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7 Flat Fee MLS Companies in Michigan to Sell Your FSBO Home

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If you’re selling your house in Michigan, you’ll want to keep costs as low as possible, so you might be thinking about selling your home on your own and skipping out on agent commission.

Although less common, some sellers opt for the FSBO (for sale by owner) route, which can entail using a flat fee MLS listing service that operates in Michigan, instead of working with a traditional real estate agent.

The FSBO option may not be for all sellers, but we’ll break down the details you’ll need to know before deciding whether it’s right for your situation.

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Disclaimer: This post is meant to be used for educational purposes. Links and mentions of Michigan flat fee MLS companies in this post do not constitute an endorsement.

What is a flat fee MLS listing service?

Flat fee MLS companies are built to help FSBO sellers who want to list their home on the local multiple listing service (MLS) without hiring a full-service real estate agent. The MLS is a database that real estate agents use to locate potential homes for buyers, and it also populates many of the biggest home search websites.

Even when the real estate market was red-hot, most sellers relied on the MLS to reach buyers. In fact, according to a Bright MLS study, 83% of home sales happened on an MLS throughout the last three years.

Although normally only licensed real estate agents can access and post listings on a local MLS, there are a number of different services in Michigan and other states that provide MLS services for a flat fee. These flat fee MLS companies enable FSBO sellers to bypass the traditional agent and get their home included on the MLS.

How much does a flat fee MLS service cost in Michigan?

Flat fee MLS services vary in price, depending on the perks you want and how much assistance you need. Most companies will offer a basic package that lists your house on the MLS. From there, the company might charge for everything from longer time on the MLS and higher photo allotments to broker assistance, yard signs, lock boxes, or other features. In general flat fee MLS services in Michigan cost approximately $95-$2,000.

Flat fee MLS listing companies in Michigan

Here’s a comparison of some flat fee MLS listing companies in Michigan.

Note: Individual program details can change — please visit a provider’s website for the most current information on rate packages, fees, service areas, and more. HomeLight always recommends doing your own research to determine which selling option is best for your situation.

Modern Way Realty

Modern Way Realty is a highly-rated flat fee MLS company that’s based in Michigan. Sellers can choose from a basic flat-fee service and a full-service package.

Service areas: Serves all of Michigan

Unreal Estate

Unreal Estate gives sellers the opportunity to reach millions of buyers by listing on the MLS,, Trulia, and Zillow without working with a real estate agent. The company, formerly USRealty, offers a variety of plans and pricing options, including a free starter plan where homeowners only pay if they sell their home.

Service areas: Serves 49 states (all except South Dakota) and Washington D.C.

Kermath Realty

Kermath Realty has been in business for more than 20 years. The company holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and provides a wide range of flat fee MLS options.

Service areas: Serves all of Michigan

Coverage Realty

Although Coverage Realty serves fewer areas than other MLS companies on the list, it’s a highly-rated real estate company with a straightforward MLS listing service.

Service areas: Serves Macomb County, Oakland County, St. Clair County, and Wayne County


Houzeo offers nationwide FSBO support and provides flat fee MLS services in Michigan. It’s known for its high-tech approach to selling homes.

Service areas: Serves all of Michigan

ISoldMyHouse.Com is designed to assist FSBO sellers, and has been operating since 1997. It’s a nationwide company that allows you to list your home on the MLS through a fully-online process.

Service areas: Serves all of Michigan


Homecoin is a 100% online flat fee MLS company based in San Diego that serves 11 states, including Michigan. The service is designed to let you manage your entire listing and selling experience digitally.

Service areas: Serves all of Michigan

Which Michigan sellers benefit most from a flat fee MLS service?

Flat fee MLS services may seem like a simple home-selling tool, but they aren’t made for all sellers. According to Justin Glover, a top-selling real estate agent in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the sellers who benefit most from flat fee MLS services are already comfortable selling homes on their own and understand the work that goes into FSBO sales.

“I would say someone who maybe has some background in real estate and contracts would be better suited to do a flat fee MLS listing than someone who has no experience with reading contracts, negotiating, and buying and selling homes,” he explains.

At the same time, Justin Glover says flat fee MLS services aren’t a good fit for sellers who don’t have plenty of time or knowledge about selling homes.

“If you’re willing to give up the service to do a flat fee and just get it on the market and deal with everything yourself, then just be prepared for that,” he says. “And if you’re willing to give up the quality of the way the listing looks, and how it’s presented to the market to save money on a flat fee, be prepared for that.”

Pros and cons of using a flat fee MLS listing service

Here are a few of the biggest pros and cons of using a flat fee MLS listing service:


  • You can save on real estate agent commission.
  • You have more control over your home sale.
  • Your home is listed on the MLS and major search sites as an FSBO seller.


  • You’re usually still responsible for paying a 2-3% buyer’s agent commission.
  • To sell on your own successfully, you need to do market research, set pricing, prepare for the sale, field calls from potential buyers, negotiate, fill out paperwork, and more.
  • If you don’t understand local disclosure requirements and laws, you could expose yourself to legal risk.

Feeling Overwhelmed by the Process of Listing Your Home FSBO in Michigan?

If you don’t have the time or the expertise to list your home FSBO, working with a top agent in Michigan could be your best bet. HomeLight analyzes over 27 million transactions and thousands of reviews to find you the best agent for your unique situation.

Alternatives to a Flat Fee MLS Service

Flat fee MLS services can be great for experienced FSBO sellers, but they aren’t the best option for everyone. Fortunately, if you’re unsure about using a flat fee MLS company to sell your home, you have options. Here are some alternatives:

Option 1: Flat fee real estate agents

With flat fee real estate agents, you gain the help of a licensed agent and can avoid paying a listing agent’s traditional commission. Instead of taking commission, a flat fee real estate agent asks for a one-time payment up front.

You’ll still be paying for the agent’s services, but this route lets you pay a chunk of money at the beginning of your sale. That way, you’ll know how much money you’ll be pocketing at the end of the sale.

However, it’s important to realize that flat fee agents don’t have the incentive of commission to motivate them. That means they may not work as hard to negotiate or land the most profit possible from your home sale.

Also, keep in mind that you may still have to pay the standard commission for the buyer’s agent, reducing the savings potential.

Option 2: Selling Your House for Cash

If you want to sell your home fast and aren’t as concerned about receiving top-dollar for your house, you can seek a cash offer from a house-buying company. When you sell for cash, you can sell quickly without having to handle much of the prep work that typical home sales require. The downside to selling for cash is that you may not receive as high of a price as you could if you listed your home on the market.

One easy and convenient way to sell your home fast for cash is to use HomeLight’s Simple Sale platform. This tool allows you to bypass repairs, showings, and commissions and presents you with a cash offer in as little as a week. You’re under no obligation to accept offers, but if you do, this method makes it possible to close in as few as 10 days.

Option 3: Discount real estate brokers

If you go with a discount real estate broker, you’ll likely still need to pay commission. However, discount real estate brokers tend to take lower commission than full-service real estate agents. They usually provide basic real estate services, such as listing your home on the MLS, marketing your home, and managing paperwork.

These low-cost brokers can be a solid choice if you want to trim costs. Just remember that they tend to make up for low commission by plowing through as many jobs as possible. That means they may not give you the same attention and support that a full-service real estate agent would. They also don’t shield you from the buyer’s agent’s commission, so don’t forget to factor in buyer-side commission when you’re crunching the numbers.

Option 4: Full-service real estate agents

A final, and often most cost-effective, alternative is hiring a full-service real estate agent. If you hire a full-service real estate agent, you’ll end up paying commission. However, top-selling agents will handle marketing, market research, pricing, negotiations, paperwork, and other critical home-selling tasks.

Even though you pay commission to these professionals, they usually can secure a higher price on your home than you might receive with other options.

Jay Glover, another top-selling agent who works in partnership with Justin Glover in Grand Rapids explains, “If we can get your home listed and do all the things that we do, and use all our tools, we might be able to net you an even higher amount — even after paying a higher commission — because we’re going to reach a broader audience, we’re going to prepare your home better for market, point out things that we might think are flaws in the home before even putting it on the market, and just make sure it’s a 10 out of 10 when it’s time to actually list it.”

Data suggests sellers who lean on a real estate agent’s help often end up making more money on sales in the long run. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the typical FSBO home sold for $225,000 compared to $330,000 for an agent-assisted home sale.

What’s more, experienced real estate agents may be able to increase your profit even more. Homelight data found real estate agents that perform in the U.S.’s top 5% sell homes for as much as 10% more than average real estate agents.

One of the easiest ways to find a top-selling agent in your area is to use HomeLight’s Agent Match platform. Our platform searches your local housing market and finds real estate agents who have a proven track record for selling homes in your area.

Sell your Michigan home with confidence

Regardless of the selling option you ultimately choose, you’ll want to list your home on the MLS to reach serious buyers. Using a flat fee MLS allows you to list your house without much outside help. Still, if you’re new to selling on your own, it’s important to understand everything that goes into a FSBO sale and to consider your options carefully. By digging into the specifics of your situation and understanding all of the tools you have at your fingertips, you’ll be ready to sell your home in Michigan with confidence.

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