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Kevin R.
Saint Augustine, FL

HomeLight was a home run for us. We tried using HomeLight to see about getting a cash offer in a quickly changing market. 3 weeks later the house was sold and we were able to move without the worry of two house payments. HomeLight was a success for our family.

Karen S.
Olive Branch, MS

Thanks to HomeLight I was able to sell my home quickly and without any hassle. I was very skeptical at first because of all the many we buy houses for cash that are out there nowadays, but I am thankful that I decided to give them a try. I didn't need to do any repairs and we closed on my timeline. This was the absolute best decision that I could have made.

Lynna L.
Dallas, TX

The experience of selling our home with HomeLight was amazing. We were facing getting the house ready to show and the staging that's necessary in today's market. I filled out a form on Facebook, which offered to tell us what our house was worth, and we received a call from HomeLight. They explained their process and set up an appointment time to come take pictures. Within a day or so, we received a cash offer from HomeLight AS IS. We decided to accept and were thrilled with the experience.

Muriel E.
Grand Prairie, TX

I needed to move my mother into assisted living and sell her old house. Since I needed to sell quickly, I opted for cash offers. HomeLight connected me with a few reputable investors. I received a very fair offer to sell and close in 30 days, which was perfect. We went from having an old home in need of constant repair to having a pool of cash to help care for my mom. HomeLight gave me the confidence to know I was dealing with reputable investors, which was huge.

Sell Your House Fast in Irving, Texas: A Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners

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As a homeowner in Irving, Texas, you may be facing circumstances that require you to sell your house quickly. Whether you’re moving away from a previous employer’s headquarters or need to relocate to be closer to an aging family member, deciding on a fast, reliable home-selling strategy can feel overwhelming.

In this article, we’ll guide you through your options for a speedy home sale, from securing an all-cash offer to partnering with a top Irving real estate agent. We’ll provide you with insights from an experienced local agent and tools to help you navigate the sale of your Irving home with ease.

Sell Your Irving House Fast With an All-Cash Offer

Get an all-cash, no-obligation offer on your Irving home through HomeLight’s Simple Sale platform whenever you’re ready. Receive your offer in 24 hours and close in as few as 10 days. No showings, no repairs, no open houses.

Why you might need to sell your Irving house fast

Here are some common scenarios where a fast home sale might be the right decision for you:

  • Job relocation: You’ve received a promising job opportunity outside of Dallas County, and need to relocate to be closer to your new office.
  • Divorce: Selling your home quickly can expedite the divorce process, allowing both parties to move forward with their lives.
  • Inherited property: Managing an inherited house, complete with property taxes and upkeep, can be burdensome. Selling it ASAP alleviates those issues.
  • Downsizing: Whether due to health concerns or the desire for a more minimalist lifestyle, downsizing might require a fast home sale.
  • Financial constraints: From looming foreclosure to overwhelming debt, selling your house quickly can provide much-needed financial relief.
  • Mounting landlord responsibilities: Dealing with problematic tenants or the hassles of property management may prompt a quick sale of your rental property.

When dealing with these challenging circumstances, it’s crucial to weigh and understand your options. Requesting a no-obligation all-cash offer for your home may be a viable solution if you need to sell within a matter of days or weeks.

Option 1: Request a cash offer for your Irving home

Looking to sell your Irving home quickly? Consider the hassle-free option of requesting an all-cash offer. “Cash investors can be helpful to home sellers who don’t have the money to do any repairs to the house,” says Gloria Guajardo, a top-performing real estate agent in Irving who sells properties 40% faster than the average agent in her market.

Platforms like HomeLight’s Simple Sale cater to Texas homeowners, connecting them with cash buyers and simplifying the selling process. With Simple Sale, you can select your own move-out date and close the sale in as little as 10 days. Just answer a few questions about your Irving home and desired selling timeline, and receive a no-obligation all-cash offer within 24 hours.

The process of a cash offer in Irving

Selling your house for cash in Irving is a fairly straightforward process. With Simple Sale, the buyer provides the funds upfront, avoiding pesky mortgage delays. After evaluating your home’s condition and value, the buyer will make an offer. Once accepted, there’s no need to wait for mortgage approvals or inspections, allowing for a quick closing.

Here are the three easy steps in the Simple Sale process:

Who else buys houses for cash in Irving?

If you’re considering selling your home for cash in Irving, you’ll find several established house-buying companies and investor groups eager to make offers. Here are five reputable companies in Irving that pay cash for homes:

Irving home sellers seeking a cash offer should thoroughly research and vet other cash-for-home companies they come across online. Alternatively, they can leverage HomeLight’s Simple Sale platform, which connects them to the largest network of trusted cash buyers in the US.

Pros and cons of selling to an Irving house-buying company

Considering selling your home to a house-buying company in Irving? Here’s a quick breakdown of the pros and cons to help you decide:


  • Quick offer: Get an offer on your home within days, avoiding the lengthy negotiation process.
  • Sell as-is: House-buying companies in Irving will purchase your home regardless of its condition, saving you from costly repairs.
  • Cover closing costs: Some companies may cover closing costs, in full or in part, reducing your out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Flexible move-out dates: Arrange a move-out date that fits your schedule and avoid moving twice.
  • No staging or showings: Skip the hassle of staging and showing your home — saving you time, money, and effort.
  • No financing delays: Since house-buying companies pay with cash, there are no financing delays that can hold up the sale.
  • Foreclosure solution: Selling quickly to a house-buying company can provide a solution if you’re at risk of foreclosure, helping to alleviate financial stress.
  • Less effort than FSBO: By selling to a house-buying company, you bypass the extensive paperwork and effort typically associated with a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) transaction.
  • Sale is guaranteed: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your sale is assured, avoiding the uncertainty of a traditional sale.


  • Lower offers: Offers from house-buying companies in Irving may be lower than market value.
  • Less competition for your home: Selling directly to a company means fewer potential buyers, eliminating the possibility of a multiple-offer scenario that drives up the price.
  • You give up control: Selling to a company means relinquishing control over the selling process.
  • No negotiations: Limited room for negotiation means you may not get the best price for your home.
  • Can face hidden fees: Be aware of potential hidden fees that could eat into your profits.
  • Not all companies are reputable: Not all companies operating in Irving may be reputable. Be sure to thoroughly vet the company you are thinking of partnering with.
  • A potential risk for scams: There’s a risk of encountering scams, so exercise caution when dealing with unfamiliar companies.

Option 2: Hire a top Irving real estate agent

When you’re in a rush to sell your Ivring home, partnering with a top real estate agent can be a wise choice. They’re experts in navigating the local Irving housing market and can help ensure a smooth and expedited home sale process. From staging to negotiating, they’ve got what it takes to maximize your home’s value even in a time crunch.

“The top benefit of selling with an agent is that we use attorney-approved real estate contracts,” says Guajardo. “So that protects the buyer from any liens that the seller may owe.” Other notable benefits include far-reaching advertising and agent strategies to increase home values, according to Guajardo.

Let’s take a look at current market conditions, explore the advantages of working with a real estate professional, and discover just how quickly agents are selling homes in Irving.

How fast are homes selling in Irving?

“We are experiencing low inventory and high demand,” says Guajardo, who is active in Irving and other suburbs around Dallas and Fort Worth.

In January 2024, the typical single-family home in Irving spent 42 days on the market, selling for 95.1% of its original listing price, according to a report by North Texas Real Estate Information System. (Note that it takes an average of 47 days for a buyer to close on a purchase loan, extending the selling timeline.)

The months’ supply, or the amount of time it would take to sell all the homes on the market at the current pace of sales, hit 1.5 months. This is a slight improvement over January 2023’s 1.2 months of supply but well below the parameters of a balanced market, which has 5–7 months of inventory. This means Irving is in an extreme seller’s market, which is good news for homeowners who are looking to sell quickly.

The median price of a single-family home amounted to $350,000, which was 1.4% lower than the same period last year. Single-family home sales increased 9.2% year-over-year, and active listings were also up slightly.

Here’s a snapshot of current housing market indicators in Irving:

Days on market (average time from list to contract) 42 days*
Days to close conventional home loan 47 days
Median home sale price $355,000
Supply of inventory 1.5 months
Number of closed home sales year over year +9.2%

*Does not include time for buyer to close the loan 

Data source(s): North Texas Real Estate Information System, Ice Mortgage Technology  

Benefits of selling with a top Irving agent

Selling your home with a top Irving agent not only ensures expert guidance but also can lead to a faster home sale. Here are several benefits of partnering with an experienced real estate agent in Irving:

  • Ability to sell for more: A skilled agent knows how to position your home in the market to attract competitive offers, potentially resulting in a higher sale price.
  • Can generate a speedy sale: With their market knowledge and negotiation skills, a top Irving agent can expedite the selling process, leading to a faster transaction.
  • Accurate, effective pricing: An experienced agent can accurately price your home, attracting more buyers and reducing time on the market.
  • Professional negotiation skills: A skilled negotiator can secure favorable terms and speed up the closing process.
  • Expert partner by your side: Having a seasoned agent by your side throughout the selling journey provides invaluable support and guidance.
  • Will know what to fix and not fix: A top agent can advise on necessary repairs and improvements to maximize your home’s appeal without unnecessary expenses.
  • Elevated marketing: Agents utilize advanced marketing strategies to showcase your home to a wide audience, increasing visibility and attracting more potential buyers.
  • Contract savviness: Handling complex contracts and legal requirements is second nature to an experienced agent, resulting in a smooth and efficient transaction.
  • Can manage documents and disclosures: Agents manage all necessary paperwork and disclosures, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and reducing the risk of delays.
  • Network of skilled professionals: A top agent has a network of trusted professionals, from home inspectors to lenders, streamlining the selling process.

How to find a top Irving real estate agent

Finding the perfect real estate agent in Irving is essential for a successful home sale. Thankfully, HomeLight’s Agent Match platform is here to help. Leveraging data from over 27 million transactions and thousands of reviews, we can connect you with two or three top-rated agents in the Irving market. Whether you’re selling, buying, or both, let HomeLight introduce you to the best agent for your needs.

Expert agent tips to help sell your Irving house fast

Here are some agent-approved tips to help sell your home fast — and for top dollar — in Irving’s hot seller’s market:

  • Price it right from the start: Overpricing can lead to longer time on the market. An experienced agent can help price your home competitively based on a comparative market analysis (CMA).
  • Keep it organized: “Make sure the house is as clutter-free as possible and keep it in its original state,” says Guajardo, who has seen houses with family rooms converted into bedrooms sit on the market due to the awkward layout. “Get rid of unnecessary belongings that occupy space and make the house seem smaller,” she adds.
  • Highlight outdoor living: Irving buyers appreciate outdoor spaces due to the city’s warm, year-round weather. Showcase paved patios, pools and spas, fire pits, grassy lawns, and community amenities if you are part of an HOA.
  • Slap on a fresh coat of paint: “Make sure the interior and exterior have been recently painted,” notes Guajardo. According to Fixr’s 2024 Paint Color & Trends Report, the best exterior paint colors for increasing value are shades of white, while warm neutrals are best for interiors.
  • Focus on curb appeal: First impressions matter. Enhance your home’s exterior with fresh landscaping and a well-maintained facade. You might even consider painting the front door a vibrant color to make your online listing stand out.
  • Cater to remote and hybrid workers: While Irving is home to North Texas’ largest office park, many of those workers are on a hybrid schedule that allows them to work from home a few days per week. That means a functional home office setup or dedicated workspace can be a major selling point.
  • Get a pre-listing home inspection: Identifying and addressing any issues upfront can streamline the selling process and instill confidence in buyers. “Conduct a pre-listing home inspection to find out everything that’s wrong with the house and do the repairs,” suggests Guajardo. “I would recommend that [the seller’s agent] upload the first inspection and then the after-inspection, indicating that all of the repairs have been completed to get the home ready for sale.”
  • Focus on high-ROI improvements: “Today’s buyers don’t want to put a lot of money into improvements,” says Guajardo. “They’re having to invest so much money into the home loan, especially right now with high interest rates.” To sell your home quickly, tackle projects with a high return on investment (ROI), like replacing dinged-up garage doors or conducting a minor kitchen remodel.
  • Offer a home warranty: Providing a home warranty can offer peace of mind to buyers and differentiate your listing in a competitive market. These 12-month contracts typically cover appliances and home systems and cost about $450 to $600 per year.
  • Use professional photography: High-quality photos and videos can make your listing stand out online and attract more potential buyers. A study conducted by VHT Studios, a real estate photography company, found that homes with listings featuring professional photography sold 32% faster than those without.
  • Consider timing: Consult with your agent to determine the best time to list your home in Irving’s seasonal housing market. Or, use HomeLight’s Best Time to Sell tool to figure out the optimal time to list.

Implementing these strategies can help fast-track the sale of your home in Irving.

Ready to sell your Irving house fast?

Whether you opt for a cash offer through HomeLight’s Simple Sale platform or enlist the expertise of a top real estate agent, the goal remains the same: a fast and successful sale.

  • If speed is paramount, consider a cash offer through Simple Sale, providing a quick and hassle-free transaction.
  • On the other hand, hiring a skilled agent often comes with professional marketing and pricing strategies tailored to the Irving market. HomeLight can connect you with a top-rated agent in your area.

Still unsure? Explore both options to make an informed decision. By comparing a cash offer with an agent’s marketing plan, you can choose the path that best suits your home-selling needs.

Ultimately, the choice is yours to make. Now that you’ve read up on your options and insider tips, you’re ready to kickstart your fast home sale in Irving.

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