How to Find Cash Home Buyers in Oklahoma for a Hassle-Free Home Sale

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If you’re a homeowner in Oklahoma seeking a fast sale without the burden of listing on the open market, connecting with a cash buyer could be the stress-free solution you’re looking for. Local and out-of-state investors have shown keen interest in the Sooner State due to its comparatively low home prices and promising income potential.

Oklahoma’s housing market is cooling, with homes taking longer to sell. This could be a good time to consider a cash home buyer, especially if you value speed and convenience. In this guide, we’ll explain how to find and sell to Oklahoma cash home buyers and walk you through the entire cash sale process, step-by-step.

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How to find cash home buyers in Oklahoma

Looking to sell your home fast and easily? Cash buyers can be a great option. Here are a few ways you can seek out trusted cash home buyers in Oklahoma who may be willing to make a fair offer on your property.

Work with a reputable local real estate agent

One of the biggest benefits of a cash offer is that you can often avoid real estate commissions. But don’t rule out working with a real estate agent just yet. Experienced Oklahoma agents often have connections to cash buyers who might be interested in buying your home. Many agents maintain a Rolodex of investors for instances when a property just won’t sell, or the condition makes it unfit for listing on the open market.

Instead of researching and contacting cash home buyers yourself, you can ask a real estate agent to put you in touch with tried-and-tested investors in their network. HomeLight can connect you with a top-performing real estate agent in your area if you don’t already have one in your contacts. It takes less than two minutes to match you with two or three top agents who fit your needs, and the service is 100% free.

Focus on investors rather than owner-occupiers

In years past, Oklahoma has ranked among the states with the highest share of institutional buyers, accounting for 18% of all home sales, according to the National Association of Realtors. Institutional buyers include companies, corporations, and limited liability companies (LLCs) that seek to purchase single-family homes to turn into rentals.

Calling the 1-800 number for a multinational investment firm probably won’t get you very far, but there are other ways to grab the attention of cash buyers. You can post about your property on investment websites or Facebook groups, attend real estate investing events, or speak to local real estate agents and property managers.

Of course, you can always search online for “We Buy Houses for Cash” companies in Oklahoma but note that house flippers tend to pay around 70% of a home’s market value to turn a profit (more on that later).

Do your due diligence

If you’ve found a cash buyer you’re considering selling your house to, it’s important to thoroughly vet that company or individual to make sure they’re legitimate. You can do so by verifying the company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), assuming they have a profile or are accredited. You can also reach out to your local office, like BBB Serving Eastern Oklahoma or BBB Serving Central Oklahoma.

You should also read online reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, Trustpilot, and Facebook. Research the company or individual’s investment record, check that they’re registered with the state, and ask for referrals from recent sellers.

Before signing an offer, ask for proof of funds

It’s important to choose a reputable cash buyer with readily available funds. Ask the cash buyer to provide you with proof of funds — this could be a bank statement or an official letter from the financial institution showing the account balance. If the investor is unwilling to provide a proof of funds letter, consider it a red flag and move on.

Inside the Oklahoma cash home buyers market

Oklahoma’s cash home-buying market is largely driven by real estate investors, but there are other groups who may be willing to buy your bungalow mortgage-free. Let’s take a closer look at these cash buyers and what motivates them.

New residents

Oklahoma’s population is on the rise, which could increase the number of cash home sales in the state. In 2023, the population grew by 0.85%, the fastest rate since 2013, according to the Oklahoma Economist, a quarterly publication by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

The majority of newcomers came from Western states like California, Texas, and Arizona, where median home prices are higher. New ​​residents who gained significant equity in their homes out of state may opt to pay cash when purchasing homes in Oklahoma.

Another edition of the Oklahoma Economist noted that “Over half of the state’s new residents since the pandemic are working age and employed … Many of them are also high earners with good credit scores.” This suggests a positive trajectory for Oklahoma’s economy, potentially impacting the housing market with increased demand.

Baby Boomers

In February 2024, 33% of U.S. homebuyers had all-cash sales, the highest share in nearly a decade, according to the Realtors® Confidence Index Survey. Younger Boomers (born 1955–1964) accounted for the largest share of home sellers in the past year at 26%.

Flush with cash, mature buyers are increasingly paying for their homes without mortgages. More than half of Older Boomers (born 1946–1954) paid all cash for home purchases they made in 2023, as did 53% of homebuyers from the Silent Generation (born 1925–1945), and 32% of Younger Boomers.

If your Oklahoma house has features that appeal to the Baby Boomer generation, like a first-floor primary suite, low-maintenance outdoor space, or wide doorways and hallways, highlight them in the listing description to capture the attention of older buyers willing to pay cash.

Property investors

While cash sales are becoming more common for traditional buyers nationwide, Oklahomans are still more likely to find success selling their homes to property investors. Beyond institutional buyers, other common types of investors include house flippers, buy-and-hold investors, wholesale investors, and iBuyers.’s 2023 Investor Report identified Oklahoma City as the metropolitan area with the highest proportion of investor purchases. The report found that 20.8% of homes sold in Oklahoma City were acquired by investors. In Tulsa, investor purchases accounted for 17% of total sales, placing the city at fifth on the list.

Pros of working with an Oklahoma cash home buyer

Cash offers can be an attractive option for Oklahoma homeowners seeking an efficient and streamlined sales process. Let’s explore the key benefits of working with a cash home buyer:

  • Quick closings: Selling to a cash buyer often means you can close the deal much faster than through traditional financing, often within days or weeks. This is because there’s no waiting for the buyer to secure a mortgage, which can significantly speed up the timeline.
  • No contingencies: Cash sales typically come with fewer contingencies, if any. This means the sale is less likely to fall through due to financing issues or other common contingencies like home inspections.
  • As-is purchase: Cash buyers often purchase homes as-is, meaning you won’t need to spend money or time on repairs or upgrades before the sale. This can be particularly advantageous if your home needs significant work.
  • Simplified process: The process of selling to a cash buyer is generally more straightforward and involves less paperwork than selling through traditional means.

How to request a cash offer in Oklahoma

If you’re looking for an easier way to secure a cash offer for your home, HomeLight’s Simple Sale platform can connect you with the largest network of vetted and pre-approved investors in the U.S.

After answering a few basic questions about your home, you’ll receive a no-obligation, all-cash offer within 24 hours. If you accept the offer, you can close the sale in as few as 10 days. You can skip the repairs, prep work, and endless showings, and choose a move-out date that works for you — up to 30 days from closing.

Cash buyers usually offer less than what you might get on the open market, but selling the traditional way comes with fees that can eat up 9% to 10% of your sale price. So, depending on your needs, a cash buyer could still save you money in the long run.

How much are Oklahoma cash home buyers willing to pay?

Cash investors and home-buying companies often look for deals where they can buy properties for less than what they’re worth on the market. In return, sellers get the benefit of selling their homes quickly and with less hassle. House flippers usually follow the 70% rule, meaning they try not to pay more than 70% of a home’s after-repair value (ARV), including repair and upgrade costs.

The Oklahoma housing market isn’t very competitive; home sales are down year-over-year, and prices remain elevated. Given the current conditions, offers from house-buying companies might be lower than what you could get on the open market.

During periods with high demand and low inventory (seller’s markets), cash buyers often come closer to a home’s market value. Offers in this scenario can sometimes range from 80% to 85% of the ARV of the property.

What’s the process of selling to an Oklahoma cash home buyer?

If you’re looking for speed and simplicity, a cash home sale may be right for you. Here’s a breakdown of how the process generally works:

Complete the Oklahoma Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement

Most states have mandated disclosure laws and require you to fill out a form detailing any material defects in the home. In Oklahoma, sellers are required to disclose any defects before accepting an offer by completing the Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement (Appendix A). If you’ve never lived in the home or are unaware of any defects, you’ll want to sign the Residential Property Condition Disclaimer Statement Form (Appendix B).

If you’re working with an Oklahoma “We Buy Houses” company, they will likely prepare all of the necessary documents for you, including this one. However, you can speed up the process by filling it out ahead of time. These companies conduct their own inspections and purchase homes in any condition, so filing the disclosure statement is more of a legal obligation from their perspective.

The buyer runs a title search on the property

The cash buyer will also verify the property’s title. This ensures you have legal ownership and checks for any liens or claims that could prevent a smooth sale. Some of the most common reasons for title issues include boundary disputes, unknown easements, undisclosed heirs, public record errors, and forgery.

The seller pays any associated fees

While cash sales typically involve fewer fees compared to traditional sales, you may still incur some closing costs, like transfer taxes, title insurance, escrow fees, and attorney fees. For example, Oklahoma sellers typically pay the Documentary Stamp Tax (aka transfer tax) at a rate of $0.75 per $500 on the purchase price of the property.

If you’re looking to avoid closing costs altogether, “We Buy Houses” companies will often pay them for you in exchange for an offer that’s below market value.

Deciding to sell to Oklahoma cash home buyers

Homeowners have a good chance of selling for cash, as Oklahoma remains a popular state to invest in real estate. Whether you decide to compare buyers yourself, enlist the help of a real estate agent, or request an offer from Simple Sale, HomeLight can connect you with top professionals and valuable resources. We’re here to help you streamline your selling experience, leveraging Oklahoma’s investor-rich market to find a fast and efficient solution for your home sale needs.

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