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The service that HomeLight provided was a tremendous help. HomeLight was able to match our specific situation and needs to a selection of local realtors and remove a lot of the legwork from the selection process.

Thomas L.
Charlotte, NC

Using HomeLight made it to easy to find the top selling real estate agent in our area. The process from beginning to end was so quick and easy. Our realtor got to work right away and was very confident in the listing process price. Our home went under contract just 2-3 weeks and sold quickly!

Ft. Loramie, OH

Purely professional from start to finish. I received an immediate response. In less than two months the property was sold for much more than expected. HomeLight is the game changer of real estate.

Pattie J.
New Jersey
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    Grover C. H
    As I took the initial steps to sell my home I turned to HomeLight to identify the right realtor. In so much as I had never sold a home before I truly needed assistance in getting just the right realtor. HomeLight quickly identified three quality realtors. Each one made a personal visit and each one would have been a great choice. They were all well prepared and professional. Ultimately I selected one and achieved a quick sale of my home with all the support I could ask for through the entire process.
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    Terry C
    Great Bend,NY,USA
    My family would like to thank homelight for the prompt service she provided us during the selling of our home. It was a difficult decision for us as we have only owed two homes in our entire life together of 48 years. Amanda was so patient with me and I thank her for that. Our home was sold with no work from our side. She handled the entire process with professional and kindness which made it much easier for us especially not living in the area at the time of sale. We were very satisfied with her professional mannerism and fast service. Thank you Homelight!
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    Ioan M
    I first contacted HomeLight middle of October 2018. I had just seen their TV commercial and I was planning to sell my house. I didn't have all the details of the sale worked out and I needed the help of a realtor to understand my options. I had less than successfull experiences with realtors in the past, and I wanted to make sure that this time would be different. The initial sign-up process with HomeLight was simple and quick. They didn't ask for too much information, and I got a response right away. The next day I was contacted by a number of realtors and the hardest part of my effort was to choose one from at least 3 highly qualified and enthusiastic prospects. I also got a follow-up from HomeLight asking me if I wanted additional assistance. I'm happy to say that the realtor I chose (from the list sent by HomeLight) was the right choice. With his help we were able to sell out home quickly and for a fair price. I will be using HomeLight again in the future. Based on my experience I fully recommend HomeLight.
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    Sid O
    Blue Ridge,GA,USA
    We were looking to sell our home, saw the advertisements for HomeLight and decided to give them a try. Our professional at HomeLight was Josh, and after a few questions on our property and location, quickly recommended an Agent that best matched our requirements to assist us with the sale. We were impressed with the quality of the service and the professionalism of the recommended agent.I definitely recommend Homelight to anyone considering selling their home to take the guesswork on which real estate agent is best for you needs
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    John S. M
    Homelight made things quite convenient for me. Not knowing any realtors who might be knowledgeable about the northeast-of-Atlanta area, HomeLight let agents bid for my business. A lady from the Justin Landis firm inquired first, and was just dandy. She was very accomodating, very friendly and pleasant and professional. She was a huge help in the whole process. Thankyou Homelight!
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    Austin C
    As first time home buyers, my wife and I weren't really sure where to start in finding an agent to help us through the process. We decided to give Homelight a try in hopes of making the process a little easier on ourselves. We couldn't be happier with the outcome. It was fast and easy. Within days we had talked to multiple agents and decided who we were going to be going with. I'd recommend Homelight to anyone in need of suggestions for a real estate agent.
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    Jacob G
    It was very easy to get referred to top agents. The agents that HomeLight found are top producers in the same market niche as the property I was selling (i.e. large townhouse condos). Also, it was easy to stay in control of the agent interview process. Because getting a home ready to sell is itself very time consuming, it was very important that HomeLight and the recommended agents were mindful of my time, letting me know they were available via email, not cold calls.
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    Emily H
    The realtor that we were put in touch with through the HomeLight services was incredible! The realty team we were matched with was very familiar to the area we were moving to, and since we were not this was great. We got in touch with the realty team and met with them within days to determine our needs and wants in purchasing a home. This HomeLight service was very quick and definitely matched us with the best realty team that we could have imagined. Thanks, HomeLight.
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    Leah B
    Kansas City,MO,USA
    Our family was looking for Real Estate Agent that could sell our home the quickest and with the most return. Homelight connected us with 3 Agents with different skills but leaders in real estate in my location. We were able to visit with each of them and take into consideration their suggestions and recommendations. We selected 1 of 3 agents from Homelight's service. The agent received multiple offers within 24 hours. Homelight's recommendation of Real Estate Agents was amazing. Homelight's service took the one less thing off our to-do list. Our family was very pleased with our selection of Real Estate Agents. Not only did we accept an offer within 24 hours, the offer was $15k over asking price. Our family will recommend Homelight to anyone that is looking to purchase or sell a home.
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    Martha R
    El Paso,TX,USA
    Hi Josh, I was very pleased with the service Jonathan gave me. He was very active in the sale of our home. I found out about Homelight quite by accident and I am so glad I did. Because of you I was put in touch with Jonathan and I wouldn’t have found him otherwise. I had tried another realtor for a year with not even one viewing then I tried on my own with the same results. Thank you so much for your help.
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    Erin S
    We were thrilled with how efficient and quick the service Homelight provided us. We had limited time to find the right home as we have a baby on the way and we submitted our request with only waiting less than five minutes to hear back from at least two real estate agents. It was so helpful not to have to worry to search around first for the best real estate agent as Homelight did it for us! We are now sitting in our new home and are so satisfied with the entire experience. Thank you!!!
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    Gayle H
    Homelight provided 3 top realtors for us to interview to become the realtor team that would represent and support us in the process of selling our home. After interviewing all 3 realtors homelight recommended to us, using many of the questions home light provided on the website to use for the interviewing process, we went with the Unique Properties team. They were very professional and very supportive in this very stressful time. They were able to qualm all of the anxiety that was driven by our lives being on full display to total strangers. We appreciate homelight being in our corner and helping us choose the perfect team to represent. THANKS!!!
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    Wesley S
    When we decided to sell our condo, we didn't know where to start. The last realtor that we used to purchase the condo had created some unpleasant surprises, therefore, we had to find a new one.I have seen adds for the Homelight app before and decided to give it a try. Homelite's app was easy, logical and well thought out. I liked having the information about the various realtors that I could use to determine which one would be the best fit for our needs. I selected two from the lists. I was amazed that within just a few minutes of entering my data and pressing the update button, we received an email from the Homelite team. Then, within the next hour, both realtors had responded. Amazing! No phone tag, no messages to leave, just a quick and efficient method of launching our condo sale. I was impressed. We interviewed the two realtors and picked the one we felt matched the requirements for selling our condo. Within a month, Gary Naeyaert had a buyer and we starting the process of completing the sale. Other than a few twists and turns due to an aged HVAC system, the process progressed quickly. Overall, I liked this new approach to selecting a qualified realtor and Homelight made the matching process easy and quick. I would recommend this to anyone who prefers to have an efficient, logical methodology for selling their home.
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    Larry D
    After seeing your add for HomeLight on TV, I made contact and was called by several agents. I wanted someone familiar with the area and a proven track record. I talked to Christine and told her my situation and that I was'nt quite ready yet. She followed up later when I was ready and we made an appointment to meet. Christine and Keith met with us at our house and discussed our needs and what they could do for us. We walked the entire house and they made suggestions and recomendations on things that needed attention and other items we could address to make the home more attractive. Christine and Keith both helped us with a list of people we could use to accomplish these things as well as help choosing colors for paint, carpet, etc. We listed the home with them and had an offer on the first day. After some negotiation, we came to an agreement and closed about 30 days later. I would recommend Christine Topham and Keith to anyone selling their home. I always felt like I had someone looking out for my best interest. Great communication throughout. HomeLight really improved my chances for finding the right Realtor.
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    Eugene F
    What I liked most about home light was being able to find a top tier realtor quickly with a good track record, in my neighborhood. After we signed up they sent us a few agents to choose from. The person we chose, Jessica Livingston, was excellent and we sold our home in 4 weeks in a sellers market transitioning to a buyers market, in late 2018. I would recommend home light if you don't know where to start as far as hiring an agent. They provided very good agents from which to choose from and the candidates all had good track records.
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    Vincent L
    When my wife and I decided to sell our home we obviously wanted the best realtor we could find. I've seen friends and colleagues go solely on other peoples recommendations only to find that the realtor that was recommended was not right for them or their situation. I found out about HomeLight while searching out Realtors on line and I am so glad that I decided to contact them. Once we contacted HomeLight with our information we received introductions from them to the top rated Realtors in our area and we were very pleased with the selections. We met with 3 of the selected realtors and chose from those three. We could not have been happier with this process. Our realtor was excellent and helped guide us through the process and sold our house quickly at an excellent price. Our realtor also helped us to find an apartment in our local area which we are also very happy with. We highly recommend using HomeLight to find a top Real Estate professional in your area.
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    Jimmy G
    I chose HomeLight because of the reviews and testimonials I read in matching home sellers to great agents. I was interviewed on the phone by a HomeLight representative who was very interested in learning about my circumstance and in turn referred to me Kim Jarred from Remax Realty. It was easy and pleasant and I got a great agent and quick sell. Thank you HomeLight for your service!
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    Mercedes T
    Stanhope,New Jersey,USA
    I had recently purchased a new home out of state and needed to find a real estate agent to sell my home in NJ. I started to research possible agents and quickly felt overwhelmed. I saw the Homelight commercial and decided to give it a try. I put in my request via their website, within a few hours I had calls and emails from 3 local highly rated agents. One of which was my agent Pam Sleppin. She understood my situation and worked with my needs and time line. I was able to sell my house within 2 days slightly above asking price. Both Homelight and Pam made a very stressful process much easier. Thank you for your help.
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    Joyce H
    When I came across HomeLight I had no idea it would be so helpful. They put me in touch with a realtor and our property was sold in just a few weeks. I was pleased with HomeLight and our realtor. Thank you.
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    Ceferino Q
    Port Hueneme,CA,USA
    Rich Hernandez is a very honest and reliable person ,I could say ,he is one of the best I have dealt with in the past. I recommend him highly. I am also very satisfied and would highly recommend HomeLight services.Thanks
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    Dottie H
    Response to my inquiry for real estate agents in the area was immediate.The agency I chose was local and knowledgable providing valuable information comparing my property with recent sales, Julia Radditz of Totem Reality presented the property well in the listing and showed the property immediately. An offer was presented first day!! I am very pleased with the sale at asking price and quick closing. Thank you Home Light I truly appreciate and highly recommend your sevices.
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    Rebecca R
    Kansas City,Kansas,USA
    I feel so fortunate to have discoverd the HomeLight service when researching realtors prior to selling my property. I've never sold a home before and was very nervous about the entire process but HomeLight was really great; they matched me with three qualified realtors working in my area. I met with all three and learned that there are many different views and methods for managing the sales process so the variety of options was incredibly helpful. In the end I decided to work with Lisa Bunnell I couldn't be happier with the outcome.Thanks Home light!
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    Emmett R
    Homelight did an excellent job connecting me with and agent that was both knowledgeable and respected in real estate and the community. The website was extremely convenient easy to navigate and and intuitive. Homelight really made this process easier.
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    Nathan T
    I am a foreign investor and finding realtors is not always an easy process. I found HomeLight online while searching for an agent that could handle selling one of my houses. I was impressed at how easy the site was to use and the quality of agents that they had on their site. In a few easy clicks after adding basic information about my property I was matched with agents in the area that would be able to help. I have been very happy with the agent that I was matched with and have used her on multiple occasions. Thanks again!
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    Carol G
    Highlight was great to work with. They were quick to respond to my inquiry (within minutes) and gave me referrals for two very successful agents in my area. Highlight followed up to make sure we had connected with the the agents and we were satisfied we our choices. After interviewing both, we decided on the Delia Group. The Delia Group works as a team to market, show and help in closing the house. Their professional approach lead to several offers on the house. Andrea Warunek and Carolyn Thoma were very accessible and quick to get us the information we requested. The closing process went without any problems.The combination of Highlight and Delia made the selling process on the house a lot easier than with the prior agent which had the listing. I would highly recommend using Highlight, if you are looking to sell your home.