Good Thank You Gifts for Real Estate Agents (Not That They Asked for One)

If you’re reading this article you probably just completed the oftentimes harrowing process of buying or selling a home. Congratulations! And let’s be honest, the process wouldn’t have been nearly as straightforward without your amazing real estate agent by your side. While Realtors don’t expect anything from their grateful clients, if you do want to get your real estate agent a thank you gift, but have no idea where to start, don’t worry — we’re here for you!

We’ve compiled a list of gifts that your real estate agent will not only love, but will actually use.

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Good Gifts for Real Estate Agents: Our Top Picks Overall

  1. An amazing, honest testimonial online (Help your agent get more business and help more people like you)
  2. The handwritten thank-you note (The most genuine, thoughtful gift of all!)
  3. The personalized coffee mug (Will sit on their desk every day)
  4. The self-stirring coffee mug (You know how often the milk gets separated from the coffee. It’s no good.)
  5. The visa gift card (She can spend it on anything she wants)
  6. The gift basket, personalized to your agent’s favorite things (The best surprise)
  7. The engraved business card case (Absolutely useful, handy, and stylish)

    Flowers are a great gift for real estate agents
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Gifts for the Traditional Real Estate Agent:

Personalized coffee mug
If your agent considers herself a caffeine aficionado, this will make her morning, mid-morning, early-afternoon and late-afternoon.

Starbucks gift card
If you noticed a Starbucks cup in your agent’s hand or in the cupholders of her car rather than a generic tumbler, the Starbucks gift card will go over even better than the mug.

Gift baskets
This is an especially great choice if your agent has ever whipped out a snack bar from his blazer right after your open house. Plus think of how excited you get at your own office when there’s food in the conference room. That food is even better when it’s delivered straight to your desk.

Visa gift certificates
What’s better than the gift of cash? Literally nothing. Give gift cards to the agent who either: 1. Already has everything or 2. Is so impossibly cool you have no idea how to shop for him. This applies to the agent who somehow managed to bring those artisanal super-exclusive scented candles (the ones that are always on backorder) to your open house, where they were a huge hit.

For the agent who really knew how to make your wine fridge a selling point.

If your agent brought the most gorgeous centerpieces to “brighten the place up” during your open house, then this gift will mean a lot to her.

Engraved business card case
If there’s one thing you must be good at to make it as a real estate agent, it’s networking. A personalized business card case is classic, thoughtful and any agent from the age of 25 to 75 will not only get a lot of use out of it, but will feel like a rock star every time he hands someone his card.

Personalized date book
Every agent has his own style — some are more tech-oriented, and others prefer pen and paper. If your agent falls into the latter category, she’ll absolutely love this gift… and you can probably expect a handwritten thank you note.


Speakers are a great gift for a real estate agent
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Gifts for the Tech-Savvy Real Estate Agent:

Cell Phone battery extender
If your agent is constantly relying on her phone (so, 100% of agents), this is the gift that keeps on giving.

Portable speakers
Did your agent have a knack for setting the ambiance for the perfect open house? The lighting was just right, the staging was impeccable, the smell of freshly baked cookies wafted from the immaculate kitchen, and just the right soundtrack was playing in the background? These speakers were made for this agent.

Although Apple has neither confirmed nor denied they had real estate agents in mind when they designed the iPad, we think they did. It’s the perfect technological hybrid — large enough to analyze listings and photography like on a laptop, but small enough to be as easily portable as a phone.

Voice recorder pen
Did your agent record your conversations? Were you weirded out at first, but blown away when she not only remembered your entire priority list, but also delivered on it? She’ll love having another recording option in her pocket.

Solar cell phone charger
For the agent who already has a battery extender and still needs to go a step further. This agent has been locked out of houses and needed to charge his phone while waiting on the front steps for the owner to return. This agent has turned homes where the electricity has been turned off into ready-for-primetime properties. This agent is constantly MacGyvering his way out of obstacles in the wild. (Bonus if this agent lives in a southern state.)

Waterproof keyboard
If your agent is more like a postal worker in her determination that “neither snow, nor rain, nor heat nor gloom of night” should keep her from selling your house, she’s going to need some computer accessories as tough as she is. (Bonus if this agent lives in a northern state, or ever puts beverages on her desk.)

As everyone knows, real estate is location, location, location. It’s true for property values and also agents. You can’t sell a house if you get lost on your way there. If your agent knows every comp, statistic and subtle change in his local area, but has been known to get tripped up by side streets, he’ll appreciate this one.



A self-stirring coffee mug is a great gift for your real estate agent
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One-of-a-Kind Gift Options for One-of-a-Kind Real Estate Agents

Wireless digital picture printer
Was your agent constantly lugging around more papers than most people? Did they admit they just prefer to print things out rather than look at their screen? This gift was made for this agent.

Realtor shot glasses
Did your agent host the best open house in the history of open houses? Get them some shot glasses. After all, you can’t spell “hosts” without “shots.”

Personalized garden bench
for the agent who told you how to turn that gross corner of land you used to have into a thriving garden that every potential buyer commented on. No explanation necessary.

Self-stirring coffee mug
for the agent who one time remarked that your 19th century Victorian reminded her of the house in Practical Magic.

Personalized lunch bag
despite appearing to never need to eat or sleep, your agent is indeed mortal.

Realtor license plate frame
if your agent is already in their car all day long, wouldn’t it be nice to help them do some advertising?

Personalized real estate ornament
Did your agent pull off the super-human task of selling your home around the holidays? This is the perfect way to show your appreciation.

For Every Amazing Real Estate Agent:

  • Testimonials
  • Referrals
  • Thank you notes

These last three gifts, while they may seem like the easiest or least inventive, are the most valuable gifts you can give your agent.

Here’s the proof:

We asked five of the best real estate agents from all over the country what their ideal gift would be — and almost all of them assumed we were asking what’s their favorite gift to give their clients! Real estate agents do not expect gifts. However, upon clarifying, we got the following answers:

“Zillow testimonials!”
“A thank you really goes a long way.”
“I’d rather have a thank you note than a physical gift.”
“A referral or just another call years down the line when that person is ready to sell again.”
“Testimonials or a thank you note.”

You can thank your agent with a great review on their HomeLight profile, too. A review on HomeLight may help with referrals down the road and spreads the word about just how amazing your agent is. Ready to include a great review in your real estate agent’s gift? Just click “Review” on the top of their HomeLight profile page.

As people who are always thinking about what they can do for others, we think agents deserve to be spoiled too. Don’t you agree?

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