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How to Sell a House When You Have Several Young Children: HomeLight Trade-In

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The process of selling a home and preparing to move is never easy, but it’s especially daunting with three young children.

Having to tackle minor repairs, clean, declutter, and pack — all while navigating daily life and ensuring that the house remains presentable for showings despite six little feet running around — is nothing short of a challenge.

The biggest catch-22 in real estate is needing to buy before you’ve been able to sell, so when it became clear that their family of five had outgrown the comforts of their home in Carlsbad, California, the Williamsons were understandably overwhelmed by the prospect of upsizing. Would it be possible to find and make an offer on a bigger home without knowing how long it would take to sell their current property?

A family that used HomeLight Trade-In to sell their home.
Source: (The Williamsons)

Introducing: HomeLight Trade-In

As luck would have it, the Williamsons found their dream home just two streets over. Excited but tentative, the couple was unsure how to best move forward.

“We had thought about moving before, but the idea of getting the house prepared for open houses and showings while we lived there was overwhelming,” they said.

Agents Jordan Clarke and Lauren Boston of Clarke Real Estate Group introduced the Williamsons to HomeLight Trade-In, a comprehensive service that provides sellers with a modern alternative to the chicken-and-egg scenario of buying while selling.

How Trade-In works

With HomeLight Trade-In, a homeowner can sell their house for an agreed-upon price and go under contract, freeing up cash to purchase the next home without delay. Once the sellers have moved into their new home, HomeLight works with their real estate agent to list the previous home for sale.

If the property sells for more than what HomeLight paid for it, the seller gets to keep those additional funds, minus costs and fees.

HomeLight Trade-In allows sellers to seamlessly transition between homes while receiving full market value for their original property.

Moving made easy for the Williamsons

From start to finish, the Williamsons’ experience with HomeLight Trade-In took just two months. With comprehensive support at every step from their agents and the HomeLight Trade-In team alike, the Williamsons were able to write a highly competitive offer on their hopeful home that was free of any sales contingencies — no chaos necessary.

“HomeLight made an offer to purchase our house for 90% of what our agents thought the sales price would be,” said the Williamsons.

“HomeLight closed on the purchase of our home the day before our new house closed, so we could use the equity from the old house to purchase the new one.

“We moved out that weekend, and our agents staged the old house. By the following weekend, we had an offer for top dollar, which was accepted, and we received the remaining cash minus fees.”

The Williamsons’ former home sold within just two days of listing, and at the asking price of $1.2 million. Since the busy family had already moved out, there were no restrictions on when the property could be shown, and professional staging helped to showcase the home in its best light.

Meanwhile, the Williamson family was able to settle comfortably into their new home, with minimal disruption to their young daughters’ daily routines. Not only was convenience maximized thanks to HomeLight Trade-In, but so was the opportunity for extra cash.

“By vacating and staging our home after we moved out, we were able to sell for much more money, which was well worth the fees we paid to HomeLight.”

A bedroom staged during a HomeLight Trade-In.
Source: (Francesca Tosolini / Unsplash)

HomeLight Trade-In: Everyone wins

It’s easy to see why the Williamsons were delighted with the ease of their experience — but their real estate agents were, too.

“Using HomeLight is kind of like shopping on Amazon; you don’t have to go to a bunch of different stores to try to find what you’re looking for. You just make a few clicks and find what you need, and you’re done. It’s definitely the biggest change in real estate that I’ve seen in my career,” says Boston.

HomeLight Trade-In simplifies the buying and selling process, which allows each involved party to focus on what matters most.

“I would recommend the HomeLight Trade-In program to anyone, especially young families,” the Williamsons confirmed. “The idea of getting a home ready to sell while you live there is overwhelming; HomeLight Trade-In removes that stress and allows potential buyers complete flexibility to view your home at their convenience.”

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