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The service that HomeLight provided was a tremendous help. HomeLight was able to match our specific situation and needs to a selection of local realtors and remove a lot of the legwork from the selection process.

Thomas L.
Charlotte, NC

Using HomeLight made it to easy to find the top selling real estate agent in our area. The process from beginning to end was so quick and easy. Our realtor got to work right away and was very confident in the listing process price. Our home went under contract just 2-3 weeks and sold quickly!

Ft. Loramie, OH

Purely professional from start to finish. I received an immediate response. In less than two months the property was sold for much more than expected. HomeLight is the game changer of real estate.

Pattie J.
New Jersey
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    Jennifer M
    Braymer C-4, MO, USA
    Well the Home Light website was simple. Easy to use indeed. It was faster than other websites we had tried! Home light was the best on getting my family so perfectly matched with our agent! I would recommend Home Light to any body that wants the great experience that we have enjoyed.Thank you all at Home Light from our FAMILY.
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    Alicia S
    Spanaway, WA, USA
    Homelight is a wonderful service, I’m so happy I found it. They gave me a list of some of the top agents in the area for me to meet up with and interview. We were then able to pick the agent that was the best fit for us. They also stayed in contact with me to make sure I found an agent I was happy with and offered to look for more agents if I so chose. I would definitely recommend Homelight to anyone that looking for and real estate agent to help buy or sell your home. I will definitely be using them again when it comes time for me to buy an new home.
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    Bob S
    Homelight recommended Erik Hansen of Keller Williams real estate to list our home in the Pensacola Fl area. This was an outstanding recommendation. Mr Hansen's team was very professional with a marketing plan that turned out to be absolutely brilliant. Homelight's recommendations are worth requesting. In this instance our home sold in 2 1/2 weeks within $5,000 of asking price. This has been an unexpected experience and if not for Homelight and their contribution I'm sure our home might still be looking for a buyer. Many thanks to Mr Keane at Homelight for all the help we received in listing and selling our home. If you're about to hire a real estate firm, you owe it to yourself to contact Homelight.
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    Luanne V
    Brewster, NY, USA
    Hi, my experience with HomeLight put me in touch with Geraldine Bruccali. From the first minute I met Geri she was so helpful in giving me advice on how to stage my home. Within a few weeks the house was listed and the first couple that came put an offer in my home! From start to the closing Geri was there every step of the way! I cannot recommend her highly enough!
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    Wayne T
    Waterbury, CT, USA
    I had heard about the HomeLight matching service from a tv advertisement which sparked my thought to investigate selling my home. Upon registering with HomeLight, in less than five minutes I was provided with several high quality real estate agents in my area. After being matched with John Donato and his team at Showcase realty, listing my home was an easy process. I selected John based on his multiple marketing platforms to market and ultimately sell my home fast. I would highly recommend HomeLight for anyone looking to be matched up with a high quality agent in order to sell their home. . Upon registering with HomeLight, in less than five minutes I was provided with several high quality real estate agents in my area. After being matched with John Donato and his team at Showcase realty, listing my home was an easy process. I selected John based on his multiple marketing platforms to market and ultimately sell my home fast. I would highly recommend HomeLight for anyone looking to be matched up with a high quality agent in order to sell their home.
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    Michael M
    North Lauderdale Florida, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
    HomeLight is an exceptional service for anyone looking to be in contact with top-notch realtors in your area. As soon as I submitted the form on HomeLight's website, I was instantly connected with someone who asked me a few questions and 10 minutes later I was connected with realtors in my area. HomeLight's support and ability to find top of the line realtors is a truly remarkable experience. My realtors, through HomeLight, were truly a pleasure to work with and not only sold my house but also helped me buy a house as well. Kudo's to you HomeLight for making the buying/selling experience one to remember.
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    Eric D
    Madison, WI, USA
    Our experience with the realtor recommend from Home Light was fantastic. Renee was very knowledgeable on the market, understood our property well and represented it in a manor that allowed us to get top dollar in the sale. We actually received numerous dollars over the initial asking priced which was extremely competitive. My wife and I would recommend the service provided Home Light which enabled us to find a TOP realtor
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    Betty B
    Olivehurst, CA, USA
    Yes, Homelight is one of the easier programs to find on the internet. It helps that you have advertising elsewhere so that the homeowner contemplating a future sale will have heard of your product well before the search for a competent realtor actually begins. I have always felt that the number of sales a realtor closes has “lots to say” about their ability to “ deliver their product” which of course is both a speedy sale and a favorable sale price for the homeowner’s real estate.The value Homelight provides is quite important in that those realtors who excel at their job have already been pre-screened! Imagine how important this is in the world we now live in. So many scams out there. Nice to get a list that has been compiled by others in the field.
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    Holly P
    Sharon, CT, USA
    I recently made a move from Texas to Connecticut, and had no idea where to start in finding a real estate agent to help me purchase a new home. Homelight was extremely helpful, and matched me up with a fantastic agent who not only had extremely helpful knowledge of the area, but was also proficient in transactions in my price point. I can’t reiterate how important that was, and I certainly would have not found them without the help of Homelight. I will use the service again for every move hereafter!
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    Robyn C
    Fort Washington Road, Fort Washington, Maryland, USA
    When my siblings and I decided to sell our father’s home, we were at a lost regarding selecting an agent. Because I live out of the state, I was relying on the recommendations of friends, and those recommendations varied. Fortunately, I was watching a television program and the HomeLight commercial came on. I went to the website and registered. To my surprise, I received recommendations immediately. When we met Gary, we were so at ease with how prepared he was. Needless to say, we are very grateful for him. He placed a “Coming Soon” sign in the yard on a Friday; I received a call on Saturday that someone was interested, and we signed a contract on Tuesday! Thank you for your contribution to the success of the sale. I have been raving about your company to anyone who will listen.
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    Bianca H
    Macomb, MI, USA
    Homelight worked well for me. It matched me with an agent right near where I lived. The website was easy to use and based on the criteria I put in, a great match was found for me. It was my first time using Homelight and I would recommend using it to find your best match for an agent. Thank you again, for helping me.
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    Brittany L
    Osceola, WI, USA
    Homelight provided great service. They were able to recommend a few realtors that were familiar with the area we were looking for our first home. Also keeping in mind we were first time home buyers they matched us with our wonderful realtor Jean. She was very helpful in looking at houses and giving insight about the locations, house and cost. I would recommend both homelight and Jean.
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    Keith R.E
    Yorktown, VA, USA
    The Homelight service was excellent and matched me with three great candidate agents for the sale of my property. I ultimately went with Greg Garrett Realty and was not disappointed. They helped maneuver the sale to completion and made my remote sale experience very favorable. I’d recommend Greg Garrett Realty to anyone buying/selling a home in that area and would equally encourage them to engage with Homelight to find that “best fit” agency/agent. It was a positive and favorable experience from start to finish. I appreciate what you all do to make buying/selling a home a great experience for all parties. Engaging with Homelight worked exceptionally well for me and will for others as well.
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    Cecilia S
    Ashburn, VA, USA
    HomeLight was great! When you have to get something done, something as valuable an asset as selling your home, it was a relief to use HomeLight. I had seen the commercials and was happy to have seen it when I needed it. How does one go anout finding a realtor, a realtor you can feel confident will get things done right and the way you want them to get done? A representative from HomeLight called right away and we went the through the process of finding realtors that best fit my needs and goals. I was sent three and interviewed two (only because the third was recommended by a co worker). In the end we went through HomeLight’s recommendation for Gina Tufano. Gina was attentive in connecting right away and sending an email to make sure I was already prepared for the sale of our home. This is what really sealed the deal. All other realtors were just about impressing us with their record, but Gina cared about us. I was prepared and even the other realtors were impressed that I had records, information, and land plot ready at hand. All this b/c of Gina and her team. HomeLight definitely made finding our realtor match an easy and comfortable task.
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    Brieanna K
    Corona, CA, USA
    Homelight made my new home buy possible. Because we live in a highly populated area, it seemed impossible to narrow down an agent that would work for us and our specific needs. Homelight did the leg-work for me and paired me with such high quality agents, the hardest part of the experience was picking one. The experience was SUPER easy. All you have to do is make a quick phone call. I’d highly recommend home light to anyone
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    Kurt W
    Oceanside, CA, USA
    I am very happy I used HomeLight.com. You connected me with a realtor who knew exactly what they were doing. Without a doubt, they were great. I couldn’t imagine going through the home buying process without professional service like the service they provided.
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    Lois E.G
    Longmont Court, Frisco, TX, USA
    I am pleased to give kudos to homelight services.Taking advantage of this service was one of my best decisions.I was able to gain the guidance and experience of a remarkable real estate agent. I am amazed at the depth of knowledge and understanding she gave through out this sometimes difficult adventure. Carly Mayer and her team tended to my every need with a professional expertise that was delivered with the genuineness of friendship. I will be forever grateful....
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    Dan P
    Easton, MA, USA
    Homelight performed well in helping my wife and I select an real estate agent for our new home purchase in the Boston area.As newcomers to the State of MA, we needed someone who not only knows the region, but can cater to our needs for a neighborhood and home. Within 30 minutes of pressing send on the Homelight website, I spoke with one of their reps and they matched me up with around 3-5 agents. I was able to talk with them via phone and set up in person meetings. While the ultimate choice of agent was up to us, we clicked with a few agents and we were able to make a well informed decision of who we wanted to use. We did purchase a home using a Homelight recommended agent and would recommend their service to anyone looking for qualified brokers.
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    David F
    Arlington Heights, IL, USA
    The first step in selling my father’s townhome was to search HomeLight for a real estate agent. I haven’t bought or sold a home for 30 years so with little experience, I needed to find an expert who could guide me through the process. The agent we selected was one of the top two rated agents in our area. He helped us prep the home and select a price that would enable us to sell the home quickly. We were extremely pleased with the final outcome, and the price was significantly greater than we expected before the process began. HomeLight was the best first step when selling a home.
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    Floyd T
    Canton, TX, USA
    When you recommended Lisa Schmidt on December 2, 2017 everything went great from start to finish on August 9, 2018.Lisa kept me updated every week letting me know how many people visited the various websites where the property was listed. Everything I had to sign was done online, which was helpful as I have a special needs son that requires me to be home while my wife was working. The property was sold within $5000.00 of the asking price so I am glad I went to Homelight and was given the opportunity to have Lisa Schmidt as my agent. I will recommend Homelight to everyone looking to buy or sell a property.
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    Bill M
    Tampa, FL, USA
    I found Homelight’s website when trying to find the right agent to list my property as i was receiving multiple calls from agents wanting to list my property which led me to become very frustrated. After filling out the proper forms on your website and talking to a few of your representatives I was sent a list of the top 3 agents in my area. I called each agent and made my selection from the list provided. It turned out to be a great decision. Thanks Homelight
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    Norman H
    Ocala, FL, USA
    This was the first time we used Homelight and chose Carolyn Biddle from the three realtors you found for us.Originally, we worked with her to sell a rental property in Florida and then decided to have her help sell several vacant lots near the house. We closed on the lots 2 weeks ago and will close on the house on 9/14/18.Carolyn was easy to work with and helped negotiate very acceptable prices on both deals. If you need assistance in finding top notch people, call Homelight first and you won’t be disappointed.
  • K
    Kellaman L
    St. Louis, MO, USA
    My wife and I with the help of my sister had contacted a couple of realtors before contacting Homelight. We are so pleased that we contacted Homelight. Toyin Oduwole was wonderful. He was very patient with us throughout the entire process. We could call him with a day notice or within hours and he would accommodate us. He was meant to be our realtor no doubt about it. We feel as though Homelight matched us up with a very patient, personable, professional and competent realtor and we are so GREATFUL!!! The entire process went very well and we’re enjoying our new home.
  • L
    Linda V
    Queensbury, NY, USA
    I first will say that I was thrilled and delighted to find such a service as Homelight. Where have you been all my life? Its always been a lot of legwork and knowledge to just find the right broker to sell your most valuable asset which is for most people their homes. Homelight takes the guesswork out of that process of signing that contract with the correct broker , as they have done the legwork, and have the trusted knowledge you need to get the job done. It made the process of selling my home that much easier. The broker and agent were both very professional and got me the price that was acceptable in a timeframe that was within the contract terms as well. I would use and recommend this service that Homelight provides anytime I need to sell my home. Thank You Homelight!
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    Kathy R
    San Antonio, TX, USA
    Anthony, I don’t know where to begin. Libby and Craig, and the whole team were fantastic. They had great suggestions for staging, had a very professional crew for photographing my home, assisted in finding a reputable mover, and went the extra mile in helping make our move go smoothly. Because of glitches, we had to leave before the movers came to pack up the house. Craig was a trooper and was there during the multiple day process to ensure that the house was packed and the furniture was safely on its way. They also assisted in selling the bigger appliances and that was very helpful! Finally, they were there for us whenever we needed them and made the move less stressful. I would recommend the Ross team again and again. I also want to thank HomeLight for their assistance in finding this great realty pair!