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3 of the Best Tips for Selling a House You’ll Ever Get

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This is part six of our six part “How to Sell a Single Family Home” series. Start from the beginning with Part 1: How to Find an Amazing Real Estate Agent.

Selling a single family house is its own animal with challenges and complications. Just like the stripes of no two zebras are the same, your single family home has its own set of quirks. On top of that, marketing the “American Dream” lifestyle is different for a single family house than any other type of home.

Melissa P., a client of the #2 Real Estate Agent in Las Vegas, Jeff Galindo, helped us to understand the most pressing questions she and her sister had about selling their mother’s single family home:

”Those were the biggest questions we had. How long it would take, what we had to do to get it done, what the Realtor® needed to do in order to get the house listed, because I’m sure the way they listed houses 20 years ago is not the way they do it now, and that was a true statement.”

We distilled Melissa’s questions down into three straightforward tips for selling a house help you as you begin the process.

Tips for selling: selling your house takes time
Source: (North Charleston / flickr, via Creative Commons)

1. Understand That Selling Your House Takes Time

The amount of time it takes to sell a house varies from market to market, property to property. In some locations where inventory is low, you could sell your single family home in days. In other, slower paced markets, selling a house could take months.

Since even the average time it takes to sell a house varies by city, you should take a look at your city’s market trends and talk to your real estate agent for the most realistic estimate.

tips for selling ahouse
Source: (TheVirtualDenise / Pixabay)

2. You Need to Clean, Stage, and Declutter as Best You Can

As for what you need to do as a seller, you should: prepare your house properly for sale, get together all of the necessary documents, make yourself scarce for showings, and listen to all of your real estate agent’s advice.

These actions will set you up to sell your single family home as fast and for the most money you can.

Tips for selling: make sure your agent sets a competitive and reasonable price.
Source: (David Sawyer / flickr, via Creative Commons)

3. Let Your Agent Determine the Price

Your real estate agent is going to complete a Comparative Market Analysis to figure out the current value of your home and to set a list price. She’ll need you to prepare your home to take professional listing photos. You’ll sign a listing contract with the agent, and then she will list your home on the MLS.

The way real estate agents list, market, and sell homes is different from how they went about it 20 years ago, especially since National inventory is so low right now. The internet has taken over the real estate industry: now, 51% of buyers buy a house they found online. That’s why we created this guide: to tackle the way that real estate works right now.

The process of selling a single family home is competitive, slow at times, and fast paced at others. With your real estate agent and now, our guide, at your side, you have all of the resources you need. Keep us posted on your progress and remember–we’re always here to help!