Bed Skirts Are Out of Style: Update Your Bed With These Alternatives

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Bedding trends come and go, so where do bed skirts stand?

“Bed skirts are very much falling out of style. I haven’t seen one in ages,” says Amy Rio, an award-winning real estate agent with 34 years of experience selling homes in Connecticut.

But even Rio, a proponent of ditching the bed skirt and embracing a modern look, agrees there are some exceptions homeowners should know before ditching their bed skirts. We’ll help you determine if you should love or leave your bed skirt and provide contemporary alternatives for this below-mattress accessory.

A platform bed, which is more in style than a bedskirt.
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Bed skirts are out of style so swap yours for one of these alternatives

“There’s practically no such thing as a bed skirt in a contemporary home,” Rio reiterates.

“They’re just a bit old-fashioned and very rarely seen — except in $1 million historic legacy homes.”

For a more contemporary bed design, toss the skirt and switch to one of these alternatives.

Exposed bed frame

“There are no downsides to not using a bed skirt at all, as long as the bed isn’t stuffed with junk underneath,” Rio notes. Since bed skirts are traditionally used to hide any clutter or dust under a bed, Rio says the solution is to keep a shiny clean floor. “Keep your space clean, and it’ll look gorgeous as-is.”

If you’re planning to skip a bed skirt altogether, proceed with caution. This style works well with some bed frames, but a metal bed frame with wheels will require some form of cover to hide its “skeleton” and look neat and finished.

Bed wrap

A structured bed wrap is a sleek, modern alternative to the bed skirt. Bed wraps look like fitted sheets and are wrapped around the bed base to encase the boxspring and create an upholstered and snug appearance. You can find them in a variety of colors like rice paper or smokey quartz to match your room’s color palette.

Boxspring wrap

A boxspring wrap is a fabric cover that neatly conceals your bed’s boxspring. “Boxspring wraps are a definite yes,” Rio comments enthusiastically. West Elm offers boxspring wraps in textured linens and soft neutrals to easily blend with your other textiles.

Be aware that boxspring covers don’t offer any under-bed coverage. You’ll still need to keep the space under your bed clean and clutter-free. And if you have a metal bed frame, a wrap won’t solve your problem.

Platform or storage bed frame

While replacing your bed frame is a more expensive option than updating your bed skirt, it’s likely the best way to bring your bedroom up to date. Most contemporary bed frames designs look impeccable without a bed skirt.

For instance, mid-century bed frames with peg legs are on-trend and require little else, save some matching minimalist bedding. Built-in storage beds don’t need a bed skirt because their base starts at the floor; these provide practical and stylish storage and leave less space for dust to accumulate.

A classic bedroom, where a bedskirt might not be out of style.
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Exceptions to the rule: Bed skirts still work for these interior design styles

Despite their fall from fashion, bed skirts still complement some bedroom styles as well as alternatives. Consider keeping your bed skirt if your interior is one of the following styles:

Traditional and country

Rio says bed skirts still work well with expensive bedding in historic homes with traditional decor.

“If you’re styling a space to look almost excessively lush, these traditional pieces have a place,” she notes.

Bed skirts also have their place in less lavish homes with a rustic country or traditional interior design style. “If you have a really tall bed with a really large headboard in an old house, then I see no issue with having a bed skirt hanging down,” Rio notes.

To pull off the look, pair silk bedding with a draped silk bed skirt in a matching shade.

Old school cool

A super lacy crochet bed skirt or tailored bed skirt with a soft floral print suits styles like grandmillennial and cottagecore. This aesthetic blends vintage accessories like dainty teacups and hand-knit throw blankets with contemporary finds for a modern twist.

Boho chic

A macrame bed skirt is more embellished and frilly than a modern bed skirt and fits right into a dreamy boho chic space. The secret to curating an eclectic boho bed is to layer bold and neutral pillows and throws to not overwhelm the space. Select a linen duvet set in an earth tone and accent it with throw pillows in neutrals and Moroccan prints. Lay a folded soft blanket at the edge of the bed.

A bed with a metal frame, where a bedskirt might not be too out of style.
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If you must use a bed skirt in a contemporary home, simple is better

If you have a metal bed frame and aren’t quite ready to part with the bed skirt design, opt for a simple bed skirt design without ruffles or embellishments.

“If you are going to use a bed skirt, pick one that’s tailored, rather than one that’s flowing and fluffy,” Rio advises. “Go for something slick.”

A crisp linen or cotton tailored bed skirt is best for a more modern space.

To bed skirt or not to bed skirt?

Ultimately, the question of whether to ditch your bed skirt for an in-style alternative or not depends on your personal style and budget. Since bed skirts are out of style, your best bet is to make the swap for an instantly updated bedroom.

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