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Sell Your House Fast in New Braunfels by Catering to Texans’ Must Haves — From Truck Space to Office Space

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If you own a home in New Braunfels, Texas, you are already well aware of its appeal. Situated conveniently between San Antonio and Austin, New Braunfels is at once the perfect bedroom community for commuters as well as a top Texas tourist destination. The city attracts all types — from families looking for outdoor space and access to fun activities to retiring veterans.

All these things considered, it’s an excellent time to sell your house in New Braunfels. But in order to sell your house quickly, you will want to play into that small-town charm while capitalizing on the assets afforded by living large in Texas.

We’ve put together seven expert tips to help sell your house fast in New Braunfels.

Houses in New Braunfels for sale.
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1. Work with a top New Braunfels agent to sell your house fast

Out of 3,757 real estate agents in the city, the top New Braunfels agents do 979 real estate transactions a year, compared to the average agent who does 168. Homes in New Braunfels stay on the market for an average of 86 days, but a top performing real estate can help you sell your home much faster than that.

HomeLight’s data shows the best agents save you time and money: New Braunfels’s top 3% agents save their sellers $1,149, while average agents can cause their clients to potentially forfeit an additional $12,772. Top agents also sell homes quicker and far more frequently, selling nearly twice as many homes than their average-performing counterparts, and doing so 43.2% faster.

2. Get back to basics with white or cream colored paint

Homes can be very personal, but Reagan Williamson, a top New Braunfels real estate agent with 14 years of experience, advises his clients to think of the house as a product to be sold.

“We know that this room served its purpose and it’s wonderful that your son had to have it blue, but now we need to really get it so that it’s a blank canvas for the next person coming in so they can realize what the home is going to look like for them,” Williamson says. Given that most homes in New Braunfels tend to be more traditional in style, a fresh coat of white or cream colored paint can help to highlight features with character.

In addition, these basic light, neutral tones can make a space instantly feel brighter and give even an older home an updated feel. Paint is also one of the most affordable upgrades you can give your home to increase your chances of establishing that critical positive first impression with buyers.

A few examples of back-to-basic colors to consider are:

Dunn Edwards Warm White
Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee
Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace
Dunn Edwards Miners Dust

A garage in a house sold fast in New Braunfels.
Source: (Sigmund / Unsplash)

3. Cater to Texans’ must haves — from truck space to office space

According to Matthew Posey, Residential Mortgage Loan Originator with Axia Home Loans, “New Braunfels is one of the top five fastest growing towns in the nation, but you would never know it from the hometown feel, strong community synergy and patient growth of employers and commerce. It’s a gem to have here in Central Texas!”

But even a gem will benefit from the right kind of polish. To better attract home buyers, Posey and Williamson agree that sellers need to consider what Texas shoppers really want.

Make a place for Texas-sized trucks: Texans love their trucks, so a spacious garage is a hot commodity. Even if you don’t have a large garage, take the time to declutter it to show that a potential buyer’s truck could fit with the door closed.

Highlight a work-from-home office area: Now that many people continue to work from home and even more plan to make that the norm, a dedicated office area is an appealing feature for potential buyers. If your home has a casita—a small detached house in the back—then you are in luck, because these are in demand! If your house doesn’t have a casita, you can stage a room or another space to show buyers how they could comfortably work from home.

Emphasize your outdoor space: With its warm climate nearly year round, Texas is the kind of state in which people want to spend a lot of time outdoors. Having a pool is a bonus, but you can play up any backyard to have an inviting seating area outdoors.

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4. Market your home as a short-term rental investment

Given that New Braunfels is a tourist destination, potential buyers might be interested in using the property as an Airbnb. Short-term rentals (STR) are allowed in New Braunfels. “This is why it’s so important to work with a local expert and a Realtor® — they will know where you can have an STR,” Williamson says.

Since enacting an ordinance in 2012, the city does place limits on STRs, but it offers an application process for a variance to permit them. An agent will provide a density usage map to those who are considering investing in a property as an Airbnb, or simply plan to rent it out if they will be out of town for a couple of months.

5. Check, service or wash these 3 things New Braunfels buyers will notice

Check and pump your septic system: According to Williamson, the number one thing that comes up during the purchase process and the inspection is the septic system, and many homes in New Braunfels are still on them. Williamson advises his sellers to get their septic system checked out and pumped in advance, as potential buyers will request this before they can have it inspected. Therefore, you should budget around $450 – 600 for this added expense.

Service your air conditioner: Another recommendation Williamson gives New Braunfels sellers is to  have your air conditioning system serviced. It gets hot in Texas! A standard AC tune up typically costs $75 – $200. Extended service for both heating and cooling can run $150 – $500.

Power wash your home for curb-appeal shine: Texas has a lot of trees which means a lot of pollen, not to mention dry and dusty conditions. Williamson always advises sellers to break out the power washer because it does wonders to a house, making it pop that much more when potential buyers drive up. This improvement is inexpensive for most homeowners and provides nearly instant gratification.

Source: (Chun Kit Soo / Unsplash)

6. Tailor your landscaping with drought-tolerant, deer-resistant plants

New Braunfels’ hot, dry climate limits the types of plants that will succeed without extensive irrigation. And if your home is located outside the city center, deer coming down from Canyon Lake and other areas can prove a strong adversary to a beautiful lawn.

Lantana: Williamson recommends planting lantana, which the deer will not eat. These drought-tolerant plants grow quickly, flower, and are a perineal, making them a wonderful addition to a New Braunfels yard.

Jasmine ivy: Another plant deer won’t eat is Jasmine ivy, which is a great ground cover that grows in the shade, is inexpensive and doesn’t require much water.

St. Augustine grass: Another popular New Braunfels landscaping plant is St. Augustine grass. It grows well without much water and you won’t have to worry about deer grazing on it.

7. Appeal to veterans obtaining VA financing

San Antonio is a military city, and many veterans choose to retire in the New Braunfels area. They will want to take advantage of their VA certificate to get financing for their new home. VA loans involve a different inspection process than standard financing. VA appraisers will require the homeowner to make repairs such as replacing a window that’s been cracked by a rock thrown from a lawnmower, and peeling exterior paint will need to be removed, resealed and repainted. “Knowing the buyer segment and what kind of financing is coming through helps us get these houses ready,” Williamson says.

A door handle of a house you can sell fast in New Braunflels.
Source: (Dan Counsell / Unsplash)

The best time to sell your home in New Braunfels could be now

If you’re looking to sell your New Braunfels house fast, sales data shows the best time to close on your home sale is probably the month of June. Since it generally takes about three months from list to close, we estimate that if you list your home in March you could sell your house five days sooner than if you listed in any other month.

However, Williamson believes the best time to sell could be right now! Unlike some parts of the country, he feels there are fewer down times in the New Braunfels real estate market, other than perhaps around Christmas time. In Williamson’s opinion, the best day to have an open house is on Super Bowl Sunday. “People are bored and they’re waiting for the game to come on, so I encourage all of our agents to have an open house.”

Whether it’s fall football season or summer Texas rodeo season, use HomeLight’s Agent Match tool to select a top real estate professional with experience in your community. It takes just two minutes to match you with the best agents who can help you sell your home fast in New Braunfels.

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