Best Gifts For Real Estate Agents That Say ‘Thank You’

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If you’ve recently bought or sold your house thanks to the help of a professional real estate agent, you know how much help they were throughout this major event in your life. Maybe they sold your home quicker than you thought would be possible or were able to get you a higher price in a challenging market. For buyers facing rising interest rates, your agent may have helped you explore great options to best meet you and your family’s needs. To help you say thank you, here are some great ideas for gifts for real estate agents.

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What agents say they love

So, what are some of the best gifts for real estate agents in 2023? Maggie McFarland who’s been in the business for 28 years and works as an agent, knows exactly what every agent loves to receive:

“The best gift that we can get as a real estate agent is a great review or referral because that’s the crutch of our business. A lot of my business is from past client reviews and referrals.”

Every business needs to establish credibility and trust in order to gain more clients, so what better way to boost your agent’s credibility than with your own words?

If your real estate agent doesn’t have an online platform that allows you to post a powerful comment about how helpful they’ve been, Maggie suggests looking for a link sent to you by your agent.

“A couple of times a year we will send out emails with a link that our clients can go on and leave their feedback or referrals.”

Other than a high-quality review, here are some other thoughtful and useful gifts you can give your real estate agent:

  • Handwritten thank-you note
  • Personalized coffee mug — agents are busy people and need fuel!
  • Gift card to a favorite haunt or hot restaurant
  • A gift basket filled with your agent’s favorite things!
  • Flowers to brighten up a home or office

McFarland is used to the gift baskets and flowers and loves how appreciative it makes her feel after her hard work.

Whether you recognize it or not, the time you spend with your agent to buy or sell your home is bound to strike up lots of time for you to get to know each other. As with any gift, putting some thought into what could be the most useful for them will help make the gift more meaningful.

Traditional gifts for real estate agents

Personalized coffee mug

What agent doesn’t like coffee or tea? Real estate agents have exceptionally busy jobs. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that agents help with when selling a house, and a lot of this is to make sure the homeowner is cleared of any possible legal issues.

A personalized coffee mug is not only a great way to bring personalization to their favorite power beverage, but it’s also a sweet way to say thank you for the hard work of your agent.

Coffee shop gift card

If you don’t see a coffee mug in your agent’s hand every day but you do notice a cup from their favorite coffee place, a gift card will certainly be appreciated and well used! Of course, if you are unsure of where your agent likes to frequent the most, then a generic pre-loaded gift card is one of the best gifts to give. These also make great gift options if your agent already seems to have everything or if you have no idea how to shop for them.

Gift baskets & flowers

This is an especially great choice if your agent has ever whipped out a snack bar from his blazer right after your open house. Plus, think of how excited you get at your own office when there’s food in the conference room. That food is even better when it’s delivered straight to your desk.

Engraved business card case

If there’s one thing you must be good at to make it as a real estate agent, it’s networking. In fact, your agent’s network might be responsible for finding someone to purchase the property since they will likely post your house on an MLS. Say thanks to your agent by upping their networking style with a custom business card case.

Gifts for the tech-savvy agent

Portable phone charger

Real estate agents are always on the go. From open houses to private showings, to meeting with you about your current home for an inspection or to go over any issues or paperwork, the days can sometimes be long. For a busy real estate agent, an extra charge while all the go can be a lifesaver. Plus, it’s a gift they will use over and over again!

Solar cell phone charger

Speaking of cell phones, a solar cell phone charger can be a great gift for real estate agents if they are ever in the position where they are locked out of a house and waiting on the owner to return. If their battery is on its last life, this gift can come in handy — especially if it’s a long wait.


An iPad can be especially useful for real estate agents. It’s the perfect technological hybrid — large enough to analyze listings and photography like on a laptop, but small enough to be easily portable.

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Of course, the best way to show your real estate agent that you appreciate the value they’ve added to selling your house is to make sure other people are aware of their exceptional skills.

Testimonials, referrals, and thank you notes will go a long way with your agent, and while they may seem like the easiest or least inventive, they are the most valuable gifts you can give to your agent.

You can thank your agent with a great review on their HomeLight profile, too. A review on HomeLight may help with referrals down the road and spread the word about just how amazing your agent is. Ready to include a great review in your real estate agent’s gift? Just click “Review” on the top of their HomeLight Profile Page.

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