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Your Top 9 Digital Tools to Create Attention-Grabbing Open House Flyers

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If you decide to host an open house, it’s time to execute a full-fledged marketing blitz to make sure people show up. Never fear: your agent will help you spread the word about the event. It’s their job to drum up buzz among their network and promote the open house on all the top real estate websites where buyers shop for houses.

But there’s another thing you’ll need to check off the list: Open house flyers. Sounds old-school, right? But marketing, in all its forms, is key to a successful home sale. You may even want to create a few flyers to give to coworkers at the office or pass out at yoga class. You just never know who knows someone who knows another guy who’s looking to buy a house like yours.

Luckily there’s a variety of digital tools for beginners to create your own affordable open house flyer that you can then plaster across the neighborhood or share across your social media accounts. We personally tested dozens of open house flyer tools and present to you the 9 best we could find (no graphic design experience required)—check them out for yourself and see which one is right for you.

A post it, computer, and phone used to prepare open house flyers.
Source: (Lukas/ Pexels)

Open house flyer checklist: What do you need to get started?

As you set out to create open house flyers with your agent to catch the eye of interested buyers, you’re going to need a few things:

  • Professional photos of your home:
    Viewers of your flyer won’t dig into the details of when and where your open house is being held if your photos aren’t flattering. So first and foremost make sure you have professional photos of your house shot with the right angles, lighting, mechanics, and attention to detail. Having these images to work with will make creating the flyers a breeze.
  • Short list of your home’s highlights:
    Put some thought into the best features your home has to offer that would entice buyers to come take a peek for themselves. Selling points like your home’s proximity to city centers, walking trails, airports, the best school districts, etc. and upgrades such as granite countertops or wood floors should be part of the short highlight reel you’ll have room to include on a flyer.
  • Event details:
    Finalize the date and time of the open house (before you settle on the details, read our full guide on how to time your open house just right for the best results). You’ll also want to include your agent’s name, headshot, and information so that they can field inquiries for you.

Now that you’ve got these items in front of you, let’s dig into the top 9 online tools you can use to assemble your open house flyers in a snap.

1. PosterMyWall

An open house flyer example.
Source: (PosterMyWall)

PosterMyWall offers a variety of options for sellers who are looking to market their open house. You can choose to print flyers, distribute flyers digitally on social media or via email, or take advantage of both with the wide array of templates available.

For those who are not interested in designing a flyer on their own, opt for one of the pre-designed templates. There are currently more than 1,400 open house flyers available on the site for customers to update with photos and text.

Keep in mind that you should limit the number of professional photos you add. According to top-selling Ft. Lauderdale, Florida agent Tony Wood, 4 images on your open house flyer should get the job done.

“I tend to only put a maximum of four images,” says Wood.

“I ask myself, ‘Am I highlighting the location of the listing or is that not the factor—in which case I have to highlight the kitchen, the backyard, the pool.”

In addition, always include an exterior shot of the house on your flyer. If you’ve spent time and money updating a certain room in the house, feature that image prominently. Avoid including images of rooms that may need some updating.

PosterMyWall is recommended for both beginners and those more advanced.

Unique features:

  • Digital downloads with basic quality images are free
  • Ability to download images sized properly for social media posts
  • Can include videos

Pricing: $50 for a pack of 100 7×11 flyers, $60 for double-sided

If your agent prefers to subscribe to PosterMyWall, a monthly subscription to their premium plan costs $9.98. This includes a specific number of free video and image template downloads, custom-made template downloads, Getty image downloads, custom fonts, and more.

2. Adobe Spark

An open house flyer example.
Source: (Adobe Spark)

Use Adobe Spark’s real estate flyer tool to design your own open house flyer. This tool allows you to select a template or theme, add your own images, and design the flyer from there. It includes free professionally designed fonts and icons to embellish your open house flyer. That way it stands out to potential buyers.

When it comes to making your flyer stand out, be bold. Consider pulling colors from the images to emphasize your text.

“I like greens and blues that tend to make an open house flyer pop more,” says Wood. “This accentuates the front of the house or the fact that the house is intercoastal, for example. It really makes your eye hone in on a specific picture.”

However, don’t use fonts that are too difficult to read. According to Wood, less is always more.

More advanced users will find success with this product.

Unique features:

  • Access to professionally designed fonts
  • Use your own images or select from the gallery
  • Edit and share flyers from the app

Pricing: Free to create, download, and print open house flyers

Agents may be interested in paying $9.99 a month to further customize their open house flyers for sellers. The membership includes the ability to remove the Adobe Spark logo, access personalized branded templates, select specific colors and fonts, and more.

3. Canva

An open house flyer.
Source: (Canva)

Canva allows you to select specific real estate flyer layouts as you get started creating your own open house flyer. The templates are professionally designed so you can reap the benefits without having any graphic design know-how. Add the necessary text to market your open house. Then, adjust the fonts and colors so your open house flyer will catch people’s eyes.

This open house flyer digital tool is recommended for users of all levels.

Unique features:

  • Photo editing tools
  • Access to icons and illustrations
  • Thousands of flyer templates to work from

Pricing: Free to create, download, and print open house flyers

Opt to pay $12.95 for the monthly membership to gain access to 400,000 images, designs, and templates, custom fonts and colors, and flyers of varying dimensions.

4. Flyerco

An open house flyer example.
Source: (Flyerco)

Unlike some of the digital tools on this list, Flyerco’s sole mission is to help users design flyers. This helps keep the process simple and straightforward,

For those who may be planning a last-minute open house, this digital tool will get the job done quickly. Then, you can turn your focus toward prepping the house for the big day by decluttering countertops, cleaning the bathrooms, and making the kitchen sparkling clean.

Flyerco is an ideal digital tool for beginners.

Unique features:

  • A flyer-only digital tool
  • Simple, straightforward process for creating an open house flyer
  • Create a flyer in a few minutes

Pricing: $19.99 for a single flyer (that you can send out/print as you like)

To create more than one flyer, agents can pay for the $9.99 monthly subscription. This includes the option to share your open house flyer digitally.

5. Piktochart

An open house flyer example.
Source: (Picktochart)

Piktochart offers an assortment of free templates to begin designing your open house flyer. As you’re adding the information about your open house, take some time to customize how the text appears.

Rather than writing long, chunky paragraphs, opt for a bulleted list instead. This will catch a potential buyer’s eye. They’ll be able to pull out the important points of the listing like the location, the open house date, and key features about the house.

Piktochart is simple to use for beginners and has options for those who are more advanced at designing.

Unique features:

  • Select from color schemes
  • Share directly to social media
  • Helpful design tools for beginners

Pricing: $12.50 a month for the basic package including templates and images

Pay $24.17 a month to gain access to custom fonts and colors, HD image exports, and PDF exports of your open house flyer.

6. Zazzle

An open house flyer example.
Source: (Zazzle)

Source: Zazzle example real estate template

Zazzle features a variety of flyers created by individual designers. Once you find the template that works best with your text and images, you can begin customizing.

Simply add the necessary information, double check to make sure it’s all correct, and submit your order. This digital tool does not require too much overthinking about fonts, colors, and custom designing.

This product is recommended for beginners.

Unique features:

  • Pre-made templates that are easy to customize
  • A variety of packages for pricing/number of flyers ordered
  • Simple, straightforward designs

Pricing: Varies depending on which pre-made design you choose or the features of your custom design

7. Lucidpress

An open house flyer example.
Source: (Lucidpress)

Lucidpress allows users to quickly and easily customize an open house flyer template. If you are planning a last-minute open house, this digital tool will help you start marketing right away.

(Good news, if you are planning a last-minute open house, that’s ok. Wood says 48-hours notice before the big day is ideal for marketing an open house.)

Luckily, these templates come with detailed descriptions to help those who do not know much about design. For example, users can find templates specifically for a Craftsman home or a Bungalow. Simply read each description and select the one that best matches your needs.

This digital tool is recommended from both beginners and those with more advanced design skills.

Unique features:

  • Create an open house flyer in a few minutes
  • Easily download, print, and share digitally
  • Professionally-designed open house flyer templates

Pricing: Free for digital open house flyers

To print your open house flyers, pay for the $5.95 monthly subscription. You also gain access to a gallery of templates.

8. Vistaprint

An open house flyer example.
Source: (Vistaprint)

If you have ever ordered a holiday card to send out to your friends, using Vistaprint should be a snap. Select the open house flyer template that works best with your text and images. Most templates come with a variety of color options to choose from making it easy to customize your flyer. Also, the templates come with a variety of options when it comes to printing. You can choose from different sizes and different types of papers.

Depending on how many open house flyers you plan to distribute, you can also select to order anywhere from 25 to 20,000 flyers.

Vistaprint is an ideal digital tool for all skill levels.

Unique features:

  • Pre-made templates with suggested color options
  • A variety of paper type, paper size, and order sizes to choose from

Pricing: $20 for 25 open house flyers that are 8.5×11 in size

Prices vary depending on the open house flyer template used, the size of the flyer, and the number of flyers ordered.

9. Visme

An open house flyer example.
Source: (Visme)

Visme is another one of the digital tools on this list that specializes in flyers. As you browse through the available open house flyer templates, select one that is in line with the tone you are looking for. Visme allows users to upload fonts, too.

To immediately distribute the open house flyer, use the shareable link that generates once the flyer is complete. Don’t hesitate to post your open house flyer to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This way you can begin marketing right away for the big event.

This product is recommended for beginners and those with an advanced design skill set.

Unique features:

  • Upload your own fonts and icons to personalize
  • Generate a shareable link
  • Built-in grid for proper alignment

Pricing: Free to access a limited number of templates and to download your open house flyer as a JPG.

To use premium templates and download your open house flyer as a PDF, consider paying the $14 monthly subscription fee.

Take your open house flyers and spread the word!

Once you’ve picked the right digital tool for your open house flyer, creating it should be a breeze. Don’t forget that at the end of the day, your flyer should highlight photos of your home, key features such as its location, and the time and date of the open house.

Also, while Wood says you can start marketing as early as two weeks prior, take advantage of the hot period 48-hours prior to the event to really hammer your marketing hard.