she patiently and thoroughly explained each step of the process The brochure she had prepared when the house first went up for sale was impressive and widely distributed. The online pictures, descriptions, and placement presented my house in a way that would be extremely attractive to buyers. Karen actively and effectively promoted the features of my home to prospective buyers prospective buyers and always called me afterwards to discuss the outcome. Her attention to detail is remarkable. I highly recommend her! She does a superior job!

Cathy Bauer Longwood FL

Karen was excellent to work with. She actually helped myself and a business partner sell two homes in the Central Florida area for above our internal/unofficial appraisal. She is very professional and is easy to work with. We can't give a higher recommendation. Karen is one of the best professionals, not just realtors, that I have ever worked with. One thing Karen did that no other agent did was sell my home for more than what the home actually appraised for by the local appraisal. She got us $7,500. more. We could not be happier.

Dr. Jasmine and Scott Blyth

Karen Arbutine sold our home at full asking price in College Park FL. Karen showed us that our home sale was the highest price per sq. foot in our area once it closed. We studied Karen's sales record and focused on the fact that Karen Arbutine sells homes on the average for 2017 and 2018 at 98.9% of her listed price. This impressed us and she exceeded our goals too.

Dr. Wesley Finestein

We were referred to Ms. Arbutine by dear friends who Karen had worked with in the past. We interviewed four agents to sell our home and Karen Arbutine was by far the most impressive agent. Here marketing plan was so very well thought out and planned as well as her enthusiasm to guide us and obtain us the Highest Price for our Home sale. Karen sold our home for $649,000 which was full asking price in Orlando, FL in 29 days! She is amazing, we highly recommend her.

Joel Sandsbury, Orlando FL

Karen Arbutine Sold our Home in Orlando FL - 7.9 Percent higher than our recent appraisal which we had independently done on our home in Windermere FL. We were so pleased with her professionalism and marketing plan. I highly recommend Karen Arbutine !

Rebecca Bongorgino PHD

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