What's Offered in the Top Agent Insights Report?

Chapters include:

  • Market Downshifts into the Fall Season With Midwest Softening the Most
  • Keeping Family Close: Increasing Number of ADUs Largely Housing Parents of the Owner
  • Short-Term Rentals Trend Upward, Creating New Opportunities and Challenges
  • As Golf Popularity Soars, Nearby Property Values Follow Suit
  • Outdoor Fireplaces Get Their Glow Up As Key Outdoor Lounge Feature

top real estate agents surveyed nationwide 1,029

regional data breakdowns for: Pacific, Mountain, Midwest, South Central, Northeast, and South Atlantic 6

HomeLight’s Top Agent Insights report for End of Year 2021 was fielded between Sept. 1-Sept. 19, 2021, through an online poll of 1,029 top real estate agents across the country. Agents were selected to participate in the survey based on the same performance data HomeLight uses to identify top real estate agents for hundreds of thousands of homebuyers and sellers nationwide.

Get a sneak peek into some of the key data insights from our End of Year 2021 survey, including what’s causing bidding wars to ease up, surprising retirement trends reshaping housing preferences, and the rise in demand for resort-style outdoor fireplaces.

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