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What's probate and how can an agent help me with it?

Probate is the process of legally proving a will. Real estate must go through probate so that the executor of the will can legally sell the home. That's where a top real estate agent comes in. Once you've gotten the court's approval, you'll be able to officially list the home and start the selling process. Don't worry if you don't have a court order yet, you can start a discussion with a real estate agent at any time.

The probate process and how a top agent can help

The probate process

How a top agent can help


Once there's a death certificate, work with your attorney to set a court date. While waiting for a court date, you cannot legally take action with the decedent's estate but you may take steps to safeguard it.

Start looking for and interviewing top real estate agents familiar with probate to see who you like. Starting this process early can save you time and money down the road.


Formally inform every beneficiary of the probate and give notice to creditors so they have time to submit claims. You'll need to take inventory of the estate to assess value.

You can't sign a listing agreement yet but you can bring on an agent to:

·  Assess the property's condition & value

·  Run comparables in your area

·  Connect with services, contractors, & vendors

·  Start prepping the home for sale


Go through all of the assets, starting with real estate, and dispense them among the beneficiaries. Usually, this means the assets must be sold first.

Once you have a court order, you can sign a listing agreement with the agent and list the home for sale. If you consulted with an agent earlier, they can get the process moving a lot faster.


The home is sold, the debts are paid, and the financial assets are ready to be distributed. Your attorney files a final petition and the process wraps up.

Congrats! You've sold the home faster and for more money with a top agent.

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When should you bring in a real estate agent during probate?

Selling a home takes time, even without throwing probate protocol into the mix. That's why you should start the conversation with a real estate agent early, even if you can't legally sign listing papers yet. You can have preliminary conversations about what changes you need to make to the home even before you list.

You should bring in a probate specialized real estate agent if you...

  • You've inherited property that needs to go through probate
  • You're the executor of a will with real estate assets
  • You're a probate or estate planning attorney with clients who need to sell
  • You hold the power of attorney on someone's probate properties

Why do you need a top real estate agent to sell a probate property?

Selling a house that has to go through probate is complicated. The probate process takes months--if not years--to finalize, and after the will has been proved in court, you still have to fix up, stage, and list the house for sale.

Real estate agents trained in probate home sales understand exactly what you've gone through, and know how to sell these houses faster and for the most money.

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When compared to the average seller’s agent, the best real estate agents get their clients on average 109% of the list price and move homes 5 days faster.

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Here's what a top agent trained in probate can do for you

When you list your property with a top agent specialized in probate properties, you get a dependable partner at your side. Top probate agents understand the nitty gritty of the process of proving a will, and they can best speak to how to prepare, market, and ultimately sell a home that has gone through probate faster and for the best price.

  • Investigate Chain of Title to clear any roadblocks
  • Assess property condition and determine a competitive list price
  • Advise on what you need to clean and repair to get the house ready for sale
  • Refer 3rd party services to paint, make fixes, upgrades, and deep clean the home
  • List & properly market the property to get the best possible sale price
  • Field offers and negotiate on your behalf

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I love that I can use HomeLight to connect my clients with top agents who have their best interest in mind, and who are more experienced with probate than the average agent out there. That makes for the best experience for both me and my clients.
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Learn how to sell property in probate...

The process of probate is a difficult legal undertaking full of confusing processes and procedures laid out in each state's probate code. Real estate agents trained in probate are your absolute best resource to succeed in a probate home sale, but they're not always available to explain the process from start to finish.

That's why we put together these guides to help you learn and understand everything that goes into selling a home that's gone through probate from start to finish. You'll get expert insight from top probate attorneys and real estate specialists that will arm you with all of the information you need to get started.

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