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Tom Ferry's Blueprint to Start Fast and Stay Strong in 2023

Next year, a fast start will be more important than ever. When fewer buyers and sellers are IN the market, you need to know how to get YOUR SHARE of the market. This week on The Walkthrough™, Tom Ferry shares a plan to help you start fast and stay strong in 2023. You'll learn what you can do right now to set the stage for a strong January, and three keys that will help you keep your business strong all year long. Grab a pen and take some notes as you listen to this end-of-year coaching session from real estate's #1 coach. Get the audio and transcript

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Matt McGee

Matt McGee is the Managing Editor of HomeLight's Agent Resource Center and host of our weekly podcast, The Walkthrough. Matt has been surrounded by agents his entire life and brings a rich real estate background to the show. His father owned an independent brokerage for almost 50 years, his sister is an agent, and his wife has been a Realtor® since 2004. From 2017 to 2019, Matt served as Marketing Director for his wife’s real estate team, where he created and installed lead generation and conversion systems that increased her transactions by 31% and grew her GCI by 44%.

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