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Rising mortgage rates

How Do Today’s Mortgage Rates Compare with Historical Rates?

If you’ve been thinking of buying soon, or were trying to wait out the seller’s market during the pandemic, you might be feeling a little frustrated. Did you really wait for prices to normalize only to pay more for your mortgage? Learning what impacts rates, and the broader economic factors that make them go up or down, will help you feel more in control.

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Mortgage Rates Are Going Up: But Why?

Mortgage rates have been steadily increasing since their historic lows in 2020 and 2021. But why? Many factors are at play when it comes to determining mortgage interest rates, and there’s little that the everyday consumer can do to change them. We’re taking a deep-dive into why mortgage rates are rising and what it all means for homebuyers and sellers.

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How High Will Mortgage Rates Go?

Mortgage interest rates have been on a wild ride lately. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or refinance your home, these rates could have a significant impact on your future plans. See what the experts are saying.

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When Will Mortgage Rates Go Down?

With mortgage interest rates in flux and trending upward after nearly two years of rock-bottom percentages, prospective homebuyers across the country are wondering when mortgage rates will go down again. It’s hard to say, but housing experts weigh in.

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Economic trends

What's happening with inflation?

How Is Inflation Affecting the Housing Market?

Just like other sectors of the U.S. economy, the housing market has felt the impact of inflation. So, should you wait it out or enter the market?

Fortunately, indicators refute the idea the housing market is poised for a crash; but, they do show it’s definitely changing. See smart strategies to help make the most of the housing market despite inflation.

For example, top Tulsa agent Luke Rentz recalls an existing single-family 1,100-square-foot home that needed a few repairs in the fast-growing suburb of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, typically cost $130,000 in 2019. Today, buyers would expect to pay about $200,000 for that same home.

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5 Ways Inflation Is Impacting the 2023 Housing Market

  1. Home prices could decline
  2. Home values may waver
  3. Mortgage rates should march higher
  4. Construction costs may rise
  5. Housing sales could slow down

This is an in-depth look at how inflation is affecting the housing market, and what it means for you.

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How Does Raising Interest Rates Help Fight Inflation?

Interest rates have been rising steadily since hitting record lows in mid-2021. On Sept. 21, the Fed gave the rates another upward nudge in an effort to combat surging inflation, marking the third consecutive interest-rate rise of 0.75 percentage point and representing the biggest Fed-driven spike since 1994.

If you’re wondering how this helps to curb inflation, and whether it might have some undesirable trickle-down effects, allow us to shed some light on the situation. We did some digging and spoke to some seasoned finance and mortgage experts to help us (and you) understand the motivation behind such a move.

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Market forecast

Houses that might be impacted in the 2022 real estate market forecast.

What’s Changing in the 2023 Real Estate Market Forecast?

Home prices are holding relatively steady — even as mortgage rates rise. Demand hasn’t collapsed, even as inflation pressures weigh down buyers. Still, the housing market is poised to shift throughout the rest of the year, and buyers or sellers who spot the market’s direction now can gain more on their investments in the future.

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Real estate in Florida that's on the market.

A Changing 2023 Florida Real Estate Market Forecast: What's Still to Come

Everything from inflation and interest rates to new migration patterns, inventory, and more could reshape the Florida housing market in 2023. If you plan on buying, selling, or owning a home in Florida, the decisions you make now could pay off for years down the road. That’s why we’ve dug into the data and asked Florida housing experts to forecast the upcoming year.

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