How to Sell Your Home Fast in Scenic and Sunny Aurora, CO

It’s a great time to sell your home fast in Aurora, Colorado, as buyers within and outside the state flock to get a slice of Rocky Mountain beauty without the full costs of living in Denver.

“Aurora is probably one of the most affordable suburbs in the Denver metro area,” says top selling agent and Denver area expert Scott McManaway. And while remaining budget-friendly compared to the city proper, Aurora itself is home to a diverse population and ranks as the third largest city in Colorado.

But sellers in Aurora will face competition from new construction housing and can take steps to increase their chances of a quick sale. Find out how to lean into the market’s scenic views, recreation opportunities, and booming interest from families to make your listing stand out. As a bonus, we’ll cover which updates are worth the effort to bring your Aurora home up to standard.

A park in Colorado, which can help you sell your house fast.
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1. Sell the outdoor lifestyle in your Aurora property listing

Those that live in Aurora understand why it’s nicknamed “Gateway to the Rockies.” The city is known for its mountain attractions and outdoor activities, and with 8,000 acres of open space, residents have plenty of opportunities to explore nature.

Aurora also boasts mild weather, with average temperatures ranging between 20 and 88 degrees year round. You may not alone claim ownership to Aurora’s stunning backdrop, but you can play up any recreation opportunities your home and location has to offer.

If your bay window overlooks the Rocky Mountains or your home is mere steps away from the Aurora Reservoir or Bluff Lake Nature Center Loop, mention these details in your listing to attract buyers. With 99 developed parks in Aurora, chances are that your home is close to something of value to buyers.

In addition, highlight storage in your home for bikes, skis, kayaks, hiking essentials, and more. Whether you have an attic, extra garage space, or shed in the backyard, make it easy for buyers to envision where they’d stash their Colorado gear.

2. Spruce up your backyard, an important feature to Aurora buyers

Colorado residents love to take advantage of the state’s 300 days of sunshine a year. And as more families work from home and attend school virtually, souped-up backyards have become a critical feature for enjoying that perfect weather. Here are some easy and low budget ideas for sprucing up your yard.

  • Apply fresh mulch with an option like Earthgro brown mulch from Home Depot. Take a hedge trimmer to trim shrubs and hedges. Pull weeds and mow the lawn.
  • Plant a few fresh flowers. Rocky Mountain Penstemon is a native Colorado perennial that is drought-tolerant and easy to care for.
  • Hire out necessary services. Bring in a reputable tree company such as Royal Tree to trim trees you can’t reach. Have a handyman to repair your fence and stain it if it’s in rough shape. This DEFY Cedar tone stain is a good go-to.
  • Remove backyard clutter. Put away the kid’s toys, hide the compost bin, and stash lawn care tools.
  • Stage a seating area. If you don’t already have outdoor furniture, snag a cute set for less than $200 at Wayfair.
  • Swap out old light fixtures with these outdoor wall lantern sconces from Hampton Bay. Hang Edison bulb string lights that are trending right now.
A family that might buy a house in Aurora.
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3. Expect families and young buyers to express interest

McManaway explains that many young buyers and first-time homeowners typically move from Denver to Aurora to start a family. Cherry Creek School District, a popular school district among Aurora residents, is highly ranked with test scores being 56% higher than the national average according to AreaVibes.

While you shouldn’t market your house as “family friendly” — that would be in violation of fair housing rules — you can take steps to highlight features and location aspects likely to resonate with this buyer pool. This may include:

When staging your home, consider the following:

  • If your kids already have dedicated bedrooms, add a gender-neutral bedspread and pare down clutter to leave just a kid’s bed, nightstand, and dresser.
  • Stage a game table and chairs in the basement with a stack of board games.
  • Clear off nooks and alcoves in the house to show their use as study areas or virtual learning spaces.

4. Play up the best aspects of your neighborhood

Aurora’s neighborhoods are unique and offer different features of interest to potential buyers. For example Expo Park is known for sports courts, playgrounds, and walking trails, while you’ll find more walkability, coffee shops, and grocery stores in Chambers Heights.

If you’re on the west side, your closer proximity to Denver may be great for someone who works in the city and needs to be able to easily commute. Meanwhile, the east side of Aurora is close to the Buckley Space Force Base, which is a selling point for military families moving close to the base. Aurora is a convenient location to the Denver International Airport, and could be important to someone who travels often.

Feature these characteristics in your listing to help sell your Aurora home fast.

An updated kitchen, which can help you sell your home fast in Aurora.
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5. Update your home to compete with new construction

So much open land in Aurora means plenty of space for new construction, which has boomed over the past several years in the area. According to the Denver Post, Arapahoe County saw a 22.7% gain in single family permits pulled in 2020 compared to 2019.

With so much new construction to compete against, an outdated home may be overlooked. If you’re not ready to commit to large renovations, here are some small ways you can make an older home look modern and move in ready.

Update appliances to stainless steel

Your kitchen is one of the most important parts of your home. Denver-area design expert Jennifer Lowry of JL Interior Design explains just how important kitchens are, as “we cook, eat, learn, talk, and oftentimes start our days in our kitchen.”

In Aurora, a new fridge, stove, or dishwasher can be a huge selling point. Swap dated appliances for modern stainless steel, as 75% of top agents say that stainless steel is the most desired finish among today’s home buyers.

Stainless steel is also extremely durable. As an alloy, it’s rust and water-damage resistant, lasting years without showing signs of wear and tear.

Install modern lighting

Update ceiling fixtures with an option like these Round Nickel LED Flush Mount Lights from Home Depot. Add lamps to rooms with little overhead lighting. These Kamelya Torchiere Floor Lamps from Wayfair look modern at a bargain price.

Tidy your garage

Be sure to clean out often-overlooked garages, sheds, and storage spaces. Aurorans tend to forget to tidy these heavily used spaces which store their outdoor gear year round.

Sweep, dust, and scrub the floors with a multi-surface floor cleaner. Consider adding cabinets for some extra storage options and to organize clutter.

6. Partner with a top agent in Aurora to maximize your home value

Selling your home fast in Aurora starts with hiring an agent who knows the area well. Our transaction data at HomeLight shows that the top 3% of the 14,868 active real estate agents in Aurora can sell your home 22.16 days faster than the local average, save up to $27,060 on a home purchase, and make $9,674 more on a home sale when compared to the average agent.

A top agent who is an Aurora expert understands the importance of the outdoor lifestyle and knows how to market your home to appeal to an adventure-seeking crowd. They’ll value your home properly based on your neighborhoods location and vicinity to parks, schools, and attractions. If you need an agent who can help you attract the right buyer for your Aurora home, HomeLight would be happy to introduce you to some quality candidates in the area.

Header Image Source: (Andrew Coop / Unsplash)