While the health crisis rages on, safety fears and hesitancy among sellers only exacerbates the ongoing listings shortage. Irresistible sub-3% mortgage rates and the strong allure of roomy suburban homes are fueling an insatiable appetite for a severely depleted housing stock. Move over toilet paper — a house has become the hottest pandemic purchase you can make.

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HomeLight’s Top Agent Insights report for Q3 2020 was fielded between August 10-31, 2020, through an online poll of 1,157 real estate agents across the country. Agents were selected to participate in the survey based on the same performance data HomeLight uses to identify top real estate agents for hundreds of thousands of homebuyers and sellers nationwide.

  • Intense Seller’s Market Drives Up Home Values Across the Nation
  • Bidding Wars Reach Fever Pitch As Buyers Sweeten Their Deals to Win the Home
  • Which 2021 Presidential Candidate Would Be Best for Real Estate? Top Agents Weigh In
  • Pandemic’s Risk to College and University Towns Looms, But Local Housing Markets Hold Strong
  • Remodeling Takes Off as Americans Reconfigure Their Homes for School, Work, and Play

1,100+ Top agents surveyed in Q3 2020

  1. Election Impacts on Housing

    Our survey finds that over half of real estate agents across the country believe the housing market will benefit from continued leadership under President Trump, with support for Biden concentrated in the Pacific and Northeast regions. Nearly a quarter of agents are confident that no matter the outcome of the election, the housing market will continue its hot streak.

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  2. Buying a Home? Think 'Hunger Games'

    To take advantage of low mortgage rates, buyers should plan to get in the competitive spirit. For homes that are priced well and in turnkey condition, agents say lofty bids, contingency-free terms, and sight-unseen deals are not unusual tactics for winning the (bidding) war.

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  3. Great Time to Be a Seller

    Coming in at 92%, reports of a seller’s market climbed 37 percentage points from the previous year and blew Feb. 2020’s pre-pandemic high of 77% out of the water.

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  4. ROI on Luxury Home Amenities

    Homeowners missing the benefits of being a gym or country club member should watch the ROI on adding any spa-like features to their own residences, but for some — resale value may be less important than immediate enjoyment.

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Other key findings from HomeLight’s Top Agent Insights Survey for Q2 2020 shed light on the inventory shortage, how remote work and school are motivating people to move, and the pandemic’s impact on college towns. 

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