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    Rick W
    Atlanta, GA
    "The Homelight site was very easy to use and provided us with a choice of 3 excellent realtors to choose from. All 3 were very knowledgeable with the specifics of our local real estate market. The realtor we chose did an excellent job as did Homelight. They followed up promptly to make sure we were happy with the process and our choice. We would highly recommend the site to anyone looking for a high quality realtor. Thanks,"
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    Paula C
    Wilmington, MA
    HomeLight helped us find a professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy real estate agent for the purchase of our first home. The site was easy to use and completely customized to our needs. We have demanding schedules and HomeLight was able to connect us with an agent who was flexible to work within our availability and time frames. If you’re searching for a realtor, I highly recommend HomeLight to help you find the best one for you!
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    Kimberlee D
    Bogart, Georgia
    I was extremely pleased with Homelight and would highly recommend them to anyone selling or buying a home. I typed in my information and immediately received my top 3 recommendations for realtors. Justin Woodall contacted me immediately and we set up an appointment to meet. I have never sold a home before and was unfamiliar with the process. Justin was very experienced and knowledgeable. He researched home sales in our area and gave helpful suggestions on how improvements/repairs would affect our selling price. Justin received a full price, cash offer on my house in 3 days before my house was even listed on the market!!!! We closed on the sale 18 days after my first meeting with Justin. Thanks homelight for connecting me with Justin Woodall and for making the process of selling my home so easy!
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    David E
    Sandy Spring, Ashton-Sandy Spring, MD
    I was very pleased with the HomeLight services. In fact, I used Homelight to identify both a realtor to sell my home in Maryland and to help buy a home in Ohio. I was impressed by the experience, knowledge and marketing capabilities of both realtors identified by the Homelight system. Would definitely recommend this service to anyone who is serious about buying and/or selling a home.
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    Frank H
    Highland, IN
    I give Homelight a 5 out of 5 stars. Great follow up, communications, information on top realtors and coordination. I highly recommend your services. Jeff & Trinity McCormick also get 5 out of 5 stars. Very professional, very easy to work with especially being out of State, great communications and follow up during the transaction.
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    Tiffany G
    Savage, MN
    "HomeLight helped make the process of selling our home less stressful by providing a list of potential realtors that would be a good fit for us. We met with a two different realtors and ended up choosing Jason because he seemed like a better fit for my husband and I. Without HomeLight's services I don't believe we would have been able to find a realtor so quickly as there are so many out there to choose from, nor would it have been such an uneventful experience! Jason and his team made the buying and selling process a breeze, we're happy we were able to connect with him through your services!!
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    James D
    Carson City, NV
    "I was looking at selling three separate properties after my mother passed, leaving me as the Administrator of her Living Trust. I was grieving her loss and was having difficulty thinking clearly, but Knew I was going to need help selling her properties. So I did a web search for home sales help, and Homelight came up immediately. Homelight walked me through some basic questions about the properties I needed to sell and immediately referred me to several realtors in my local area that they had assessed as most capable to help me. I was contacted by one of the realtors within one or two days!! And I have to say he was a Godsend!! He was Excellent and extremely helpful in the process of selling my mother’s properties, including the most difficult one, the family home of nearly five decades. Additionally his fees were reasonable, and possibly below the market average, in part he said because he had gotten my referral from Homelight! I would very highly recommend Homelight to any one seeking to sell a home!!"
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    Donald F
    Converse, TX
    Boy, was I surprised when I got a call almost immediately after sending an email requesting information. Once I explained what I was needing help with, I got 3 emails with the names and contact numbers of 3 different business professionals who might be able to help me. Each of the 3 real estate agents contacted me within a day or so, and I quickly made appointments to meet with 2 of the persons. Upon meeting and having a walk-thru of the property – we knew that Erin Caraway Gregory was the Agent for us. Thanks so much for sending us the names of professionals in the area who could help us, this was a truly a timesaving measure as I was out-of-state and needed someone who would go above and beyond to help my parents get their house sold as quickly as possible. You absolutely paired us with the best agent! Working with such professional people was truly a joy and they explained every step of the way.
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    Rajiv S
    Yorktown, VA
    "Thank you HomeLight, for getting us started on the right foot in our search for a good home. Your prompt response helped match us with a wonderful realtor, Vea Fuller from Kiln Creek Realty. When we met Vea, my wife and I were convinced that we were matched with a good realtor, who would understand our needs and be responsive to us. She was very knowledgeable about the area where we were looking to buy our house, which was a significant factor in having us pick her. HomeLight's realtor matching process was immediate and we were out house shopping with our realtor within a couple of days. Thank you for helping us get started in buying our first home. "
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    Warren B
    Mansfield, TX
    "I originally started looking to purchase a new home 2000 miles away and did not know any real estate agents. I tried Homelight because of their data driven approach to identifying successful, qualified agents to help me in purchasing a home. It was a great decision, they provided me 3 options within 24 hours so I was able to quickly start my own vetting process. I ended up choosing one of the agents Homelight recommended. We have finally closed on our home and my agent was fantastic at helping me settle on the right home, negotiate a great price and also helped by my eyes 2000 miles away. We would have never found our agent without Homelight. I am glad I tried their free service."
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    James H
    Bakersfield, CA
    "The three realtors that homelight referred are all high producers. I am away from my property, so I did a phone interview with all three. I formed an opinion on all three through the phone conversation. Then I scheduled an personnel interview the next weekend with all three. One can not make it, so I spoke with two. I was impressed with one pointed out the weakness of this house is being dark on the picture. He offered to ask his photographer to bring lights to take picture to showcase the house on the web. So offered the realtor the contract the same day. The house went on to the web within a few days. And several offers coming right away. I am also happy that the realtor keep me in the loop with different offers and make suggestions how to handle it. An offer was agreed in a week. An offer with the buyer just sold their old house in escrow was accepted. It did take about two months to complete. But a well executed one. I will definitely recommended Homelite service to anyone.
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    John G
    Fort Wayne, IN
    HomeLight responded with their recommendation within 24 hours, and they connected me with an excellent real estate firm to handle the sale of my property. The reference went quickly and seamlessly. I was contacted the next day by a local real estate agent and my house was on the market soon after. I was not looking forward to having find an agent, and HomeLight has made this surprisingly easy. I would recommend their service to anyone.
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    John M
    Bloomfield Hills, MI
    We were not having any luck selling our condo in Bloomfield Hills, MI. After about 6 months we decided to make a change in our real estate person. We saw your ad on TV and decided to contact you. You were very helpful in understanding our predicament. We had already moved out of state to our new home. You sent us 3 very qualified real estate agents in our condo area. We interviewed all three. They all were top producers in our area. It was a difficult decision but finally chose Kate Hayman. She had a little more experience of success in our geographic area. It was a good decision. Kate and her staff were very helpful in all our concerns and questions. They sold our condo within 60 days. I would recommend very highly using Homelight as your source for selling your property.
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    Steven R
    Chester, NJ
    When I first contacted HomeLight I was a bit skeptical about the type of real estate agent that they might recommend. But I was quickly surprised when within 24 hours I began to receive calls from some very impressive, highly qualified agents. After interviewing several agents we finally settled on Denise Mortenson from Keller Williams in Morristown, NJ. Not only was Denise highly knowledgeable about our market, but it turned out that she had reecently sold a home right on our street. Our entire experience with Denise was outstanding. She became our trusted adviser through all of the typical ups and downs of the sales process. Her excellent customer service and advice resulted in the sale of our home at just a fraction below asking price. The bottom line is that by utilizing HomeLight we found our dream agent who made the entire selling process much less stressful.
  • C
    Cory M
    Fort Loramie, OH
    Using HomeLight made it to easy to find the top selling real estate agent in our area. The process from beginning to end was so quick and easy. Our realtor got to work right away and was very confident in the listing process price. Our home went under contract just 2-3 weeks and sold quickly! I highly recommend HomeLight to anyone who needs to sell their home. You can trust HomeLight to get you connected to the top real estate agent in your area!
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    Michele W
    Milwaukee, WI
    I appreciate all the hard work they provided me with. The updates on the status of the showings & all the weekly updates provided by the realtor. They kept in contact with me through numerous channels including text. The process was very smooth & i will recommend this realtor company in the future. Even down to the closing, They made sure everything was done smoothly.
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    Rick B
    Battle Creek, MI
    "Our experience with Homelight was a great one. We were recommended to Bill Thompson who did a wonderful job. We had another realtor give us an estimate on the value of our home and Bill was able to get an offer of twenty thousand dollars above what the other realtor wanted to list the home for. While we had a few bumps in the road, Bill was is a professional and I would highly recommend him. I am thankful that Homelight referred him to us."
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    Dawn S
    Winter Haven, FL
    I asked HomeLight to provide me the names of the top real estate agents serving Winter Haven. I was only interested in the very best. One of the names Zachary gave me was Eileen Belanger. Eileen had been the listing agent for our house when we bought it as a short sale property. I knew Eileen was a good agent, but I wanted to be sure we were getting the best. HomeLight validated her expertise. We listed with Eileen. I highly recommend her. She paid attention to everything we asked for, told us what we needed to do every step of the way, and gave us honest advice on everything from staging the house to setting a realistic sale price. We had a serious nibble the day after listing that resulted in a strong offer four days later. I can't imagine that any agent could have performed better than Eileen Belanger did.
  • A
    Amanda R
    Belton, TX
    Without the services provided by homelight, my home may very well still be on the market. Inspired by social media and other enlightened mass communications, homelight hones in on the up and coming (and savvy established) realtors who put in the footwork to get your home sold. Homelight matched me with several top realtors, and my realtor was the cream of the crop! Homelight has a vast database and can suit your needs. Thank you homelight!
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    Larry J
    Cleveland, TX
    We are very happy that we contacted Judy Hayes at RE MAX. Homelight put us in contact with a local agent who worked in our area and specialized in mobile home sales. Within one week we had an acceptable offer for our property. Judy priced the home reasonably and it was actually more than we thought the property was worth. We saved thousands by listing with Homelight.
  • G
    Gary M
    Phoenix, AZ
    Thanks to HomeLight, we were able to review a good mix of agents to find one that we were looking for to help sell our house. We settled on Mary Santistevan and couldn’t have been happier with our choice. She was totally professional, smart, detailed, responsive and helped shepherd our property to the close. It was very beneficial to have a number of agents to consider and shortened the task for us. We knew the qualities we were looking for and HomeLight made the search much easier, including other agents that were viable, so we would definitely use the service again in the future if we need to.
  • R
    Robert T
    Victorville, CA
    Our experience with 'Homelight' and the Real Estate Agent Robert Patterson was our first property sale. I am delighted to report that Robert was the most Professional Agent we could have asked for. The result was a all cash sale completed within 30 days. Robert was a blessing to have on our side and everything he did from the advertising, to showings and staging were impeccable. Robert held over six 'Open House' events within a two month sales period and walked us through the process at every turn. His email and text communications were immediate and clear. He set up everything with escrow and made sure the process went smooth. We are so pleased to recommend Robert & Homelight to other Buyers & Sellers considering a real estate transaction. Robert is our Agent for Life and will call him again when we buy or sell real estate.
  • L
    Linda D
    Salmon, ID
    We needed to sell an unoccupied home in a rural area, and had been unable to attract a realtor through phone calls directly to their offices. We finally reached out to Homelight and had three realtor referrals in a matter of days. The process was really easy; we chose the realtor we liked best, had a listing in under a week, and received an offer (at full asking price) within 24 hours. The realtor helped us with the inspection and a few necessary repairs, and the home closed on schedule. Couldn’t be happier!
  • D
    Dong L
    Fayetteville, NY
    Homelight has been extremely helpful in providing information of different realtors. Its platform is able to provide me with several choices of real estate agents and recommendations to select when I decided to sell my house. The process is very easy as well. I just gave them the basic information, and based on that, they provided me with several top choices that are all great in their own form. After subsequently interviewing the candidates that I felt interested in, I found my real estate agent. With a combination of his expertise in marketing and recommendations for preparations, my house was sold very quickly with a price that I am very satisfied. Homelight played a critical role in the beginning to provide me with the information and data, so that I can pick the right agent for me, which resulted a smooth real estate transaction for my family. High recommended!
  • E
    Ed S
    Buffalo, NY
    When I decided to sell my house I was at a loss as to where to start. I had never sold a house before and I did not know any realtors. Early in my internet search, before I started making phone calls, I came across homelight.com. What blessing that was. I gave them my information and the rest is history. Almost immediately I was getting, not making, calls from a host of realtors and I eventually picked one I liked. My realtor was great. He was experienced, understood the market and sold my house in a reasonable amount of time for a price over the asking. I am genuinely happy with the entire experience and would recommend homelight.com to anyone selling a house. It is a great place to start.