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The service that HomeLight provided was a tremendous help. HomeLight was able to match our specific situation and needs to a selection of local realtors and remove a lot of the legwork from the selection process.

Thomas L.
Charlotte, NC

Using HomeLight made it to easy to find the top selling real estate agent in our area. The process from beginning to end was so quick and easy. Our realtor got to work right away and was very confident in the listing process price. Our home went under contract just 2-3 weeks and sold quickly!

Ft. Loramie, OH

Purely professional from start to finish. I received an immediate response. In less than two months the property was sold for much more than expected. HomeLight is the game changer of real estate.

Pattie J.
New Jersey
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    Karen F.
    Cottage Grove, MN
    I wanted to find a realtor who was knowledgeable with with my area to help me sell my house. I did a web search and HomeLight came up. HomeLight teamed us up with a realtor that served our best interest. She was very professional, very honest with us, and gave us some good feedback on things that we should do.
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    Jim W.
    Escondido, CA
    Selling our home was a big decision. It was very important to find the right agent who could get me the best price and sell it quickly. I went on the internet and found HomeLight. Filling out the online form just took a few minutes, and it didn't cost anything. I was really glad that HomeLight referred me to Dallas. He just came across as very professional. He sold my house in two and a half weeks, and I got more than I was wanting to get. It was fantastic! I couldn't have been happier.
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    Karl Gerling
    Atlanta, GA
    My wife and I had never sold a house before, so we didn’t really know where to start in terms of finding an agent. What were we supposed to do? Go through the phone book and pick a name? We were very nervous about whether we'd be able to sell our house. And then we found HomeLight. With HomeLight we were able to see which realtors did business in our part of Atlanta and determine which ones were getting a good price and selling quickly. We were able to click on each agent and determine what their strengths were. This gave us actual data points that we could use to pick an agent who was skilled and who knew our area and type of home we were selling. Filling out the form took less than five minutes and it didn't cost me anything. The platform was just great. We gave Andy the business and he got it done. He listed our house for more than we thought it would--more than what some of the other realtors wanted to list it at--and he sold it in two days. I couldn't have been happier about it. After the closing we were like "Wow, this couldn't have gone better.
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    John A.
    Washington, DC
    "Buying a house in DC is, to put it lightly, not awesome... I talked to some agents that friends had recommended, but for whatever reason they just weren't my favorite. Then I used HomeLight and honestly, they sent me not one but two agents who were amazing. I could have gone with either but went with Pattie. She spent way more time helping through the process than a normal buyers agent. Not joking I just invited her to my sons birthday party! That's how much we love her."
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    Jean M.
    Indian River Bay, DE
    I recently contacted Homelight to connect me with a real estate agent that specialized in Delaware waterfront property - I was relocating from the Washington, DC area. Jim Gilmore, Account Executive contacted me immediately, listened to my needs, and quickly provided contact information for two agents that could meet my needs. I contact the first of the recommendations - Emma Payne at Delmarva Resorts Realty. I reached out to Emma and she and her husband Chris had a long telephone call with me to fully understand my wish list. They then connected me with Lynnette Newberry who specializes in helping buyers for their team. I scheduled a weekend to see properties with Lynnette and saw a lot of possibles but on the second day I found my dream home with an expansive waterfront view on the Indian River Bay, within my budget! Lynnette helped me place an offer and Lynnette and Emma helped me negotiate a great deal. I am writing this review while gazing at the beautiful morning living masterpiece that is the Indian River Bay! I highly recommend Emma, Lynnette and the entire team as your experts for buying and selling properties on the DelMarVa peninsula.
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    Dem B.
    Carencro, LA
    I really appreciate that HomeLight matched us up with Carol because she is awesome! She went out of her way to meet our needs. I was extremely satisfied.
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    Susan W.
    The Villages, FL
    About a year ago I started looking for a home in The Villages. There were many realtors to choose from, seems like everyone has lots of initials, and awards, so I started looking for a way to select the right one. I contacted HomeLight and they recommended ERA Grizzard’s Dick Batts. Dick called me shortly after this and we talked about what I was looking for. My husband and I own and operate a business in Connecticut, so this was a long range plan of ours to find a home while we still were working and then eventually relocate to the Villages. Soon after speaking with Dick Batts, my husband passed away unexpectedly. I let Dick know that I was still interested, but that I needed some time to put my affairs in order. Several months later Dick called me to check on my interest in locating a home and I told him I wanted to come down and look at homes. Dick set me up with an MLS page of listings that matched what I was looking for so I could view and compare the homes. Due to extenuating business circumstances and our brutal winter, I wasn’t able to get to FL for about four months. During that time Dick and I talked periodically. I continued to review the listings so that when I finally made trip, I had selected six homes to view and was able to view all homes in one day. I hadn’t really planned on purchasing a home at that point, but I fell in love with one of the homes and that was that. Dick not only made all the arrangements and kept me informed of progress, but proved to be an invaluable resource on the how to’s and what’s of buying a home and living in The Villages. When I returned to CT after five days, the purchase offer had been made and accepted, but then there were complications with the sale. Dick negotiated a final sale keeping in regular touch with me, and acting in my behalf the whole time including the inspection and closing. I was a little concerned about managing a home from so far away, but Dick led me through it successfully. It has been a great experience because of the knowledge, attention and care of Dick Batts. I know too that if I have a problem, I have a resource I can turn to. Thank you HomeLight for referring me to a great agent!
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    April G.
    Port Charlotte, FL
    HomeLight's agent matching service worked so well for me. They put me in touch with Kelli and I was extremely happy with her.
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    Brenda V.
    La Puenta, CA
    We were first-time home buyers and we really didn't even know where to start. We were afraid about getting a realtor who wasn't looking out for our best interests. I decided to go online and search for how to find a buyer's realtor, and HomeLight came up in the search results. I filled out my information and HomeLight sent me an email right away putting me in touch with Monica. Monica was really great. She was really knowledgeable in the specific area where we were looking to purchase. It was really, really pleasant. Within a month and a half we bought the home that we wanted. Thank you, HomeLight, for sending Monica into our lives! We are actually great friends now and we would have never found her if HomeLight hadn't referred her to us.
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    John S.
    Carlisle, PA
    I used HomeLight to compare the performance records of local realtors and chose Vince, who went above and beyond what was expected of him.
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    Jo G.
    It worked out beautifully. HomeLight matched us with Beth, and she was the best realtor for our needs. It was fantastic! I sold my house in 45 days. HomeLight is a very beneficial service.
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    Vicki F.
    Coeur d'Alene, ID
    I used Homelight and found Joel Elgee through them. Best referral I ever got, as Joel and Alicia were spot-on with looking out for our interests and keeping in touch with us! They helped us with a difficult seller and a complicated ordeal became a breeze, Alicia even came out to ensure the house was in good condition after the seller left. We highly recommend using Homelight to find a reputable, skilled realtor, as Joel and Alicia were all that, and personable to boot! We never had any problems getting information or having our questions answered because they were right on the ball and more than accommodating. Homelight made sure to follow up with us and made sure we were happy with our choices. They saved us a lot of work looking for someone, and a lot of frustration because we weren't sure where to start.
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    John G.
    Indianapolis, IN
    My elderly parents in Indianapolis, in their 80s and 90s respectively, had to sell their home of 50 years but did not know how to proceed. Although I lived hundreds of miles away, I agreed to assist in the process. I directly contacted 2 well known realty firms in Indianapolis for assistance, but neither responded to my requests. Then I contacted Homelight and they quickly linked me to 2 agents. Both Homelight-recommended agents contacted me within 24 hours and both were highly qualified. I met personally with each and they demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and personable approaches. After difficult deliberation, we selected Dan Adams of Artisan Realty. He proved to be a superb choice. He exhibited knowledge in helping to identify an appropriate listing price as well as what to do to prepare the home for sale. He demonstrated empathy, patience, and humanity in his interactions with my parents, who were dealing with the physical and emotional demands of selling a home they built and raised a family and lifetime of memories in. He handled selling details with me directly, despite my travel to Europe for a portion of the process. We had 4 offers within the first 24 hours of listing, found a buyer who we adored, and completed the sales process in a timely and low-stress manner. My parents experienced true satisfaction, low stress, and no remorse, the new buyers are ecstatic, and I am thankful to Homelight and to Dan Adams for allowing this all to happen. I would highly recommend the use of Homelight, and particularly encourage people to use Dan Adams if they are listing property in Indianapolis.
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    JM H.
    New York, NY
    Wanted to sell my house but I didn't know any good agents to use. I was going on some of the other big name real estate sites, but I know that the agents that show up there pay to advertise so I didn't really have any confidence that they would be good. HomeLight connected me with two amazing agents and they brought tons of useful info to their pitch meetings. I chose one of them (in our meeting he focussed more on speed of sale whereas the other agent focussed more on what to list the house for--i really wanted to sell fast so that was what convinced me), and he sold my home in two weeks for more than my asking price. I have told several friends about these guys. They are for real and it really was free.
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    Don S.
    Redwood City, CA
    If you are selling or buying a house, the critical requirement to be successful, is a top realitor, who is incredially smart, extremely suscessful! and !00% concerened with your needs selling or buying a house! Home light finds you the right realitor who will make you jump with joy! They found me the perfect realitor that delivered the right house for me at the right price and I purschsed Immediately!!!!! In one month!
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    Michael C.
    Dallas, TX
    Incredible service that hooked us up with the best real estate agent we've ever used in our lives. Fast, easy-to-use, super high quality service that is ACTUALLY free. Five stars. Legit.
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    Luke A.
    New Orleans, LA
    There's no question, when it's time to sell, the place to go is HomeLight.
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    Brittany M.
    San Francisco, CA
    I was thrilled with the services that HomeLight provided. My husband and I found our ‘dream home.’ Our agent was highly qualified, experienced, and well educated in the local real estate market . We never would have been able to find our real estate agent without using this service. I would recommend to anyone looking to buy a home to consult with HomeLight. Thanks HomeLight!
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    Janet G.
    Alameda, CA
    I had sold three other homes in my past and never been completely happy with the support that I received from selling agents. When I decided to sell this time I was looking for a way to really know what I was getting. I contacted HomeLight and one other online rating service. HomeLight promised and delivered referrals accompanied with the hard data on the recommended agents’ performance. They were responsive and flexible in dealing with my additional questions. I was able to see their statistics on each realtor: homes sold, days to sale, percentage of asking price etc., and that lead me to my current realtors. My home sold and recently closed. Both HomeLight and my realtors delivered the goods and I recommend them wholeheartedly. I interviewed five agents and ended up deciding to go with David Gunderman and Andrew Raskopf of Alain Pinel.  The stats that you provided were invaluable in my decision-making, including the ""extra"" stats that I requested on the agent recommended by anther agent search firm. Thank you so much for your time and your help.  I will let you know how it goes.
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    Dolly O.
    Antioch, CA
    I want to thank you for referring us to Kim Taylor.  She was a good fit.  I think she is an exceptional negotiator.  We made an offer on the third or fourth house she showed us the first day.  We are here and beginning the work of making this a permanent home.  There was a lot of deferred maintenance.   We would not have had the same experience with any other agent and we are so pleased that we had her.  Your service found us the right person in the right area.  It was amazing but she lived up to any standard you could have set.  She was friendly, professional, and listened.  Every step of the way she was available with the answers to questions, and even questions that we didn’t think of.  She took care of our needs and in the end we benefitted from her attention to details.  Thank you for your amazing ability to match up the right agent with the right buyer.  All of us benefitted from the transaction.  I am impressed with your service and if I can ever be of any help please let me know.