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"I spend a lot of time and energy working to obtain new clients ... what I love about HomeLight referrals is that they intelligently match me with a referral and more times than not there is an instant connection with the referral prospect."

Ron Abta,
Real Estate Agent
San Francisco, CA

"Thanks to HomeLight for our recent closed sale together in Newport Beach to a great family in a wonderful neighborhood. HomeLight is amazing to work with. The BEST!!"

Carol Lee,
Real Estate Agent
Newport Beach, CA
What is HomeLight for Real Estate Agents?

HomeLight is a great new way for Real Estate Agents to showcase their skills online and generate additional referral business. The world has changed. Consumers now demand more information about the products they buy and the service providers they hire – and this includes agents. HomeLight is a way for consumers to find the right real estate agent for their needs, and it’s a way for agents to objectively demonstrate their ability to add value.

How does it work?

To get started, click here or use the dropdown above. Create an account and add as much information you can to your profile. When we have clients that are a good match for you, our team will reach out to connect you. Important: If we refer you to a client, it is critical that you call them right away and keep us updated on your progress so that we know they have a good experience.

If you have a track record of success in your area, it’s likely we already have your information. However, creating an account will increase the likelihood that we connect you with clients because we’ll know more about you.

What does it cost?

HomeLight is absolutely free aside from a 25% broker-to-broker referral fee if and when you close business that’s sourced from our platform.

Can I pay to boost my HomeLight ranking?

Absolutely not. We promise our clients objectivity. Since broker-to-broker fees are standard in the industry, and since virtually all agents are willing to work with us on these terms, we can maintain objectivity to our clients.

How can I boost my HomeLight rankings?

The short answer: By demonstrating success. Adding content to your profile and encouraging your clients to review you on HomeLight are the best two ways to quickly boost your rankings. Longer term, successfully completing transactions in your target neighborhoods is key.

How do I get more reviews?

Claim your profile via the dropdown above. Once through the registration process, find the reviews section on the edit profile page. There, you can get a link to send to your clients or enter their email addresses directly in our system.

How many leads should I expect?

HomeLight is about quality, not quantity. People come to our site specifically because they are looking to work with a top agent. Our team qualifies almost every client that we refer to our agent partners. As a result, you can expect fewer leads through the HomeLight platform vs. Zillow or Trulia, for instance. But the clients we refer are serious, action-oriented buyers and sellers, and these referrals have a very high close rate.

Still have more questions? Check out our Agent FAQ

Build Your Business with HomeLight Referrals

For Real Estate Agents
For Other Real Estate Pros
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I’m a real estate professional, but not an agent. What can HomeLight do for me?

Since 2012, HomeLight has been helping agents promote their reputation online, and now we can do the same for lenders, title companies, general contractors, moving companies, etc. You can create your own HomeLight profile by clicking here or using the dropdown above. This will enable agents to recommend you on our site, which in turn boosts your visibility to their client base and other agents. It’s completely free to create a HomeLight profile to promote your online reputation.

Can I pay for advertising to get more business?

Yes. Every day we talk to clients who are buying or selling a home, and they will eventually need a mortgage, title company, and home inspector. It’s possible that they will need a general contractor, roofer, or plumber to make repairs. Moreover, we now have a network of thousands of top real estate agents, and many of them are looking for top quality professionals to whom they can refer business. We can help you connect with our agent partners and clients.

Specifics about advertising programs depend on your geographic location and the type of service you provide. Fill out the form below to connect with someone to learn more.

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