How to Advertise Your Asset and Sell Your House Fast in Atlanta Right Now

Has the thought of rush-hour commute on the I-285 or the sweltering summer humidity prompted daydreams of what lies beyond (and way beyond) the perimeter? Or perhaps those pesky community covenants have roused your interest in another local neighborhood.

Whatever the reason for selling your home in Atlanta, GA, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve devoted hours to researching and interviewing top real estate agents in Georgia’s capital city to bring you a comprehensive guide to selling your home fast in Atlanta.

First Off: Know Atlanta’s Housing Market

While Atlanta suffered the brunt of the 2008 housing market failure, it has proven resilient as more young families and millennials flock to the city.

Andy Peters, a top real estate agent in Atlanta, Georgia
Andy Peters, Top 1% agent in Atlanta, GA

It’s no secret why Atlanta has become the hot place to live: good weather with all seasons (minus the snow), convenient access to the world’s largest airport, a melting pot of cultures, top- rated restaurants, entertainment, and affordable urban living.

As a result, Atlanta has seen an influx of companies relocating to the city and its surrounding towns to acquire this fresh talent. Mercedes Benz and Porshe are among the list to re-headquarter while giants such as Coca-Cola, Delta, UPS, and Home Depot have called Atlanta home for quite a while.

Andy Peters, a leading agent at Keller Williams who ranks in the top 1% of Atlanta agents says, “Right now, we’re at a two and half month’s supply on [home] inventory, which is the lowest I’ve ever seen it.” To give you some perspective, in 2008, Atlanta’s market had a seventeen and a half month’s supply of homes. This means that Atlanta is currently the place to live and an even better place to sell your home.

Pack your bags and your boxes because you’ll be moving in no time.

How to Beat the Competition in Atlanta

While there may be a large buyer pool and low inventory of houses in the Atlanta market, don’t get too comfortable when it comes to prepping your home for viewers. The market remains fairly competitive for anyone selling a home in Atlanta, especially as more millennial buyers skip over a “starter home” and opt to wait for a larger, more expensive home.

Here are some ways you can boost the chances of getting your Atlanta house sold fast that go beyond the standard declutter and depersonalize tips.

Home Improvements & Simple Fixes that Atlanta Homebuyers Want to See

According to Remodeling’s 2017 Cost vs. Value Report, an analysis that pulls contractor and realtor data to find the most profitable home renovations, there are three midrange projects that get a high return on investment for Atlanta homeowners looking to sell.

1. Selling a House in Atlanta Requires Good Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is real and that’s why it’s no surprise that the largest return on investment comes from replacing existing worn or damaged exterior vinyl with manufactured stone veneer. Revamping your home’s facade with stone can entice more prospective buyers to view your home and make a great first impression even before they step foot indoors.

2. Atlanta Homebuyers Demand Nice Attics

Attic insulation comes in as the second largest ROI renovation project. Contractors recommend fiberglass insulation, in particular, to address any air leakage from conditioned spaces. Attic bedrooms or lofts are popular nowadays as increasing home prices are forcing home buyers to reconsider buying larger homes. Creating an insulated, comfortable area in the attic may attract more buyers as well as give you a high return on your project costs.

3. Invest in a Wood Deck Before Selling a House in Atlanta

Lastly, the report suggests that Atlanta sellers invest in adding a wood deck to their homes. Many houses in Atlanta feature porches, decks or patios as the mild temperatures generally year-round promote outdoor activities. Think about charming buyers with an outdoor space that will have buyers thinking about family cookouts, outdoor movie nights, and long talks over a glass of wine.

an aerial photo of a neighborhood in atlanta to sell house fast
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Who’s Buying Homes in Atlanta, Anyway?

If you understand the demographic that’s interested in your neighborhood, you get a leg up on the competition nearby.

As the job market continues to boom in Atlanta, you will see more and more millennials and families in the buyer pool. Work with your top Atlanta real estate agent to target young families throughout your listing pages and open house brochures.

Let’s start with your home’s listing page.

Keep it Short and Snappy

Millennials and families crave digestible content that can be seen and processed within seconds. Opt for a video that scans the best rooms of your Atlanta home instead of uploading photos. Viewers can then get a fuller picture of your home without having the hassle of clicking through 20+ images.

Use Social Media to Sell Your Home in Atlanta

Moreover, you can boost your exposure to millennial and family buyers by reaching out to them where they spend the most time: Facebook, blogs, and other social media sites. You might even try joining a few Atlanta Braves Facebook groups to post your listing. With a majority of buyers searching for homes online, it makes sense to include social media in your marketing plans.

Atlanta Home Sales Are Going Green

Drawing attention to eco-friendly, energy-efficient features is also a way to make your home more appealing to families and millennials. The global smart home market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.5% between 2017 and 2022, hitting $53.45 billion in size when all is said and done.

Practically every person can appreciate home details that save money, but families, in particular, will want to provide a healthy, thoughtful environment for their children. Demand for smart home technology is growing even faster among millennials so (given the demographics of first-time homebuyers in Atlanta) installing a smart thermostat or investing in solar panels may be a surprising draw.

a man installs solar panels on roof to sell house fast in atlanta
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4 Things You Didn’t Know Could Change the Price of Your Atlanta Home

Your home’s worth comes from far more than its brick and mortar. In fact, there may be multiple external factors that need consideration when determining the most accurate price of your home.

The best time to sell a house in AtlantaTiming is Everything

While most real estate agents might say spring is the season to sell, studies show that summer is the most profitable season to list your home for sale in Atlanta.

June, July, and August boast the highest sales prices with a list price of approximately 6% over the average home sales price in the Atlanta market. June, in particular, proves to be the most lucrative month as homes are selling at almost 11% above the mean.

That means you could potentially walk away with an extra thirty-nine grand in your pocket.

Do yourself a favor and use those cooler Atlanta spring months to do some spring cleaning and reap the rewards when you sell in June.

BeltLine Accessibility is a Big Thumbs Up

The BeltLine means many things to the people of the ATL: a sustainable transit system, community revitalization, doused hopes for affordable housing projects, or simply just a nice place to stroll with the family.

If you live near the BeltLine, it means one thing for sure–added property value.

The School of City and Regional Planning at Georgia Institute of Technology found that between 2011 and 2015, the price of homes near the BeltLine increased faster than in any other region of Atlanta.

More surprisingly, they discovered that the median sales prices of houses near the BeltLine showed a cumulative increase in prices of anywhere from 40-68% depending on what segment of the BeltLine the houses fell.

What does this mean for you, the Atlanta home seller?

Make sure to include information about your home’s proximity to the BeltLine and interesting details about the trail system in your listing. It’s sure to garner attention.

Near Atlanta’s Bustling Corporate Centers? Good.

If there is one thing Atlanta residents hate more than Pepsi, MARTA, and humidity all rolled into one, it’s traffic. Living closer to Downtown, Sandy Springs or other popular areas that potential home buyers could work makes your home a more competitive buy.

New Atlanta home buyers may get sucked into paying less for a home that is far from work, but highlighting the headache of commuter traffic and the convenience of your location could make or break the sale.

Quality Public Schools Score Big with Atlanta Families

Safety and quality education are huge factors with Atlanta house hunters. Check the safety ratings of your area and the reviews from local school districts.

If you have a high neighborhood safety rating or live within a close distance of a notable public school, make sure to publicize it on your listing.

Overall, Atlanta houses 202 public elementary, middle, and high schools with forty of these high schools recognized on U.S. News and World Report’s Best High School Rankings.

Gwinnett, Fulton, and Cobb County, in particular, hold many desirable school districts such as Walton, Cambridge, and Northview, to name a few, which could get you top dollar if you live within their limits.

In many ways, the Atlanta real estate market is driven by quality school systems so you can count on a quick sale if you properly advertise the value your home’s location to family buyers.

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A Top Atlanta Real Estate Agent Makes All the Difference

In an industry where 90% of sales occur with an agent, listing your house for sale on the Atlanta section of Zillow just won’t cut it. With a licensed agent, especially a top agent, your home will get far more exposure.

Trying to sell your home independently given the competitiveness of the Atlanta market also complicates matters. Multiple offers are common in marketplaces with low inventory like Atlanta, GA so it’s probable that several buyers may be interested in your property.

In a scenario that may seem like it simply comes down to numbers, a listing agent will provide support and peace of mind. In a multiple offers situation, an Atlanta listing agent will research the likelihood of a buyer’s purchase by talking to lenders, negotiating prices, and assessing the affordability on the buyer’s side.

A top real estate agent in Atlanta will be your best bet to sell your home fast and for its optimal price. A top-ranked real estate agent in Atlanta can sell your home within an average of 45 days and can help get you 103% of the list price.

Save yourself the headache of independently listing. Research a real estate agent who earns their Atlanta real estate commission with vital knowledge of your neighborhood, listing expertise, and a proven track record of selling homes fast in the Atlanta market.

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