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The service that HomeLight provided was a tremendous help. HomeLight was able to match our specific situation and needs to a selection of local realtors and remove a lot of the legwork from the selection process.

Thomas L.
Charlotte, NC

Using HomeLight made it to easy to find the top selling real estate agent in our area. The process from beginning to end was so quick and easy. Our realtor got to work right away and was very confident in the listing process price. Our home went under contract just 2-3 weeks and sold quickly!

Ft. Loramie, OH

Purely professional from start to finish. I received an immediate response. In less than two months the property was sold for much more than expected. HomeLight is the game changer of real estate.

Pattie J.
New Jersey
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    Veronica F
    Maple Shade Township, NJ, USA
    "Home-light was awesome! Literally, your agency found me an agent right away from the Robert Greenblatt Team, she asked important questions, listened to my responses and delivered me the perfect house less than six days. Lindsey also was very helpful during the whole process, right down to closing. Lindsey explained everything to me and made sure any questions I had were answered or task were completed. Thank you so much for delivering me a wonderful agent, so quickly who provided the highest professionalism and quality of work. "
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    Carl M
    Ocala, FL, USA
    Homelight provided a much-needed service. I flip houses for a living and I usually sell them myself. In this case I had three being sold at once so I used a realtor in the most far-flung. The house sold in 6 weeks.
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    Paul P
    Clermont, FL, USA
    "Homelight provided a very prompt reply, that provided us with 3 agents who fit the criteria we were looking for in selling our home. We were able to meet each agent and decided on the one we best felt would allow us to sell our home for maximum value. The value in Homelight providing the vetting was incalculable. We are very happy with the service provided by Homelight"
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    Osmil C
    Orange, TX, USA
    Homelight was very prompt and helpful when I began my realtor search. They were able to connect me with numerous local realtors in my area which in turn got my house sold quickly. They had great customer service and checked in to make sure we found what we were looking for. I would in fact enjoy using the Homelight service again.
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    Otis K
    Austell, GA, USA
    "The experience with Homelight was amazing! I received a response within minutes of my contacting them and had a list of extraordinary Realtors after the initial interview with the Homelight agent. I immediately set up interviews with two of the top two choices from the list of qualified agents. I chose the Keller Agency because I was convinced that Chuck Hill represented my best interest and I was not disappointed . He was prompt, professional, and his communication skills are second to none. Thanks Homelight! I highly recommend your service."
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    Joy A
    Atlanta, GA, USA
    Our experience with Homelight in Atlanta, Georgia was great. The process was very simple. During the initial process, we had to fill out some detailed information about what we were looking for, and then a Homelight called us personally to discuss before they provided a referral. Once we had completed that process, we were provided with two local realtors. Both called within MINUTES of getting the referral. We went with the first option and he was absolutely fantastic. We couldn't have been more happy with his professionalism, follow up and knowledge of the area we were looking. We really didn't know where to start before I found Homelight through a web search. We went from not having any idea who to work with to having a top notch realtor who matched our needs perfectly. I would definitely recommend using this service to anyone who is new to an area they serve. The service truly is free and cost us absolutely nothing except a few minutes of our time. They didn't pester us or try to sell us anything. They simply provided an invaluable service for no cost.
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    Mary W
    Bozrah, CT
    "I am very satisfied with the service provided by the Real Estate Agent recommended by HomeLight. Having returned to my home town after a long absence, I didn't have any connections to recommend a good agent to help with the sale of my parent's home. HomeLight connected me with a great agent who had the home sold in less than 3 weeks. Thanks for the great service!"
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    Renee P
    Midland, TX
    "After having worked with a couple of realtors in my area with less than ideal experiences in the past, I heard an ad for HomeLight on the radio and decided to give it a shot. The process was very quick and easy and, within minutes I had a list of realtors. I reached out to the first realtor on the list and scheduled an appointment. The realtor met with me and gave me some recommendations on things I could do to increase the likelihood of a quick sell of my home. My house went on the market on the afternoon of November 28th. That evening I received a call from the realtor telling me that we had a full price offer from the first person who looked at the house! We closed on the house a few weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier! "
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    Carol S
    Atlanta, GA
    I was in the thinking stage of selling my Condo and saw the HomeLight commercial. I made contact and the response was immediate. They forward three Agents Bio that allowed me to determine if I should make contact. I made contact with all three and eventually after much thought chose the Justin Landis Group Agent. HomeLight was a great start to my process as I hadn't had any contact with the Real Estate market members since the purchase of the Condo(1994). I would heartily recommend HomeLight as a starting point as the statistical information is exceptional and I was very pleased with their services.
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    Elizabeth M
    Tacoma, WA
    "HomeLight came up in a search I did when I was tired of my lazy, inexperienced realtor and was surfing looking for a new realtor who would have a specific expertise (condos) and a good amount of solid experience getting his clients good deals. HomeLight was very easy to use, I just answered a few simple questions - if I remember correctly it was things like what type of home am I shopping for, how long have I been looking, am I a first-time buyer, in what location am I shopping, etc. Very quickly and very easily I was connected with a great new realtor who fit the specifications I was searching for! I was thankful not to have to go the trial and error route because I had already started to experience how messy hiring and firing lazy realtors can get, especially when the market is so hot and so many are lazy. HomeLight helped me avoid awkward conversations and having to repeat my story to a million different people. I'd definitely recommend finding a realtor by using HomeLight! "
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    Cindy W
    Granite Bay, CA
    The service from Homelight was excellent in finding a suitable real estate agent to assist in the selling of our home which took only 4 days. Homelight offered various agents to choose from all of which were tops in our area. The process was very simple and Homelight did not try to sell or send any other information than what was requested. I would highly recommend them and the agent Brian Perry with Coldwell Banker who was professional, knowledgeable and had many resources to assist in the selling of our home. We couldn’t have been happier with the results
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    Lucas T
    Spring Grove, PA
    Overall my experience with homelight was good, however, the realtor that was the first to contact me turned out to be subpar. I chose her because she was the first to contact me. The second realtor contacted me about two weeks later, which wasn’t any help. Homelight offered me a starting point in the home selling process, which was helpful. If not for homelight I would have called a random agent. "
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    Thomas L
    Phoenixville, PA
    The service that HomeLight provided was a tremendous help to myself and my wife as first time home sellers. HomeLight was able to match our specific situation and needs to a selection of local realtors and remove a lot of the legwork from the selection process. The realtors that HomeLight recommended were knowledgeable in our local market and our final agent selection did come that initial recommendation. Thanks again.
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    Tami L
    Murrieta, CA
    "We want to thank HomeLight for leading us in the right direction to find the perfect realtor to sell our home. We finally feel like we had the right realtor on our side. After interviewing at least six realtors, we ended up going with the realtor that HomeLight recommended, Matt Tibbetts of Team Forss. We immediately liked him when we met him and were impressed by his experience and felt like he and his team would work the hardest to sell our time. And, they did! We were astounded at how quickly and easily we were able to get our home sold and we are very appreciative that we were able to get the full asking price. Without HomeLight recommending Matt Tibbetts, we would not have had such a successful experience as we did selling this home. Matt far outranks any other realtor that we have ever used to buy or sell a home!! Thank you, HomeLight! "
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    Connie L
    Fair Oaks, CA
    "We live five hours away from the home we inherited from my dad. I had no idea how to choose a real estate agent when it came time to sell. I saw a commercial for your agency and signed up. HomeLight recommended two agents; they both called me right away. We set up an appointment the day before Thanksgiving with Michael Miller; he impressed me by driving by the house before speaking with me, so he had an idea of what he would be talking about. He met with us once for a walk through, drew up a market analysis and talked with the whole family that Saturday. We cleaned out the house on a Sunday, he listed it on a Monday, and we accepted an offer that Thursday for forty thousand dollars over listing price. He brought an all-cash, no contingency, quick close offer and we were delighted. He set it up so there would be multiple bids. He was always prompt, polite and professional. We cannot say enough good things about him and HomeLight was the agency that led us to him. We were able to sign the escrow documents up here, without needing to go to Sacramento at all, once we cleared the house. The entire experience was wonderful. Thank you for the service you provide"
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    Chante H
    Trenton, NJ, USA
    "The Service that HomeLight provided was exceptional. The representative Matt was Courteous and Prompt with getting back to me after my Initial encounter with the Company. He referred me to two to three agent’s that were top picks. I found and selected my agent and he was a perfect fit for what I was looking for and the type of agent I wanted to work with. My whole process with the selling of my home was Great. The agents reach out to me within Minutes of me speaking with Matt at Homelight to discuss my needs. The agent contacted me on Oct 28th 2017 and On Nov 1st t I signed my contract with the Realtor agent and by Nov 4th 2017 I had two offers, no kidding! I have and will recommend Homelight to all my friends and family for their quest in seeking a great Realtor. Thank you Homelight."
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    Jr G
    Santa Clarita, CA
    "They helped me find the right realtor to sell my house. I would recommend there services to all. Their network is by far the best in the industry. When I decided to sell my home I did not know where to turn so I reached out to HomeLight. I was so very please with their services. "
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    Steve G
    Crown Point, IN
    "The Service that HomeLight provided was exceptional. The representative Matt was Courteous and Prompt with getting back to me after my Initial encounter with the Company. He referred me to two to three agent’s that were top picks. Using homelight was easy and effective. I called Homelight and a representative answered they asked me a few questions and then told me that they would send some highly rated and effective realtors to my email shortly. It did not take very long and I had two realtors in my email box to choose from. There was no hassle, no realtors calling you. You decide who to call and when. I interviewed them both and choose my realtor. Chris Mihajlovich. We had an offer in two weeks above my price I told Chris I wanted. He took care of everything. Turning on and off the heat. I live in Florida and the house we sold was in Indiana. Great experience and I recommend them.
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    Sandi D
    Selden, NY
    "I was extremely happy with Homelights service. Homelight responded immediately to our inquiry and provided 2 extremely well qualified real estate agents. We felt we could not loose with either of them. The agent we chose was wonderful and went above and beyond. Lisa was the best and made the entire experience seamless. We sold in 3 days "
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    George M
    Uniontown, OH
    I wanted to take a minute and thank Homelight for assisting me with the recent sale of my home. They put me in touch with one of the top sales team in my area. Theresa Allen not only worked tirelessly; her sales partner Rhonda was there for us as well. The two of them were there every step of the sales process. Their experience and dedication is unmatched. I would, without hesitation, recommend Homelight to anyone looking for a way to connect with a top realtor in your local market.
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    Latoya L
    Houston, TX
    “I am beyond satisfied with the service I received from Homelight. All of the realtors that were provided to me were extremely professional, competent and very accomplished. Ultimately, I picked the realtor team that I had the best connection with. Meg and Kristen from the Zeller Group were the biggest blessing in the midst of a naturally stressful situation. I was completely confident that they would do everything possible to sell my house as quickly as possible. They sold my home for a great price and within the timeframe I needed. They went above and beyond during every step of the way. They were fully prepared from our initial meeting and continued to be prepared for every situation that arose all the way through closing. I am so thankful that I found Meg and Kristin through Homelight. I would definitely recommend using Homelight to anyone who wants to ensure they are working with the best of the best.”
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    Courtney J
    Ontario, NY
    I would highly recommend Homelight to anyone looking for a realtor. I put my information in for Homelight to help find a realtor to sell my home and within minutes had results of realtors in my area. Not only that I got a phone call from Connor at Homelight to go over what I wanted in a realtor and saying he would have the top realtors in my area contact me by the end of the day. By the end of the day I had phone calls from three realtors and had interviews with them within 2 days I was under contract with one. I was very pleased by the relators Homelight recommended. Homelight did all the work of finding the realtor for me and made selling my house that much easier.
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    Ed T
    Dracut, MA
    "We had such positive experience with the homelight service. Once I sent the email request, the call came within 15 minutes and by the next day, we were paired with Nancy. My Dad's house was on the market for 7 months with no leads, but once we were paired with Nancy, things began to move quickly. Nancy was so professional and kept all of us in the loop throughout the entire process. His house sold quickly and was very pleased with the outcome. We are now in the process of adding an inlaw apt to our home for him."
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    Praveen M
    Irvine, CA
    Homelight did a great job of identifying real estate agents who have plenty of experience, local expertise and the in/outs of home buying process. All the 3 agents that Homelight referred were extremely good and I felt that each of them are great in real estate. I recommend Homelight to anyone who wants to avoid the hassle of interviewing and finding the right agent.
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    Jill T
    Fenton, MO
    I am extremely pleased with the service that HomeLight provided. After filling out the questionnaire from their website, I immediately got a call from a representative. Within an hour, I had a referral and received a call from an agent. The agent is one of the best we have ever worked with. I never would have been able to find an agent this good without the help of HomeLight