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Chill vibes. Tasty code. Full-blown commitment to all things real estate.
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Imagine a secret lab where a couple dozen Engineers and a handful of PMs are challenging themselves to re-think and solve all the real estate industry's pain points. Imagine that lab having hundreds of thousands of users and over $50m in venture capital. Now imagine that lab as an inspiring space on the 26th floor with 360 degree views of downtown San Francisco. And imagine that everyone (truly, everyone!) gets along really, really well. That's HomeLight.


Our Culture Is Everything

The one word people use most when describing our culture is “family.” We are a tight-knit team of low-ego, scrappy, ambitious people. We hate big company bureaucracy, and we thrive on building products that help real people in the real world. As a team member, you’ll have massive impact: helping to shape product direction, own outcomes and collaborate daily with phenomenally talented colleagues.

The team on a hike
Swamy crushing the drums
After a flywheel session

Team Values

We believe these principles are core to the engineering culture at HomeLight.

Be product minded

Everyone on our team brings unique and important contributions to our culture and success.

Take ownership

We take pride in our work and constantly look for ways to improve HomeLight beyond our primary responsibilities. We strive to over-deliver.

Commit and follow through

At its core, our product utilizes technology to make better decisions. At work we seek innovative and efficient ways to accomplish our goals.


The definition of "scrappy" in Urban Dictionary: A person who is little but can really kick some ass.

Be pragmatic and creative

There are times when rules are meant to be broken and walls knocked down. But if so, it's important to ensure your actions benefit the common good.

No ego and no drama

The ski slopes are a metaphor for whatever excites you outside of work. Whether it's playing hockey, mixing cocktails or spending time with your kids, find your other passion.


Our Teams

We’ve divided our team into four groups, based on our users. This allows team members to become experts in a user’s mentality, their objectives, and their pain points.
Our consumer team is a small group of designers, front end, and full stack engineers who obsess over great user experiences. For this team, there’s nothing more satisfying than understanding the friction a user is experiencing, fixing it, then watching the data tell us we got it right!
Our Professionals team builds products that are used by thousands of real estate agents, real estate investors, and other professionals in the real estate industry. These “pros” have a wide variety of needs and some really unimpressive platforms for us to replace.
Internal Ops
Our Ops team builds products for HomeLight employees. Over the past few years, we’ve built a custom sales app that serves our call center, we’ve built algorithms that prioritize customer contacts, and we’ve built portals for our reps to use when growing our nationwide agent base…just to name a few.
At HomeLight, data is our lifeblood. We use it to understand who is great at what in every aspect of the real estate industry. Our data team provides the foundation we need with complete, fresh, integrated data from myriad sources.

Some of our team members

Profile image for Mike Abner
Mike Abner
VP of Engineering
Dream home:
A small cottage in the hills with a sustainable garden.
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Sarah Ridge
Software Engineer
Dream home:
J.J. McCarthy
VP of Product
Dream home:
Crashing waves, unobstructed sunsets, short walk to Main Street.

Technology Stack

Monolith + Services
Postgis + Mapping
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