5 Top We Buy Houses for Cash Companies in Turlock

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Do you need to sell your Turlock home fast but are unsure of your options? Consider working with a “We Buy Houses” company. These firms offer cash for homes as-is, perfect for those lacking the time or resources for repairs. It’s a hassle-free way to quickly turn your property into cash without the hassle of a traditional sale.

This guide will dive into the pros and cons of selling to cash buyers, as well as highlight some common situations when selling your home for cash is the right decision, along with you giving you a brief overview of the process.

Sell Your House Fast in Turlock With a Cash Offer

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Working with house-buying companies in Turlock

Selling your home in Turlock to a house-buying company is a simple process, but there are a few steps you should know. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect:

  1. Research local companies: Look for reputable cash-for-homes companies in Turlock. Online reviews and Better Business Bureau ratings can guide your choice.
  2. Submit your information: Reach out to the company with details about your property. This typically involves filling out a form on their website or making a direct call.
  3. Receive an offer: Based on your information, the company will likely make an initial assessment and present you with a cash offer, often within a few days.
  4. Home evaluation: The company may conduct an on-site evaluation to confirm the condition of your home and finalize the offer.
  5. Accept the offer: If you’re satisfied with the offer, you can accept it. Remember, these offers are usually non-negotiable, so what you see is often what you get.
  6. Close the sale: Closing can be incredibly fast, sometimes within a week, and you’ll receive cash for your home without the need for traditional sale hassles.

Popular We Buy Houses for Cash companies in Turlock

If selling to a house-buying company in Turlock sounds good, it’s time to find a legitimate operation you can trust.

We’ve compiled some of the top companies that will pay cash for you or your parents’ ranch-style home or Spanish colonial revival. By selling to one of these companies, you should be able to sell your Turlock home in as little as a week or two.

Bigger Equity

BiggerEquity is a nationwide house-buying company that began operations in 2016. The company says it can make a cash offer in as little as seven minutes and close as quickly as seven days.

Locations: BiggerEquity buys houses throughout California, including Turlock. The company serves homeowners in all 50 U.S. states.

Closing costs: Sellers pay no closing costs; BiggerEquity covers them.

Simple Sale (a HomeLight platform)

Simple Sale, a solution from HomeLight, is an online platform where sellers in Turlock (and across the country) can request a cash offer for their home. Simple Sale connects you to the largest network of cash buyers in the U.S. Partner investors have a wide range of investment strategies, including fix-and-flip and buy-and-hold. This enables Simple Sale to provide cash offers for a wide array of properties, even those that need some or a lot of work, in different locations throughout Turlock.

With Simple Sale, you can get a no-obligation, all-cash offer in 24 hours and sell your home in as few as 10 days, skipping the months it can take to sell the traditional way.

Locations: Nationwide, including Turlock

Closing costs: No prep costs, no agent commissions, and no fees charged by HomeLight. Individual investor fees may vary.

Frank Buys Houses LLC

Frank Buys Houses, under the ownership of Frank G. Silveria III, aims to purchase your home as quickly as possible. The process commences with a phone call. After a property evaluation, an offer is typically presented within 24 hours.

Locations: Serves Turlock and nearby areas

Closing costs: Sellers pay no closing costs; Frank Buys Houses covers them.

Matt Buys Houses

Matt Buys Houses is a company that guarantees a cash offer within seven days and will close on the seller’s preferred timeframe. Matt Buys Houses serves a wide range of clients, including those facing foreclosure, divorce, relocation, or those with properties that need repairs.

Locations: Serves Turlock and surrounding areas

Closing costs: Sellers pay no closing costs; Matt Buys Houses covers them.

We Buy Houses, Turlock

WeBuyHouses.com was founded in 1997 and buys houses in 200 markets and 30 states in any condition. According to their website, they have been trusted by 1 million homeowners and can present a cash offer even if the homeowner is behind on their mortgage or facing foreclosure.

Locations: Nationwide, including Turlock

Closing costs: Sellers pay no closing costs; WeBuyHouses.com covers them.

Why sell your Turlock house for cash?

Many Turlock home sellers have compelling reasons to partner with a Cash-For-Homes company, with the primary advantages being quick transactions, assured sales, and incredible ease.

In Turlock, it typically takes around 79 days to sell a home on the market using an agent. That includes an average of 32 days on the market plus the typical 47 days a buyer needs to close on a purchase loan.

Compare that to the typical seven to 10 days promised by many house-buying companies in Turlock, and it’s clear why these Cash-For-Homes groups are an attractive option, even though they don’t always offer top dollar for the homes they purchase.

Selling your Turlock house for cash can offer a fast solution for situations where traditional selling methods fall short. Here are some examples when considering a cash offer from a house-buying company could be the right move for various scenarios:

  • Job relocation: If you’re moving for a new job and need to sell quickly, cash buyers provide a swift solution without the usual market delays.
  • Divorce: During a divorce, selling your house for cash can simplify dividing assets, allowing both parties to move on more quickly.
  • Inherited property: Dealing with an inherited property can be overwhelming. A cash sale is straightforward, avoiding the complexities of the traditional market.
  • Downsizing: Cash sales support downsizing efforts, making the transition to a smaller home or retirement community smoother and faster.
  • Major repairs needed: When your home needs significant repairs or has foundation issues, a cash sale avoids the hassle and expense of fixing it up for the market.
  • Avoiding open houses: For those who prefer not to deal with the stress and invasion of privacy from open houses, selling for cash is a convenient alternative.
  • Foreclosure looming: A quick cash sale can be a lifesaver if you’re facing foreclosure, helping to settle debts and avoid damaging your credit score.
  • Problematic tenants: For landlords, selling a property with tenants can be tricky. Cash buyers often purchase rental properties as-is, tenants included.
  • Selling from afar: If you’re selling from out of state, a cash offer simplifies the process, eliminating the need for long-distance coordination.

Pros and cons of house-buying companies in Turlock

Working with house-buying companies in Turlock offers a unique blend of advantages and challenges. The primary allure lies in the company’s ability to purchase homes quickly and in any condition, eliminating the need for sellers to invest in repairs or staging.


Before diving into the benefits, it’s essential to recognize that the key advantages include the speed of the sale and the willingness of these companies to buy your house in any condition, which means you can skip the costly and time-consuming process of making repairs or preparing your home for sale.

  • Fast closing: Transactions with house-buying companies can close in as little as a week, providing immediate financial relief or the ability to move on quickly from your property.
  • Buy “as-is”: Your home will be purchased as-is, meaning you don’t have to spend time or money on repairs, updates, or cleaning.
  • No real estate fees: Selling to a house-buying company eliminates the need for real estate agents, saving you the commission costs typically associated with selling a home.
  • Simplified process: With fewer contingencies and paperwork, the sales process is streamlined, making it less stressful and more straightforward for the seller.


However, it’s crucial to be aware that the most significant downside is receiving an offer that’s below market value for your home, which might not be the best route if maximizing your sale price is your top priority.

  • Lower offers: Expect to receive offers that are below market value, as house-buying companies aim to profit by reselling your home after purchasing it.
  • Limited negotiation: The price offered is typically non-negotiable, leaving you with little room to discuss a better deal.
  • Risk of scams: The industry has its fair share of scams, so it’s essential to research and verify the credibility of the company you’re dealing with.
  • Not for everyone: If getting the highest possible price for your home is your goal, selling to a cash-buying company may not be the best option.

Curious What Your Home Is Worth?

Get a near-instant real estate house price estimate from HomeLight for free. Our tool analyzes the records of recently sold homes near you, your home’s last sale price, and other market trends to provide a preliminary range of value in under two minutes.

Vet cash buyers and know your home’s worth

The level of integrity and service you experience from a We Buy Houses for Cash company can vary, even within an established house-buying group that strives to maintain high standards.

This is because many Cash-For-Homes companies are franchises and often use independent investors or wholesalers. Your experience depends on the character of the person or group making the offer.

Before committing to a cash offer, vet the company thoroughly. Check reviews, read testimonials, and research its presence and performance in the market. And, of course, read the buying agreement carefully before signing.

HomeLight suggests you consult with an experienced local agent to better understand what your home might be worth if sold on the open market. Then, compare your cash offer. HomeLight can connect you with a top-performing agent in your market. You can also use HomeLight’s Home Value Estimator to get an initial ballpark estimate in less than two minutes.

Other options to sell your Turlock home quickly

Aside from We Buy Houses companies, there are other options, which includes iBuyers or listing your home with an agent. Here’s a brief look at how both work.

iBuyers: Instant buyers, or iBuyers, utilize automated valuation models (AVMs) to quickly estimate home values, offering a mostly online sale process. Known for all-cash offers that are closer to market value for homes in better condition, the iBuyer process is fast, usually completed in days to a few weeks. While more user-friendly, be aware of service fees of around 5%-6%, making them best for homogenous housing markets and well-maintained properties. Companies like Opendoor and Offerpad are leading iBuyers.

Listing with an agent: While not as instant, listing your home with a real estate agent can also result in a speedy sale, particularly in seller-friendly markets. Strategic pricing and marketing can significantly shorten sale times. A top agent not only aims for the highest sale price but may offer a comparative market analysis (CMA), often free, to help set an appealing listing price.

This analysis compares your home to similar ones sold recently, ensuring a competitive market price. Some agents might connect you with cash buyers, potentially netting a sale close to market value. For those considering an agent, HomeLight can connect you with top performers in your area, offering a comprehensive look at all your options before making a final decision.

FAQs on Turlock house-buying companies

We Buy Houses for Cash in Turlock vs. top Turlock agent

Another helpful exercise is to compare how a We Buy Houses for Cash company might stack up against working with a real estate agent. Let’s take a glance at how different aspects of the sale might look and compare possible proceeds.

Aspect of the sale Sell to a We Buy Houses for Cash company in Turlock Sell with a top Realtor in Turlock
Selling timeline 7 to 30 days 79 days average; 32 to attract an offer, 47 to close the loan
Home preparations None Deep clean, declutter, make necessary repairs, landscape, stage home
Showings None 10 to 25 showings average
Inspections / repairs None May need to make additional repairs for the buyer or renegotiate the price
Appraisal None May need to lower your asking price if the appraisal comes in low
Title search Cash-For-Homes companies often handle title issues Must clear title before you can sell home
Financing contingency None Mortgaged buyers use a financing contingency that could hold up the deal if the buyer’s loan doesn’t clear
Agent commission None 5.8% average
Closing costs None 1% to 3% of the home sale price on top of agent commission

Example net proceeds

Below, we’ve put together one example of how net proceeds may differ between selling a home to a We Buy Houses for Cash company and an agent-assisted sale.

Let’s say your home in Turlock is currently worth about $470,000 and needs about $25,000 in repairs. Once the repairs are completed, the home might be worth around $495,000.

Sell to a We Buy Houses for Cash company in Turlock Sell with a top Realtor in Turlock
Estimated sale price ($495,000 x .70) – $25,000 = $321,500 $470,000
Market preparations 0 $4,700 (1% of sale price)
Agent commissions 0 $27,260 (5.8% of sale price)
Closing costs 0 $7,050 (1.5%)
Estimated take-home for seller $321,500 $430,990

As this example illustrates, financially, it’s usually in your best interest to partner with an experienced real estate agent.

However, net proceeds are not the only consideration when selling a home. What’s best in your situation will depend on the condition of your property, what level of repairs are needed, and your selling objectives. It could be that selling on the open market will be a challenge in your area, or the agent timeline might not fit your immediate needs.

Key takeaways

  • Speed and convenience: Selling to a house-buying company in Turlock offers a quick and straightforward process, ideal for urgent situations.
  • No repairs needed: You can sell your home as-is, avoiding the cost and time of making repairs.
  • Simple process: The sale involves fewer steps and no real estate fees, simplifying your experience.
  • Below market offers: Be prepared for offers below market value, a trade-off for the convenience and speed of the sale.
  • Vet carefully: Ensure you research and vet any house-buying company to avoid scams and ensure you’re working with a reputable buyer.
  • Explore all options: Consider other selling avenues, such as iBuyers or listing with an agent, to ensure you’re making the best choice for your situation.
  • Know your home’s worth: Always be aware of your property’s estimated market value before you proceed with a cash-offer company.

At HomeLight, we’re happy to lend a guiding hand in navigating your real estate journey. Let us help you make an informed and confident decision, whether you’re looking for a no-obligation cash offer through a trusted platform like Simple Sale or seeking to consult with a top Turlock agent.

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