50 Housewarming Party Gift Ideas for Brand-New Homeowners

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Moving into a new home is a whirl of excitement and anxiety. Around 5.46 million homes are expected to sell in 2020. That’s a lot of people starting a new chapter in their lives and feeling like a nervous wreck! If you’re invited to a housewarming party, your friend or relative is eager to share their happiness with you. Knowing what to bring can get tricky. You don’t want to give a dud gift; new homeowners often find themselves low on funds and overloaded with stress. Housewarming party gifts are the perfect way to help out, whether with decorations or something more practical that they can use every day.

If you’re shopping around for ideas for housewarming party gifts, you’re in luck. We’ve interviewed the top experts in their field and scoured the internet to compile this in-depth guide on housewarming party gifts, broken down into categories for your browsing convenience!

A fire used at a housewarming party.
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The tradition of housewarming and gifting

The history of housewarming has its origins in medieval times. Its name stems from (what else?) “warming up the house.”

In those days, a home usually held a central hearth that heated all the rooms. As a way of celebration and welcome for a newly-moved-in family, the community gathered at the home and lit the fire, warming the house.

The practice of housewarming spans the entire world.

In 1600s France, housewarmings exist as pendaison de crémaillére. This is French for “hanging of the chimney hook.”

The hook on the chimney of a medieval French home came as the final installation. This hook served as the fixture for a pot to hang from and warm over the fire.

French tradition dictated a house was only officially finished once the chimney hook was installed. Then a chimney-hook party (housewarming party) was held.

The tradition of giving housewarming gifts is a longstanding one that continues even today. Show you care and congratulate a new homeowner with one of our gift ideas.

Housewarming party gifts to give

Housewarming party gifts are a thoughtful tradition meant to welcome someone into their new home. It can also be the perfect way to welcome a new person into the close-knit community of a neighborhood.

Americans love to give, too. In 2019, we spent an average of $1,000 on holiday gifts alone. Knowing what to buy for a person can get tricky, though.

“If they’re a local couple, I like to give gift certificates to breweries. If it’s a family with children, then something family-oriented, like a badminton set or outdoor games make for great housewarming gifts,” says Lisa Gasper, a top-selling agent in Williamsburg, Virginia, who has sold more than 81% more homes in the area than the average agent.

When shopping, take into consideration whether this is the person’s first home or if they’re an older married couple moving into a smaller home. “If they’re a first-time homebuyer, they usually need the basics still for their house,” says Gasper. “Older couples are often downsizing, so gift certificates are good in that scenario.”

As far as items to avoid, Gasper suggests “no adult humor, political statements, or religious items.” The last thing you want to do is upset someone with your gift.

Bread used as a housewarming party gift.
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Traditional gifts

Here we’ve rounded up classic gifts steeped in tradition and symbolism.

1. Salt

Salt has held significance and value since ancient times. Once, it was so valuable it was even used as currency. The gift of salt represents wealth.

Bring an artisanal bamboo salt chest ($130) filled with 24 different kinds of gourmet salt to help spice up their cooking.

2. Broom

Some customs say you shouldn’t bring an old broom to a new home. This is why a brand new broom makes an excellent housewarming party gift. While the thought of buying a broom as a present may not seem thrilling, who says a broom has to be boring? Bring a handmade rainbow broom ($59.98) that’ll brighten a room as it’s swept.

3. Bread

The tradition of giving bread has both Jewish and Russian origins. Jewish customs say bread represents hospitality. Russian folklore includes a villager presenting dignitaries with bread. It’s meant to symbolize the hope for long lasting good health. Offer a bread basket ($65) filled with freshly baked, homemade loaves of bread.

4. Knives

Should you buy knives, or is that in poor taste? Superstition states that giving a knife as a present will sever the friendship between you and the recipient.

However, taping a penny to the knife is considered a way around this. The recipient must then remove the penny and return it to you as a way of showing symbolic payment.

Give the new homeowner a set of cosmos knives ($49.95) so they can enjoy space while prepping dinner!

Plants used as housewarming party gifts.
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When a person first moves into a home, it can feel empty and impersonal. That’s why plants make a great gift.

“Plants give a burst of color to any home,” says Alex Gottlob, owner of Gottlob Lawn & Landscape. The business was founded in 1999 and has been delighting Kansans with artful landscaping ever since. He went on to say, “A home with plants just feels more inviting.”

5. Houseplants

For a houseplant as a housewarming gift, Gottlob recommends either a philodendron ($58) or an airplane plant, also known as a spider plant ($15). He went on to add that both houseplants are well-known for being easy to care for, flourishing indoors in indirect light.

6. Mason jar gardens

Versatile and beautiful, mason jars ($32.99) are perfect for a window-sill herb garden. They’ll dress up any home and provide the recipient with delicious herbs for home-cooked meals.

7. Bulbs

Flowers bring vibrant colors and sweet floral scents to a home. A flower bulb ($13.95) is a great housewarming gift because it lets the recipient enjoy watching the flower slowly grow and bloom. Bring the bulb of some delicate Paperwhite flowers, and the homeowner can enjoy their sweet musk through winter.

8. Flower pots

Every indoor flower needs a container to rest in. Containers are also a practical gift, allowing the recipient to choose what they’ll plant in it for themselves. Bring a personalized flower pot ($36.99) so they can show the world who they are.

9. Flower arrangement

A well-done floral arrangement can increase the aesthetic of a room all by itself. Bring a colorful bouquet ($49.99) in a tasteful vase to help the homeowner dress up their home. Every time the recipient sees the flower arrangement and stops to enjoy their aroma, they’ll be reminded of the fun they had at the housewarming party.

Beer given as a housewarming party gift.
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Everyone loves food, and it’s a longtime gift staple. Help a homeowner stock their spice pantry and cabinets by gifting something delicious.

10. Wine/beer/liquor

Just as neighbors once brought gifts of food over to a new home to be shared at the gathering, so too did friends bring drinks like wine. Pair a bottle of wine with a rainbow winged corkscrew opener ($15.99) to create the perfect gift set.

11. Olive oil/vinegar

Olive oil and vinegar are timeless gifts. Together they represent good health and well-being. Give the happy new homeowner a cruet to hold their olive oil and vinegar ($18.99).

12. Coffee/tea

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of caffeine? The days are long, and everyone needs a little pick-me-up now and then. Whether it’s coffee or tea the homeowner prefers as their drink of choice, you can’t go wrong with a gift box of gourmet coffee and artisan loose-leaf tea ($46).

13. Gift sets (cookie mixes, etc.)

If you aren’t certain what kind of sweets the person likes, then a gift set may be the best choice. Show up with a gift set box ($54.99) of cookies, brownies, caramels, and popcorn, and it’s bound to include something that’ll appeal to the homeowner.

14. Something fresh-baked

Who doesn’t like cake? The real question is what kind of cake the homeowner might like best. Offer a cake sampler ($42.95) of chocolate mousse cake, carrot cake, cookies and cream cake, and more to treat their tastebuds to an exciting adventure.

A brewery visited after a housewarming party.
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Local love

Supporting local businesses helps a community thrive and gives new homeowners a chance to explore parts of their city they’ve maybe never seen before.

15. Gift card to a restaurant

Whether the homeowner is a longtime local or new to the city, a gift card to a nearby restaurant is always a great gift.

Moving into a home is stressful and takes lots of work. There’ll be nights where cooking dinner feels like too much of a hassle. Treat them to a night off.

If the recipient is single, go with a $25 gift card. If it’s a couple, choose a $50 gift card to cover the price of a meal for two.

16. Gift card for a cleaning service

Things have a way of getting hectic when you move into a new home. Laundry and dusting can sneak up on you and turn into a mountain of work in a few short weeks. Offer a gift card to a local cleaning service to help the homeowner out. Anywhere between $150 to $250 will cover a 3-bedroom, 2000 square foot home.

17. Gift certificate to a spa

Everyone deserves to be pampered every now and then. Moving into a house has a way of stressing you out. Too much stress, and you’ll find yourself with a stick neck and shoulders or even a headache. Gift the new homeowner a spa trip so they can disappear for a day and relax. Around $100 will cover a standard individual treatment.

18. Gift certificate to a local brewery

Not only is visiting a local brewery a great way to support your community, but it’s nice to get out and enjoy a few drinks unique to your region. Gift the homeowner a gift certificate to a local brewery so they can kick back and relax with a beer. The cost of beer varies drastically, but anywhere between $20 and $40 will get a few beers and a meal.

19. Local theater voucher

Almost everyone loves movies. In 2019, around 75% of the U.S. population saw a movie at least once. Offer the homeowner a voucher to a local theater so they can get out and enjoy the latest blockbuster. Movie tickets for two are around $20.

A towel given as a housewarming party gift.
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Every meal starts with common household kitchenware. Help an aspiring chef stock their appliances with these tasteful gift ideas.

20. Cheese boards

Help the new homeowner create the perfect meat and cheese spread by gifting them a cheese board ($55). Go above and beyond and make it a gift set that includes cheeses and meats too.

21. Food storage containers

Sometimes, there will be leftovers from dinner. Or maybe the homeowner will cut up some fruit and need a container to keep it in. Help them out with their kitchen organization and buy some food storage containers ($64.99).

22. Cookbooks

Sometimes it’s hard coming up with ideas for what to have for dinner. Other times you just feel like experimenting with a new dish. Help the new homeowner out with gathering recipes by giving a cookbook. There are hundreds upon hundreds of cookbooks ($15-$20) out there, so the sky’s the limit for what you can choose.

23. Kitchen towels

Everyone washes their hands or dries their dishes. Help bring fun and color to the recipient’s kitchen with a personalized hand towel ($12.95).

24. Mugs

When the homeowner wakes in the morning after a long day of moving furniture and boxes into the house, they’ll likely need some coffee or tea to help wake them up. Gift a beautiful custom mug with their name on it ($21.58) to add a personal touch.

25. Fridge fresheners

Given all the various foodstuffs that are kept in a fridge, and sometimes how the air can turn stale, a fridge sometimes starts to smell. A refrigerator freshener ($13.99) will keep a fridge smelling brand new and keep bad odors at bay for months.

26. Microwave cleaners

It’s normal for heated foods and drinks to splatter inside a microwave. All kinds of stains can build up inside a microwave in a few short days. Gift a microwave cleaner ($6.99) that’ll release steam to loosen difficult messes and deodorize smells.

27. Cocktail shakers

Give the new homeowner a cocktail shaker ($21.59) so they can mix drinks like a professional. With a cocktail shaker, they can shake themselves a fun drink. Take it a step further and have the shakers personalized with their last name.

28. Mixing bowls

If the homeowner plans to ever cook, they’ll need mixing bowls ($35.99). Choose a mixing bowl set that comes with airtight lids so they can double as containers for leftovers.

Blankets given as housewarming party gifts.
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For the living room

The living room is one of the more important parts of a home. It’s a communal area for friends and family to gather and hang out. Use one of these gift ideas to help a homeowner cozy up their living room.

29. Blankets

Who doesn’t like to cuddle under a warm blanket while watching movies or reading a book? Give the homeowner a personalized blanket ($15) to congratulate them on the new home. Have it inscribed with a custom message commemorating their housewarming party to turn the blanket into a memento.

30. Wall art

When you first move into a home, the walls tend to be a little bare. Help the homeowner decorate by gifting them wall art ($11.99) that is beautiful enough to be a centerpiece.

31. Candles

The symbolism behind a candle is clear. When you light a candle, you’re casting out darkness. It’s good luck to light a candle on the first night in a new home to help ensure evil stays away. A Sacred Smudge candle ($9.71) will not only add beautiful decor to a new home with its mix of crystals and herbs but also ward off negative energies.

32. Coffee table books

If you know the new homeowner is a bibliophile, then displaying a book with a beautiful cover makes for a perfect gift. Not only are coffee table books gorgeous aesthetics on their own, but they’re also a thoughtful gift. To get ideas, browse these lists on Read it Forward and Brightly for highly anticipated 2020 releases. The average cost of a hardcover book is in the $20 range.

33. Coasters

There’s something extra irritating about the grayish watermark rings caused by sweating drinks. Give the new homeowner a pair of black agate coasters ($23.19) to ward off the pesky stains.

34. Tree ornaments

Many people follow a tradition of buying a new Christmas tree ornament to represent special occasions or mark the passage of a year. Get the homeowner a personalized ornament ($20) to commemorate moving into the new house.

House numbers given as housewarming party gifts.
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Decorative and home-focused

It’s nice to spruce up a home with decorations that are also useful. Help make a homeowner’s life a little easier with these thoughtful decor pieces.

35. Personalized welcome mat

No one likes the outside getting tracked all over the inside of the house. Not only that, but a welcome mat doubles as a great statement piece. It’s one of the first things a visitor will see. Gift the new homeowner a personalized monogram doormat ($19.99) to make it really special.

36. A keychain for their new key

It seems like you can never have enough keychains to hold the dozens of keys you end up collecting over the years. The compass is still as useful now as it was hundreds of years ago back when it was invented in ancient China. Be helpful and gift a useful compass keychain ($21.98) for the key to the new house. Now they’ll never lose their house key, nor their way in the world.

37. Return address stamp

Sometimes, it’s tedious to have to write out your address on an envelope. Even more so if you run a business from your home or need to send out lots of letters for a special occasion. Give the new homeowner a custom return address stamp ($19.54) with beautiful calligraphy and typeset.

38. Door hangers

Like with the doormat, a door hanger is one of the first details a visitor will notice about a home. Gift a gorgeous wooden sign to hang from the door ($55.99) that says “Home Sweet Home.”

39. House numbers

In all the rush and workload involved with moving into a new home, house numbers to help show the address are often overlooked and forgotten. Give a wooden address sign with a planter box ($49). It’ll allow the homeowner to display their address and decorate with plants and holiday themes.

Not every gift needs to be practical. Show your fun side by choosing one of these more entertaining housewarming party gifts.

40. Board games

Who doesn’t love playing board games? Bring a classic board game as a gift and deliver a bit of nostalgia to the recipient. The average cost for most board games is around $20.

41. Kids’ toy chest

If you have kids, you know the struggle of finding places to store the multitude of toys and stuffed animals. If the new homeowners have kids of their own, give the gift of a toy chest ($75).

42. Pet treats

Our animal companions are as close to us as family. Don’t overlook the presence of pets if the homeowners have any. Bring over some delectable pet treats for their cat ($2) or dog ($14), and you’ll surely be in the furry companion’s good graces.

43. Bath products

Everyone enjoys taking a luxurious hot bath every once in a while. It’s a great way to relax sore muscles too. Give the homeowner some bath bombs ($35) to encourage them to treat themselves with a peaceful soak.

A google home given as a housewarming party gift.
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For the more serious homeowner, this list of down-to-earth gifts will be sure to please.

44. Tool kit

A new home comes with new responsibilities. Repairs will eventually crop up, and then tools will be essential for certain tasks. A tool kit ($59.99) makes a great gift for a new homeowner.

45. Fire extinguisher

Nothing says you care about their safety like gifting a fire extinguisher ($19.98). It’ll be one of those gifts the homeowner will hope never to have to use, but be grateful for should the need ever arise.

46. Doorstops

Sometimes, you need the door held wide open while you’re busy carrying in the groceries or moving in a large piece of furniture. Hodor from Game of Thrones deserved better, but everyone can agree he held the door like a champ. This Hodor doorstop ($23) is a perfect housewarming gift for the Game of Thrones fan.

47. Bookends

For the book-loving homeowner, a bookend makes a great housewarming gift as a statement piece. A diorama bookend ($169) adds a creative flair to any bookshelf.

48. Grocery lists

Everyone goes grocery shopping. Most of us need a grocery list if we don’t want to forget something important. An organized grocery list notepad ($16.25) makes a thoughtful gift for a housewarming present.

49. Calendars

Life can get hectic, and a calendar helps us stay organized and remember important dates. Bring a wall calendar ($23.95) so the new homeowner can track appointments and events more easily.

50. Smart home device

As we move into an increasingly advanced digital age, smart home devices grow more prevalent. Look through these numerous smart home devices and choose the one that best fits the new homeowners for their housewarming party gift. Prices vary drastically on smart home devices, starting at $20 and going up.

A chess game given as a housewarming party gift.
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A new home, a new beginning

We hope this ultimate guide to housewarming party gifts helped give you several ideas for what to buy for your friend or relative. Buying a home is a huge achievement, whether it’s your first time or not.

The next time you’re ready to buy or sell your home, make use of one of our specialized calculators to help you out. They can help you calculate a budget for a new home, or even determine when the best time of year to sell is.

Once you’ve done that, be sure to choose from one of our many listed real estate agent experts. They’re the top in their area and ready to help you find a dream home or sell your house fast.

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